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>unironically thinking L was smarter than Light
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>unironically considering anyone in Death Note smart
Asspulls and plot twists the manga.

Name FIVE (5)
wew lad

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Fall sales
What went so right?

50,000 Yuri! It is! It is! On ICE
20,632 Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -
11,546 Haiku !! Kurano High School VS Shiratorosawa Gakuen High School
* 9, 860 DRIFTERS
* 8,026 Bunraku Stray Dogs 2nd Cool
* 7,489 Echo! Euphonium 2
* 6, 417 WWW.WORKING !!
* 5,646 Natsume's Book of Friends
* 4,871 ViVid Strike!
* 3,970 Saint Seiya Golden Soul - soul of gold-
* 3,412 Majiya Renaissance
* 2,565 Isetta at the end
* 2,203 SHOW BY ROCK! It is! #
* 1,612 Magical girl training plan
* 1,223 It's almost flat!
* 1,291 Burning table tennis girl
* 1,180 Lostorage incited WIXOSS
* 1,008 Garish Number
* 1,003 The student council president! +!
**, 929 Occultic; Nine - Occultic Nine -
**, 843 Golden Hair of Udon no Kuni
**, 805 Dorifes!
**, 788 Stellar's wish
**, 715 Homeroom !!!!!!!!
**, 603 How I moved
**, 595 Gakuen Handsome
**, 343 Nambaka
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Have we ever had a season where all the top five sellers were fujoshit before?
>**, 343 Nambaka
>50,000 Yuri! It is! It is! On ICE
>20,632 Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -
>11,546 Haiku !! Kurano High School VS Shiratorosawa Gakuen High School
>* 9, 860 DRIFTERS
>* 8,026 Bunraku Stray Dogs 2nd Cool
If there was anybody who was unsure that fujoshi are truly beginning to dominate, this season is the proof

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Admit it, you know he wasn't in the wrong here
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Shiki was a vampire anime done right.
Jesus, this scene was fucking intense. I will always hold Shiki dear for how it was able to surprise me.
He wasn't wrong. He just took things a bit too far.

Well Brookfags.. what do you think?
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Is that a Jojo reference?
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I love SanjixNami lots and lots. I know you people do too.
Will probably be better than the anime

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Is this manga ending ? this chapter.. announcement next magazine... is to love ending ?
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It will be weekly.
I hope. It had a good run but all things must come to an end.
It's going to be season 3 of the anime you dummies.

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Super cute succubus-teacher that's afraid to use her powers in lewd ways and therefore avoids close contact with people. Is there anything more boner inducing than this?
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The vampire
she also lives far away from civilization to avoid hurting others when her powers are running wild when sleeping
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>she lost her virginity getting raped by someone she accidentally seduced
>possibly her father
>now she is paranoid of any close contact with people

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SW and Fire Extinguisher.jpg
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: "I am the rubber of my hose
Steel is my body and CO2 is my blood
I have put down over 1000 Flameys
Unknown to Uluru
Nor known to Rippuru
Have withstood Pucking to smack down Dark QT
But yet, these hands will never hold Sou-chan.
So as I pray, Unlimited Extinguisher Works.
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Be that as it may, I still want to MARRY Mariko!
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Shadow Gale should just lock Best Girl in her dungeon until she stops causing trouble.

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When is Lemon going to update?
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I thought that was a fucked up foot for an uncomfortably long time.

LWA is the best this season in terms of good first ep impression.

It had all I wanted of a LWA episode. It had the Trigger style fun people enjoy so much. It had best girl, Sucy, in it. And Akko. What's not to like?
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Sorry, I had to do it.
It was good, but nothing amazing, just like LWA always is.
>***,164位/***,153位 (---,--- pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/04/19 【Amazon.co.jp限定】TVアニメ「リトルウィッチアカデミア」VOL.1 Blu-ray (初回生産限定版) (全巻購入特典:「描き下ろしキャンバスアート サイズ:F4(アッコ、ロッテ、スーシィ)」引換シリアルコード付)
>***,297位/***,326位 (---,--- pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/04/19 TVアニメ「リトルウィッチアカデミア」VOL.1 Blu-ray (初回生産限定版)


Waiting for the death of the devil spawns
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yummy butt.jpg
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Ymir is love
Ymir is life
Ymir is a miracle of the universe and perfect in every way
Control yourself, Historia.
Why are you posting that ugly Blort spicwhale shit again?

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I'm tired of most of /a/ trying to shove this series down my throat claiming it's amazing and original when it's actually heavily inspired by Alice in wonderland and with a mild at best soundtrack. You guys do realize the main reason this series is even popular in the first place is because of the animation and art style. It's a very artsy anime and that's about all it has going for it because the story simply isn't that amazing if you take the visuals and girls away from it. At the very least in my opinion the writers should have had to decide if these girls were Yuri or not and actually have a kiss scene or something but they didn't even have the balls to do that. They played it safe with this series and it's obvious one you take the visuals out of the question. Like I said before the visuals and design are amazing but we get down to straight up story and suspense it simply falls flat. I have no problem saying I enjoyed this anime but compared to other series like Madoka Re:Zero and Konosuba if we want to go relatively recent anime it's nothing. All in all Flip Flappers is basically another Flying Witch, all style and no substance.
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>Madoka Re:Zero and Konosuba
File: IMG_5971.jpg (72KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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First episode airs and everyone forgets about the thirsty as fuck Christmas Cake Teacher

>My face when
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Just look at her. How could MC ignore this face right in front of him.
Shes married anon, probably getting banged every day.
Because she's not a Christmas Cake, someone played her route before Seiren started.

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Whether we like it or not, this will be the ending
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I said in a previous thread; There just needs to be a time jump at some point where its a harem end and it shows every one together just enjoying each others company. No more struggling for attention, they are beyond that. Just nice, heartwarming Sol stuff.
Hell the longer the girls are forced to be together without the ability to consistently go out on their own and live their own life, the higher the chance they will all end up together. They don't know enough things to function alone in the human world, and they don't know any other people to live with.
I'd enjoy some chapters where girls who typically aren't together go out and do something
I just don't see Kino getting much to do due to her disability incontinence. More likely than not, the following scenarios:

>may spark some actual adventure in Chapter 50
>potentially joins the house, rivals Lala, maybe just as relevant
>may stalk Rachnera for future shenanigans ala Draco/Miia
>probably as relevant as Draco, only shows up to get humiliated
>maybe shown hanging out with Kii, who's immune to her spores
>probably even less relevant than Lilith

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Now that the dust has settled, do you think she objectively deserved to win? Did Kishi set her up well enough to be the clear choice?
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Yes and yes. NaruSaku eternally BTFO
yes. her proud failure speech was great.
To be fair, she didn't have any competition for the Narutobowl.

NaruSaku was a meme.

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Can someone explain me this,is Irisviel a servant now?
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90% of FGO is bullshit. Pay it no heed
Connection to the root same as Shiki
Don't think about it and just enjoy the fanart.

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