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Instrumentality opens you up unconditionally to everyone else. It's the truest form of interaction you'll ever get. It's oneness with the entirety of humanity.
All your secrets, your hopes, your fears.
Everyone would know and you'd know theirs.
Would you be emotionally hurt? At first yes, this is what Shinji experiences and why he rejects Instrumentality

Shinji is faced with his biggest issue: Connecting with other people
Instead of growing and accepting the connections that he would truly know and understand, he rejects it.
He rejects the truest form of honest interaction and retreats back to the "normal world" where he's able to run away.
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Stop trying to make sense of it. Anno can't think and he can't write. He has no discernible talent.
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Oh really?
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Full openness isn't honest interaction, it's oneness.
There is no individuality or communication between parts of a whole, they all just blend together into a meaningless slush.
Barriers, lies, differences and the unknown are what make us ourselves and what make our interactions worth having.

In short, Shinji was right.


I have no idea what I just watched. What is the appeal?
What is it about?

>people talking stuff
>smoking, drinking coffee
>sitting and talking
>standing in a room

How is this show supposed to sell blu-rays?

Nothing happens, the anime.
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>Natsume Ono anime

Good one.
Have you never watched an SoL before? Or anything that wasn't an action series? People standing around talking is pretty common in basically all forms of media.
My guess is it's like Aria/Amanchu but for girls

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What are good examples of symbolism done properly in anime/manga?
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Symbolism and imagery are not the same, numbnuts. Please finish high school before you post here.
Anon, my OP pic is unrelated.

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Would you?
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That depends on her ass. Post it, anon.
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Would you like to do a 10th anniversary Lucky Star stream?
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I'd be down
>spookasa before the 50th post

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This is a very late dump compared to Dagashi.
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Why is loli mad?
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Her anime got delayed
The onii-chan she was trying to catch didn't fall for her 'free beer' scheme.
Who is this load toad?

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Do you love bitches?
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I love the bitch you posted, but because she's just tsun inside.
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Yeah, but I love this bitch.

Pick one

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What would you do if you see a JC have a wardrobe malfunction?
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run away before i get arrested
Lend her my jacket and escort her home so nothing bad happens to her.
Like her exo-suit broke down, or what?

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ITT: Characters that are 10/10 because of their VA
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every sawashiro character exept maybe sion

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>this ENTIRE winter line up

Holy shit i didn't think a season could be so bad

Nothing that isn't a S2 is worth watching
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It's not that bad
>Having taste this awful
Don't worry OP your shitty normalfag appealing shows are all coming in spring.
Its that time again already? Where we bitch about this being the worst season ever? Just like last season? And the season before that? And before that? And before that one? And etc, etc.

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Mini Shantae.

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>ping pong anime
>OP has scene with character in the series hitting the ball to a different character
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Is Koyori okay?
Ask her ass
Japanese flu. She will die within a few days.

Will there ever be another anime so mature and made exclusively for grownups?
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You have to try at least a little bit if you want to reversetroll shows that aren't airing, OP
>made specifically for manchildren
Weak bait

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I thought the episode was pretty solid, felt more like a movie which isn't a bad thing
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Do we need 3 threads up?
>felt more like a movie
You mean it wasn't complete shit?
Well the LWA is usually shown in long form, so it'll probably take some getting use to seeing in short 25 minute segments.

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