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with wich Eva character your autism can relate more to?
For me it is Asuka, I always had self steen problems that I tired to hide with smug Attitude, once my mom was called on school because I scored 10/10 in a test and I said, "i'm the best, the rest is trash", but deep insided I know I just say these things to hide my fagile ego
how about you fellow /a/utists?
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Well, when I was younger it was definitely Shinji (I was 14 when I watched the show), I related to everything and my father was a scumbag too.
But the irony is, now that I'm older I relate to Gendo almost more, I just want to go back to how things were, spend all days thinking about the past.
I suppose they were equally lonely for the most part, it's just that instead of being depressed young Gendo was some violent fuck.
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katsuragi misato.jpg
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>with which Eva character your autism can relate more to?

Probably Misato. Both of us lost our father when we we're kids. Both of had to be a ''good boy/girl'' and not cause any trouble and behave properly when growing up, so as not to bother our widowed mother. Both of us grew up both needing a father-figure. Both of us keep up a facade of professionalism when in fact all we do on our free time is get wasted in our underwear.

Like Misato all I ''really'' wanted to do was to let loose and go wild in my youth, but unlike Misato who only had sex with Kaji during college I ended up having countless random hookups and casual ONS, each encounter leaving my balls lighter but my heart heavier, trying to fill the whole of loneliness with intimacy with strangers, only to realize that I'm just widening that hole by trying to bandage it with momentary pleasure and distractions.

Just like her I've also made thousands of really stupid mistakes over the course my life, but also learned from all of them and wouldn't change them for anything because of that.
>young Gendo was some violent fuck.

Proofs? I mean, getting into one fight doesn't really make you a violent person.

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Anon posted some pages of this earlier and I thought it was a fun read.

>Demons will grant any human one wish in exchange for their soul. Anzamnia, an ambitious demon, has fallen to the bottom of the chart, having collected zero souls. After being kicked out to earth by the police, he found himself in Japan, in search of a human contractor in order to get back home. Then he crosses his way with a lonely little girl, who is convinced he is an angel sent from Heaven and insists that he grant her wish and form a contract with her, knowing it will take away her life? Anzamunia's first contract is formed, and her wish is... for them to get married?! So starts the blissful married life of this adorable and idiotic couple.
A marriage of different races, ages and personalities will now commence!
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Look at this adorable blush.
Why couldn't she be saved?
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>absolute bitch who kills with a smile
>annoying voice
>until she finally does die, thanks Ryuuko!
She didn't deserve saving.
she was good as a troll until she lost her arms and became the series' edgequeen
Yeah, I'll admit she's a god-tier troll. Hate her so damn much.

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Name one decent title of current season. Protip: you can't.
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shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu

you're just a contrarian faggot if you don't agree
Looks like some yaoi shit.
see, you haven't even watch the first season and you're just assuming it's yaoi shit. fuck off and jack off to kanbaru's doujin.

>good and bad guys are so tired they resort to just back-and-forth slugging the fuck out of eachother on shaky legs
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>good and bad guys help each other back up on their feet so they can finish the fight properly
File: okhand.png (462KB, 494x659px)Image search: [Google]
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>Good and bad guys ally against a bigger bad guy

>Protagonist was actually the antagonist from the beginning

>Coordinated, matrix-like group fight where people form combos by using their power all together
>>Protagonist was actually the antagonist from the beginning
Please learn what the words you are using mean.

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Good morning /a/!

Happy Saturday! Lets do our Rubesty today!
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Fuck Ruby.

Fuck you, faggot. Don't hate on best lovelive just because you're a ball-eating faggot.

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Sae a cute. A CUTE.
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i hated the way she talk and her voice
Ayatsuji-san is a wonderful person with nothing to hide.
Child-bearing hips.

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are you kars, OP?

it seems like you've stopped thinking
kars obviously, he would drive over the suns.
How could he win? He lost to a simple man

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fate zero.jpg
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Just finished this, even though it was sometimes went too far with the edgy, it was still better than the self insert trash the VN was. Zero shows Kiritsugu following 'sacrifice the few, save the many' and ultimately succeeds partially, with only not preventing the grail to appear again his only shortcoming (but they had to be edgy and bend the plot so much and introduce so many coincidences that he would have to ultimately sacrifice everyone he loved), while everything goes smoothely for shirou in the first two routes and he blabbers on with his retarded "ideal" and saves everyone
by sheer luck(i.e. plot armor and author's self insert fantasies), and in the third route which obligatorily had to be edgy he still saves sakura, rin, and rider.
Anyway, I would like to ask a question, its been a long time I've played the VN time and Im not sure if its answered there, how did the grail appear (partially?) when saber destroyed it, and why and how did it grant Gil true incarnation?
This would be my last experience with Fate and I wont be baited into playing or watching it ever again.
Also Rider best boy.
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>muh plot armor

fuck right off
why are fatetards so delusional that they think anyone criticising it is a secondary? I havent even watched any fate anime beside zero. Im tired of hearing it so many times, you dont even have any valid retorts, you just yell secondary hundred of times and think it will become true.
>self insert

How can people honestly self insert in Shirou ? Right at the beginning you can sense that something isn't right with his head when he is way too nice with everyone, and it's confirmed later when he tries to protect Saber instead of letting her fight.

I don't know about you, but I can't insert into a suicidal sword autist who thinks other people lives are better than his.

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Why is she only a self-proclaimed Angel?
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Why is this show so shit now?
Because they like teasing her and Issei hopes it degenerates into a full on catfight
Akeno a best. A BEST.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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Why Koume sleep in such a slovenly manner?

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> MC and villian are fighting
> They use their all-out attack at the end of the fight instead of at the start
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> MC and villian fight
> "Heh, he's good"
File: tea.jpg (47KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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>using an all out attack before even weakening your opponent
At least it's more definitive that nigga is dead heh.

I wish I was Ikki.
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I wish I was Ikki's dad.
Tomboy was best girl.
I wish I was Metabee.

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Is anime actually fucked? Almost nothing good is coming out, at least as good as it could have been.
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Do not worry, Anonymous. Pic related will save anime in a few months.
You say this every season you fuck.
2017 will have Code Geass R3, Spice and Wolf S3, OPM S2, SnK S2, it's looking good so far

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Cast her
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Bzt. Enjoy
I heard there was news about this before the end of 2016. I missed it. What was it?
Pachinko machine
No but seriously it was nothing and I forgot exactly what it was because it was so irrelevant

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