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Favorite side characters?
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Thanks for reminding me that this faggot exists
Is that Filthy Frank in his 40s?
>Side character is better than the main character.
>Side character should've been the protagonist.

What's its name /a/?

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How much of a mess will Dies Irae anime be?

I'm not talking about the fanbase getting ruined by /a/ cancer, but about the show itself. Consider previous VN adaptations. Pretty much all of them were subpar.
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The first thing you need to get into your head, is to look at it as a standalone experience and forget about the source material. Compare them later but don't judge base on what they skip and such.

They can't add every single bit of info and stuff that happens in it because otherwise it would be gigantic, too many monologues that display the narrative of the situation, inner thoughts that show what the character is thinking and possibly exposing more of his personality, little scenes here and there that probably don't add to much to the overall story but show the characters in a different light and adds more to their personality and so on.

The anime obviously won't be able to add all of that in. They're gonna have to focus on the major development and big character interaction moments in order to give us a an idea of it. They could try to add everything but then it would drag around too much, and the the quality would possibly drop too due to non stop working for the animators and there would be a fuckton of episodes, for something they're not even sure is gonna sell that good.
Yeah, but with approach like this the anime is gonna end up barely anything more than a collection of clips of some of the distinctive scenes from the game.
>fanbase getting ruined by /a/
Check your privele/jp/ and fuck off to your containment board, cancer.

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Discuss all seasons of based Yami Shibai.
>S4 started with a 3 episode block
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Dead cat was alright, aquarium needs to show more of the thing inside. The usual talisman story was pretty good though viewers of the first season or avid ghost stories could see it coming miles away.
Looks like we will be getting a different narrator for each 13 episodes.
Fish tank was kinda shitty honestly, all tension no thing to capitalize. I expected at least the first kid's bloated face to bump up against the tank as his friend peered in.
Other two I liked, though, dead cat in particular.
>first kid's bloated face to bump up against the tank as his friend peered in.
I did expect some jump scare too, but nope.
>dead cat
Salary man life just got worse.

What did you like most about Nago no Asakura? Was it Miuna?
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Putting that dick(s) crazy girl.Please go.
It's not for nothing that Miuna Monday were a thing until recently.
Fuck, I had 1 job.

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Animes only nostalgiafags like
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Threads only phonefags would make.
This anime is very overrated. When you get down to it it's basically a show that doesn't explain anything and has some assholes like Yusuke and Hiei
Fuck off cocksucker.

what were series you thought to be troll reccomendations but once you've started watching, you actually loved them. Pic related I still can't belive it myself
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Kraehe/rue is my wife
Boku no Pico
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Chinatsu has caught you, anon! What do?!
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Nothing because there's nothing interesting she'd do.
Crossing into her event horizon is like trying to avoid Tuesday
Scream that raisin yogurt is shit so the best girl will come running in anger and then blame it on Chinatsu.

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Saber is going to bed now. Say goodnight /a/
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goodnight /a/
I wonder how she'd react if I replaced the stuffed lion with a real lion cub?
eat it

>There's literally 1 (one) female boxing anime

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Nobody wants to see cute girls getting beat up.
What's there to be justified, and why is it up to us?
Female boxing wasn't sanctioned until a few years ago.

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Emotional Exposition.webm
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ITT: Garbage
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We have a special board for that.
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Manipulative Trash.webm
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Why aren't there more anime soundtracks like it?
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That's the only answer a dumb question like yours deserves.
because muh j-pop
Because rest in pieces old boy

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This shit worse than Phantom World
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It is. No idea what they were thinking.
Nothing can't be worse than Chu-2.
how is that even possible

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What the fuck?
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Stupid bullshit. I'm going to just stop reading it until this arc is over or until things improve, I don't want to waste my time on this shit. I'll try it again in a month and see if things have been resolved.
This. We finally get to see the main couple interact and suddenly Ohga steals the show with his boring problems.
Dunno how the author would pull over this shitshow. He's attempting to make everyone a NEET ffs

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>ten years haven't even passed yet
>no one is talking about it already
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What did Makishima want to do with oats again
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make them less hyper

Is she dagashisexual?
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I can offer her a new snack.

Fresh semen from my dick.
how unoriginal
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