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Sorry there. I was just taking out the trash.
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gangbang doujins are trash. I don't want to share my waifu with a bunch of other dudes.
We live in a beta world anon. Where people are powerless to defend their waifu and have to end up getting scraps of it with other anons.
Why did you cum on the trash before taking it out?

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> photorealistic cat
> human face as a couple of lines and circles
I love anime.
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anime implies animation, that is a static picture, you bloated-lipped, watermelon-chugging, swimming-incapable, fatherless, melanin engorged pavement ape
thas not aniem u niger
What's the memetically correct way to refer to the meta-style, then? Never bothered to check.

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Kotori is the best love live character and I'll debate anyone.

1. She is the cutest. This is evident
2. She is the most talented. Can sing the best with her voice and expert at making clothes and a fashion genius
3. She is adorable. Her pillow and her green bow are adorable.
4. Her eyes are the most pretty and she has the prettiest hair
5. She has a burd and is a meme

If you think anyone is better, than youre truly a faggot and I'm sorry
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Fuck off already
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I want to do this with all the raibus
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you want to make them all cry?

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Was older fanservice better?
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Urusei Yatsura.webm
2MB, 1080x810px

How did it manage to be so much better?
Yes. And it had blood, too.

ITT: We post girls who would enjoy anal.
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Is this a Kejio!!! thread?
Every character voiced by Rie Kugimiya
Wait fuck, you are right.

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Did anyone here managed to understand this? Not even Gits sac managed to make my head spin so much.
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It sucked. Cool mecha design though.
What were you confused about, anon?
Well, for once who the fuck is that girl?

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Any genres you guys want in particular?

There's been a serious lack of dark manga lately. The only ones off the top of my head are Mayoiga and MSIK.

I also miss the time when death games were all the rage.
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Politics / geopolitics done realistically
Read more manga, there are tons of death game things recently and ongoing. I personally think it's a terrible genre, but that's just me.
No one will see it realistically unless they agree with it 100%. Politics just has too much of a filter.

I kinda miss non-sexual edgy anti hero mangas since Black Lagoon is absent. Nothing serious, but spout enough philosophical shit to not make it completely boring.

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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from the image you posted I would assume you watched shit

at leastt you didnt watch eva rebuild
Kino. Pure kino


Sure, it isn't as good as the manga but the animation is very stellar and stands the test of time even today even if the story is a bit jumbled.

What exactly did you not like about it?

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Is the the most boring show ever produced?
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I'm sorry if that's too deep for you.
Maybe you should watch entry level shit like Evangelion.
Why are her eyes so droopy? She looks autistic

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Be warned those of you who haven't watched the show, spoilers will be ahead.

Is this show supposed to be physically fucking draining at the end? I feel like my soul is being sucked away when I watch the last half of After Story. How can I recover from Clannad induced depression?
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I just finished the show a few days ago for the first time. I want to die.
>1 unique IP
Hello newfag my old friend
Message is pretty clear.

Life is shitty, deal with it, anything worthwhile won't last so enjoy it as much as you can.

How? everything gets fixed by MAGIC, it would be quite depressing if everything kept spiraling out of control

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WTF did I just watch?
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Who's Rem?
Another garbage thread.
The blue potato.

I don't think I understand
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A shame you seemed an honest man.
Really though what even happened
Someone post the pic.

Has there ever been a light novel anime that's actually fully covered it's material? Pic sure as fuck not related, but It seems like way to many anime based on these books ends up just before even the prologue is starting.
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Anime are just there to give a "taste" of the LN
Supposedly Rokka did cover almost word-for-word volume 1 with season 1. I know I enjoyed leaping off from that without having to double-back.
These days I spare myself the trouble and just read up to where the latest episode ends.

seems like an expensive way to push novels

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Time for another catch up thread. SYD is tomorrow.
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Going to school

"Miho, morning"
"Morning, you're early today"

"Today's first subject is math right? So I have to ask you for a favor, Miho-sama~"
Specially drawn comic
An innocent normal lifestyle

"Please! Since you and I are friends, Miho!!"
"You didn't do your homework? Just do your own sometimes"
"I'll definitely give it back afterwards!!"
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"Huh? .... give me back your body....?"
You're a les?


"I'll show you my homework, so let's hurry to the classroom"

Third period
Ding dong dang dong

"Okay, for this problem here--"

"Kanou. Could you do it in front of the class?"
File: 妹は思春期_06_135.jpg (293KB, 813x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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"What's wrong? Your face is red. Are you okay?"

"This chalk kinda looks like a tampon.... yeah"


Ding dong dang dong

"Whoaaaa you made all that yourself?"
"That's amazing"

"Miho, you'd be a good bride in the future"
"Like an apron would really suit you"

"Whaaaat, but see"
Naked apron
"It'll definitely be cold in the winter"


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What the fuck was her problem?
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What the fuck was the Director's problem for making such a garbage film?
They actually made a film adaptation from her daughter's point of view that explains why she was so harsh.
Did Anno make this movie?

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