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You'll never experince the magic of watching Aria or the first time again.
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I watched Aria in disorder, so I think I have a second chance.
>OP will never appreciate the magic of watching something for the second time and suddenly gaining an unexpected deeper insight into the characters or the setting
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I was enamored as soon as the opening started playing.

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Did they have sex yet?
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Morishima Akiko also likes Yuri on Ice and even made the Y/u/uri!!! on Ice version. Who's the best girl(male)?
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I love Morishima Akiko and this makes me happy
It just hits me that I never paid attentiin the speech patterns of Victor, Yuri and Yurio.

Yuri uses boku, right? He uses kimi to Victor?

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I just had a dream about Sakura. It was nice. I remember that she faced some kind of trouble at one point and I helped her through it. She also patted me on the shoulder once as she walked by me, which felt nice.
At the end of the dream, I saw her off as she left with another guy for the sake of some 'mission.' I was worried that she might have liked him, but hopefully they were like platonic JRPG partners just trying to save the world.

What do you think of Sakura? She's one of my favorite girls in the entire Fate franchise.
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>She's one of my favorite girls in the entire Fate franchise
You should feel sad browsing /a/.
As someone who used to be into Nasushit. The only 2 interesting things that ever happened in any the VN was Sakura's struggle with worms and Archer being Shirou from the future.

Literally everything else was garbage. No, Tsukihime being edgy didn't make it interesting or unique at all. Fuck you hipsters.
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Say my name
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my name
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Hey you!
Say my name!!
Looks like I forgot it. May be because it was mediocre.

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Feels thread.

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Oh, I remember this from the manga. The anime is weird.
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do NOT sexualize the keions
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I love yui!
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You first

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Don't shitpost with Choi
She's not black dumbass
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just started this. should i watch the 1966 version ? is it necessary ?
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No need. Episode 1 of this series is enough to get the gist of what's going on.
New season when
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I don't think it's needed, plus its pretty hard to find the older version's episodes.

It's a pretty good series, enjoy yourself anon and have fun waiting for a second season with the rest of us.

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Run! Miss Hercule Buton! To protect Yokohama!
This is a Doujin game of Milky Holmes.
I can't post the url because it's considered as spam by this site. Copy the below lines and paste it.


or google 疾走エルキュールターボ
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Don't forget to delete spaces before each lines.
Connect all three lines without any space.
Does getting Kokoro-chan even do anything?
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Hercule, Milky Holmes.png
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This is the best game I played in my entire life, truly damedame.


She hits enemies from behind.

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Anime gets a bad rap. We all know this. However, is its bad rap deserved? Do people just talk shit without really understanding the medium?

What does /a/ make of it?
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As someone who just returned to this board years later, totally justified.

More like the fanbase went to hell more so than the entertainment they consume. Granted most anime is shit, but "good" anime is irreplaceable.
Can't argue with that. You make a good point.

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Literally better than your favorite anime.
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When is this from?
the day of the rope
Blushing Diana is the no.1 thing I want to see from the TV anime.

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Again, only Hero Academia in the magazine, again I'll just give you guys what I ripped.


Herein is
Boku no Hero Academia
The Promised Neverland
Shokugeki no Souma
an Owari no Seraph bonus chapter
some One Punch Man chapters, like Tatsu's day off from months ago.

Hilariously, they'll be translating a Haikyuu/Nisekoi crossover next week, although they don't translate Haikyuu weekly.

Author Comments for the OP instead of the cover because the cover is RWBY this week.
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>just 5 regular series
Is Viz dying or why arent they picking up another few?
Not sure.

It could be because they have low sales on anything but the very popular series, or perhaps they're worried about translating things that are far along (Sesuji, Samon, Kimetsu, Haikyuu) because catching up would be troubling, or they're worried whatever they pick up will get axed (most they picked up were).

They should pick up something else though, seriously.
The latest WSJ hits haven't been stuff Viz is interested in. (because they're faggots)

>Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Has tits.
>Straighten Up!
>Samon the Summoner
Gag manga

Don't know why they don't have Kimetsu no Yaiba yet. It fits their bill.

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Do you like Fujiko?
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It's weird but no, maybe because that wasn't my time.
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You didn't watch Lupin as kid?

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Would you?
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Would I?
Have some lovey dovey cuddles with her? Yes.
I am weak for the chocolate.

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