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Do you live according to your status /a/?

SZS thread
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Will never forget the legendary 7 years laugh though.

We even broke the record with the most posts too, that devoted anon has a place in waifu heaven with his waifu.
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chiri 9.jpg
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I like the show but sometimes it just confuses me.

Not the material but just what the hell is going on in the others head
I watched that episode for the first time on the anniversary, i was in the middle of going through the series but skipped ahead to S2 just for that one on the night.

Worth it.

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into the trash it goes
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shit show.jpg
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it was ok you fucking retard . i enkoyed the animation and the music ! also the girls were good too . the fanbase are cancer tho. anyway i finished pic related lately and it was the worst romance/LN adaption i've seen at least the romance in SAO (first arc) wasn't bad .

Probably a newfag when it first aired

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While it is yet another development chapter, the direction of this arc has become much more clear. Motobe will presumably remain out of commission, and Baki is going to make his move after Musashi has trashed a large portion of Japan. It also seems that we're going to get an exact replica of Yuujiro vs the one hundred soldiers from Grappler Baki.

I wonder if Musashi will need to actually hurt people to fight on a larger scale? He was able to take down twelve men without really harming them, but I can't see one hundred riot soldiers all being incapacitated by his false slashes.
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Ah - I forgot the link.
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What does /a/ think of YamiShibai
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Isn't that some /x/ anime?

Maybe /x/ is watching it when the autism isn't kicking in.
>Loud autistic shrieks coming from 69 boards on right at midnight

t. /x/ anon
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so you like it or no? I've seen the 1st season and there are some genuinely creepy moments and i'm pretty much desensitized from anything that is considered scary. Maybe it's the idea that these stories are so foreign to me that the idea of something different makes it fresh and actually creepy to me. We never learn about Japanese myths and legends here so that's how it manages to have an effect on me
Haven't watched it but i think i will get it now since i was watching Perfect Blue and Mononoke yesterday.

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What is the best anime and why is it Welcome to The NHK?
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Self bump
It's not
>What is the best anime

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Tits like these are not acceptable.
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is this actually from the anime
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Tits like these are fine, though.
i dont think so. but i dont want check fo sure myself

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I dreamed of Kira last night.
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What the fuck happened to that lady hand?
I just thought about something. Old D'Arby is so OP... If you can wager the soul of someone who's not there, like he asked Jotaro to with Kakyoin, he could wager Dio's soul and lose on purpose just to get rid of him.
Well, what happened in the dream?

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In this ITT thread post shows nobody but you remembers/cared about/would like to see a 2nd season of.
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Spats best girl. The only other thing I remember was that the typesetting on one of the episodes broke everybody's video players.
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>Spats best girl.
Fucking this.
The show would have been way better with only her and the MC.
Is it even possible to forget FFF's superior subs, folded over 1000 times?

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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she looks like a bug
le t*rk face

Don't come to Luna Nova tomorrow
Some of you are alright.
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very mad akko.gif
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Bullying kills
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What if Shiny Chariot finds out about what you did?

When does this get good?
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Episode 1
Jupiter Jazz was m favorite episode(s), it's a 2 parter

Why can't Japs hold guns right?
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They have no gun culture because of their laws
Same as drugs
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They operate hard.
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Our lord and savior, Christ Costa will show them the light

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How do you hug while holding hands?
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Look at this virgin..

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I don't get this shit at all. I'm really having trouble wondering if this is all just nonsense or actually thought provoking.

>I hate beasts cause there's a beasts inside me
>What are beasts, are they inherently evil?
>Is it human responsibility to take care of them, or can we just kill them off?

>We got this monster who has none literally nothing wrong and has been peacefully making his way through the town
>We're going to still try and kill him though because...
>Oh also we can't be seen taking him out cause it'll piss off the students but we still openly show we're trying to blow up the trains on him
>Then for some reason the peaceful supporters set him off on a rampage because...they're sick of trying to be peaceful?

I don't fucking get it.
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Oh sorry, forgot I need to include a meme to get replies.

>What is this expression trying to convey?
This anime is supposed to portray the clash between the different ideals so Justice vs Peace vs freedom by the three different parties, the government, the superhero organisation and student movement.
JUSTICE and what they suppose to be.Shit is complicated when you have people manipulating behind too.

Ouma best danganronpa boy


where is Dangan 2.5 ova?
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Unsubbed and shittily filmed on youtube.
Your taste in boys is adequate though
It's too early to judge, unless you're moonspeaker.

However, it's the perfect time to annonce that Saionji is probably still the best Bully Target around. That's why I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.
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strange way to spell hajime

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