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What do pantyhose feel like?
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Badly animated.
Rough silk
Put some on and find out.

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So where the hell is S2?
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was this 2014 or 2015?
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Late 2014

Have you already forgotten about this 40 year-old teacher?
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No, actually she's the only thing I remember about this show.
Shes 50yo by now
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How much will the anime adapt?
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I'd rather watch a big budget movie then a series, Blame! I imagine a series to be a walking simulator whereas a movie might have a short montage of walking and emptiness but with shit actually happening.
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Man you suck at analogies

Where does /a/ buy their anime and manga from?
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At Lawson, of course!
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>Lawson sales skyrocket during her shifts, for some reason
>Kashima asks you (her admiral) if she should keep working there

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You believe her right /a/?
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I hate her.

I hate this.

Cue kaiji.jpg

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What was her endgame?
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Imprisoning Yui and raping her to mindbreak with a strap-on.
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Being on top of Yui's harem.

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This is the ace pilot of a global superpower
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Ace pilots of a global superpower can be sexy too.
Xingke > Kallen
The black nights are an insurgency turned PMC you dipshit.

He just wanted to give everyone their dream and bring peace to the world. Literally how was he a villain?
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It's escapism can't you see?
Literally everything in his plan was the result of a prolonged temper tantrum.
Because most people would prefer to be something other than a braindead vegetable.

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What I wouldn't give for another Gundam like 08th MS team.
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What I wouldn't give for another mecha anime that treated its mechs as functional war weapons and not just toy products.
Why would you wish death on another director like that? What's wrong with you?
Seen Thunderbolt?

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Shit girl.gif
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I wish I was a millionaire.

I would buy the [email protected] franchise from Bandai Namco so I could start a complete removal of Chihaya Kisaragi

1. I would order them to delete all the media featuring her
2. I would Create an OVA set in the anime continuity depicting her fall and (a very cruel and humiliating) death in a way all the other idols decide to never mention her ever again
3. I would pay Asami Imai to sign a contract where she's forbidden from act or sing as Chihaya Kisaragi.

The world would be a better place without her.
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Please... Stop.
She's best girl and you can't deny it.

Remove Chi from idoling
Put Chi in my bedroom

All is well with the world
No she isn't.
She's... how to say it... a mistake.
You can't look at her without realizing that something is very, very wrong about her. Like a wound in the universe.

Tell me /a/
Why are flat girls so superior in any way conceivable? why are flat chests so alluring?
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Because female breast fat does not actually serve any practical purpose.
Shame about all those slutty piercings, though.
1. Attraction to breasts is a lingering instinct from infancy. You're subtley fulfilling mild incestuous desires by going after cowtits.
2. Girls with flat chests hold you closer to their heart
3. Without a chest to draw your eyes, you can admire a girl's face for how attractive it is on its own
4. Big breasts obscure a girl's figure. It's harder to get a thin waist - let a lone appreciate one - if there are fat tits covering up the upper frame
5. Tits sweat and stink, and are painful to look at because they break a girl's back. Flat chests are low maintenance.

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Is it wrong to be sexually attracted to lolis in anime?
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Only if you are not, yourself, a little girl. So you should be fine.
No. I can't think of anything sexier than a nubile little girl.

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I just finished Devilman in two hours.I liked it.Where do I go next?
General Go thread I guess.
It had really good art for its time..And it reminded me of Berserk's Eclipse arc.Perhaps an influence?If we account how influential this manga was..
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Also why hasn't this gotten a modern HD remake is beyond me.Could even flesh out the final battle a bit more if they would like
In the Cyborg 009 vs Devilman you see this again and its fairly new. I do wish that instead of a mashup they just did more Devilman works though

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Here's your daily dose of "never forget", /a/
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>second place in CR Best Couple Award
>Not even a couple
>She let Someone else fuck her instead
>the shitty villain waited for him longer.
JFC why does anyone think this show is good. I mean even a lot of anime reviewers who loved it say it's shit now and they usually stick with their awful opinions.
>second place in CR Best Couple Award
I'm pretty sure everyone voted this as a joke. I didn't participate in the rest of the poll but I had to vote for this.
Yeah but Erased Vest Villain how about that?

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