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Why are side characters usually much more interesting than MCs?
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Name 10 movies, 30 series, 5 OVA's, 20 VN's, and 1 anno product that does this.
They usually aren't though.
That shit is a minor character.

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You are cute!
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Clarion a cute!

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ITT: things that ruin the manga/anime.
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>Fate Altering Engine
Generic moe female wins over the characters with actual thought put into them, also childhood friends in general.
Yeah because they'd kill off the MC in a lighthearted shounen series.

Why is there so much moeshit this season?
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The real problem is all the isekai shit
Moe is not a genre. Kill yourself.
Why do you care? Tell me that first.

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>tfw you don't have a pink SG bass

Also, man, does that game look good. That fucking animation.

Also, anime fucking when? Yeah, I'm enjoying the specials. VAs who can actually play instruments. Not like k-on or AKB or shit like that, but actually, really play. Specially the guitarist with the blue strat and the bassist, god dammit, they're good. But come on, anime fucking when already?
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I hope it have crazy keyboard solos.
I mean she has a Roland JUNO-DI.
That keyboard got some nice leads.
It can't be only guitar solos all the time, can it?
The girls in K-on really learned to play the instruments over months to perform in concert.

You can easily google their concert bts.
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Juno-DS and FP-80, actually. Still, god-tier keyboards.

That said, solos in Rolands are easymodo. What with them having auto-arpeggios and whatnot.

As for there being keyboard solos... I'm sure she'll get at least one dedicated episode, right? If a song comes from it, I can see them going full Roundabout.

Yeah, they "really" learned to play. Same as AKB for Give Me Five.

My point was, unlike those two examples, the Popping Party girls (they have to be doing this intentionally. "Bang" Dream? "Popping" Party? And they give the show to XEBEC to animate?) can actually, really play. Not elementary school-level at best like the k-on or AKB girls, but properly.

Seriously, that guitarist with the strat and that bassist are top-tier. I could see TAKUYA playing those riffs.

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What the fuck
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Shitty K-on ripoff
It's getting to the point where they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
What the actual fuck

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Would pet until annoyance
isekai shit
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sorry wrong pic

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What is this facial expression trying to convey?
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She wants the dagashi.

How was this allowed?
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He was the last EVA pilot. What were they gonna do? Fire him?
No, I mean how was this allowed to air? And how could they get away with showing 14 year old nipples?

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How can they go from this...
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to this?
May i request you to remove this image?

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Is it me or does /a/ not seem all that hyped for this?
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Atleast reddit still likes it
most of the current userbase wasn't around for the first season
I was exited for it at first, but it kind of faded away, and now i'm looking forward to Gabriel Dropout a bit more. The drop in animation quality hurt it's "suprise of the season" charm in my eyes. I can imagine others felt the same way.

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I want to propose to Shinka only to have her brutally turn me down.
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Are you a masochist?
I want Shinka to steal me away from my gf

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Alright, Here is chapter 13. Thanks to our Translator anon and QC anon for the translation.
Sorry again for the delay, but there are RL things that I have to take care of.
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How do you want your Meido /a/?
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Not a lesbian.
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tumblr at it again

I wanna be the twintail.
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>You will never transform into a cute magical girl
Why even live?
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Don't give up anon.

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