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Post your mistress
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without a doubt
Lilith and Hsien-Ko are better
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maybe lilith

fuck hsien-ko haha

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Dont ask boring questions!
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How do I recognize what's a boring question and shouldn't be asked?
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Has there ever been a more pure friendship?
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it's pretty bro
you can say that again

Yfw Iok is literally Bittenfield.
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>"His frankness and passion have the power to move people"
>Nearly anyone who spends longer than 5 minutes around him considers him as an idiot or incompetent.
I dont like these flashbacks anons, is aniki kill soon?
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Now that the Space Guts xLafter ship is at full mast, who do you think is going to be his proverbial Griffith?
Dead man walking.

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What's his powerlevel?
Is he stronger than Mel?
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Does this mean they'll meet an Escanor of the past too?
No. Because Escanor is unlike any other or so he claims.

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vision escaflowne.jpg
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Remember when getting dropped in a medieval world wasn't all fun and games?

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>Remember when getting dropped in a medieval world wasn't all fun and games?
While it is all wish fulfillment and much of it is badly written, why do you faggots make such dumb statements?
Almost no isekai stores are "all fun and games".
Yeah, I too remember about a guy who got killed repeatedly in his medieval world, most times with excruciating pain, and is left to relive again and again several portions of his life when all he wants is to be able to live a nice live in this new world.

I too remember a medieval world that wasn't all fun and games. And it wasn't that long ago.
I think it's time to watch Escaflowne again. Guymelefs are the shit.

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Will we ever get another FKMT anime?
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>it's been 5 years since the bog

All hope is lost.
Maybe we'll get one for Zero if Fukumoto ever gets around to finishing it. Fucking get on part 3 already...
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First Clockwork Planet preview out:

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Fuck yes. All the robot girls.
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Wide is back.

Oh gee it's another boy meets girl story only this time it's on a planet of gears and they're going to do some combat stuff involving it. So excited to watch the same shit in a different package.

I feel like MC's design is going to be wasted on this shit.

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So everyone agrees that the second season was great, right? I thought the drama was going to be too much after the first 5 or so episodes but then I noticed that I was actually really invested with the characters.

Finding out more of everyone's backstory was great. Getting to know asuka and seeing her and kumiko's relationship grow was definitely the highlight. Kukiko evolving from someone who is always standing on the sidelines to someone who has the guts to put her real feelings out there was incredibly satisfying.

It kind of sucks that we didn't get to hear their national performance but that'll be for next season.
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>everyone agrees
why is that important?
>So everyone agrees that the second season was great, right?
What made the show good, was the relationship between Reina and Kumiko. The secound season threw that out the window.
They were being really close friends with a hint that they liked eachother as more than that in the first season. At least it was clear that Kumiko had romantic feelings for Reina.
And then in the secound season they hardly interacted with eachother at all, and Kumiko suddenly just liked Asuka instead.

Secound season was shit.

I don't get it. Why won't she just call the cops?
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she wants the D
its hentai
ep2 explains it

no. really

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a-anyone want to talk about my favourite anime with me?
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anon, let it go. There's nothing left to talk about.
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End this shitfest already

>gets bad grades
>bad at athletics
>would have no friends if it wasn't for Bocchi
>calls Aru a loser even though she has worse qualities
>gets jealous of Bocchi having other friends

What is she even good for and why is she best girl?
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>liking Shitko
I'm surprised that she got a 29
Nako-chan is the hardest motherfucker in the school, Bocchi is lucky Nako took a liking to her quickly because otherwise she would have definitely wound up as a prime target for Nako's bloodthirsty middle school extortion gang.

Would Berserk be better if Casca was the Black Swordsman?
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No because casca doesn't have the male fighter physique and would just get rekt by all the apostles.
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she's not even the hottest black lover guts has had
that would just spark more guts x griffith doujins

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I'm not seeing enough of bestgirl Videl in this board.
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She's a canon cuck now. Not best girl anymore.
that's the very definition of best girl
The less dragonball shit there is on this board the better.

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Can we all agree that 80s chill rock was a terrible op for this
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Screenshot (32).png
2MB, 1920x1080px

Sounded way too upbeat compared to the series' grim, bleak, post-apocalyptic world. Still a great song though.
Flyers from Death parade

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