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Has anime gotten worse or have I grown jaded?
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It's just that dark action doesn't sell anymore unless you manage to get fujos interested like with Psychopass.
what appealed to fujos in psychopass?
nah. it's still good, but you just gotta wade through more shit. And Akira sucked balls.

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One of these days a group will pick the series up

In till then here's the raws for chapter 6
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Talk about Sousei, EVOL, Logos, you name it.

Rena and Crea were the best things about Sousei and EVOL, respectively.
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>Rena and Crea were the best things about Sousei and EVOL, respectively.
Not much things to discuss anymore, but you nailed it here. Gen and Zen deserves a mention too.
Still can't watch Logos because of Evol.
I was buttfucked so hard, it still stings.
they have literally nothing to do with each other
also only literal autists whine about evol

Why havent you watched nanbaka yet?
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I did.

I dropped it because the back and forth tone shift between legitimately good comedy and shitty serious bullshit was annoying.
Suck my cock, dude.
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Watch it for them

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Has there every been a tsundere with a legitimate reason to hate the MC?
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Kurisu, sort of. Okabe can be kind of a major asshat at times.
Taiga, Shana, and Aria had reasons.

Nagi and Louise don't actually hate their respective MCs.
Maria > Hinagiku

What were they trying to tell us with this shot?
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"Aqua a best"

that's it
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She has a man's ass.
She has a fat ass.

Also, no pan.

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>no context
Gabriel Dropout? More like Gabriel DROPPED
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It's related to Plan S.

[xPearse] Magic Knight Rayearth Eps 01-49 [720p]
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Finally got it all uploaded. Here. Enjoy. Either download by MEGA or wait for somebody to seed the torrent.


I love Umi
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You can have her. I'm going to marry Fuu.

just finished watching JoJo's part 4 Diamond is unbreakable and just wanted to know if there was any infa on the next season (if there's going to be one). I've searched but nothing came up.

thx /a/nons
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Kill yourself.

i don't know, maybe jojo part 5?

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Post shows that you really wanted to like but ended up being disappointing
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This shows was the biggest disappointment of last year, started promising, became and in the ended badly.

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>New Grand blue chapter
>No thread
Come on now
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Chisa a shit, Nanaka an angel.
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super fun.png
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When will it be Magic Hour again?
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Kanie is good MC
Kill me if something is wrong
I want to fuck Muse.

I deep-fried my brain with 8 seasons of this stuff.

And now I'm going cold turkey because there's nothing more to watch.

Answer me, /a/.
- season 9 when?
- post-season 4 OVA's when?
- why is Marimo so best girl goddammit
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You like perverted old men trapped in cute girl bodies.

I'm personally waiting for the Teekyuu movie and Milky Holmes crossover.
>8 seasons
You mean 8 episodes.
Just marathon the series every month or so to keep it fresh in your mind
We'll likely get season 9 pretty soon
We'll maybe get OVAs in the future

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are ykk OVAs any good? or do I better stick to manga?
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The first series of OVA is glorious. The second (your pic) is less interesting.
The OVAs are basically just fanservice for fans of the manga. (Not fanservice in the lewd sense but just getting to see your favorite characters animated etc.)
Only seen the first half of the 2nd OVA, and I thought the storm was really interesting.
But maybe you are right???
Been a while since I saw the first OVA so hard to compare

Never seen TTGL before. Watched 10 episodes today. Good anime but it turned out different than I expected. Probably overhyped it a bit. As I said, so far is good but there's one thing that bothers me...

Without spoiling anything, is PICRELATED gonna get good any time soon? She looks good but almost every time she's on screen I want to kill myself. She acts like a bitch, her attitude is just ughgjahjhjgh. Literally the only character that I dislike after watching 10 eps.
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Have you considered killing yourself?
Drop it now because she is the only remediable quality of this show.
She's mostly there for fanservice, really.

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