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Why do people hate fujoshi when they factually spend more money on anime than male fans? They're helping keep the industry afloat.
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Because a rich faggot is still a faggot
There's no value in saving a fujoshit industry.
So why aren't you guys spending money on comparable levels on shows that you like?

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What's her height?
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Stella a shit.
Stella a best. A BEST.

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Why does Japan hate "childhood friend"-type characters?
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Math a shit
unhappy memories, it almost never work irl
> it almost never work irl
I doubt that's an actual reason since the "opposites attract" meme is used all the time in anime & manga

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8-Bit: Working on a sequel to a certain title.

A-1 Pictures: They’re continuing to develop original works. The next one will be focused on action.

Bandai Namco Pictures: New original works.

BONES: They’re working on an original project that’s in already production and another one that may be broadcasted this year.

Brain’s Base: Two titles in April and one in October.

CoMix Wave Films: Makoto Shinkai is still too busy with Your Name’s promotion, so he hasn’t started working on a new project yet.

David Production: Unannounced title in preparation.

DEEN: New short anime and OVA.

Dogakobo: Working on a certain sequel.

Emon: Adaptation of a very moe source material

feel.: Planning an original anime series and a series based on a game.

Geno Studio: Preparing one new TV series.

Lay-duce: Not much to highlight this year, as they’re focusing on a new original project due spring 2018. However, they’re planning to repay the people who took care of them in the past and help with their projects (*cough*BONES*cough*). One of them is a movie.

Liden Films: Two unannounced works.

Madhouse: Movies and sequels (may be all the announced ones), one original anime in planning.
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Millepensee: Three titles planned for 2017 – all sequels. New original anime in 2018.

Orange: Working on a project that will make you go “Eeeh!?”

Pierrot: Working on a drama series bursting with originality.

Polygon Pictures: TV anime aimed at families.

project No.9: Action series based on a manga planned for 2018. Also working on an original anime.

Satelight: New works that will make your heart tremble.

Seven Arcs Pictures: Two TV anime in preparation.

Shaft: A new unannounced TV series.

SIGNAL.MD: A new adaptation.

Silver Link: Working on an original project that should be announced next year. They also want to focus more on original contents in the future.

Studio 4°C: Adaptation of a very respected manga and a collaboration with a famous live action director are both carefully in progress.

Sunrise: They don’t know how much will be announced this year, but they are working on a new Gundam series and new projects that will explore themes that weren’t usually present in Sunrise’s past works.

Tatsunoko: Hints that Kenji Nakamura’s (Tsuritama, Gatchaman Crowds) new work should come out soon.

TMS Entertainment: Planning some surprises. More will be revealed at Anime Japan 2017 in March.

TYO Animation: Planning a full digital production.

TRIGGER: Works from this and that director are moving forward, plus a new overseas collaboration.

WIT Studio: They have some unannounced titles.

White Fox: Working on two new titles: a road movie-like one and a historical drama. Both with directors they’ve never worked with before.

Zero-G: Three new titles.


>A-1 pictures

Where's my Sora no Woto movie? At least let Silver Link or Ghibli handle it.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of those titles turned out to be Fire Punch./
>BONES: They’re working on an original project that’s in already production
So that's probably the Kyoda project that was mentioned before, right?
>Satelight: New works that will make your heart tremble.
And that's presumably Kawamori talking up his new cyberpunk-whatever project.

How can one show be so immensely fun?
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What's with all this shilling? Is there a new BD edition coming out soon?
I tried watching the first episodes and couldn't stand it. It's like watching every single cliche it spawned from future shows all at once. Does it get more entertaining?

I'd say the first ten episdoes are a bit slow, show gets better after that.

Mendou and Aturo comedy is pretty good, and you notice how much of a cock hungry slut Shinobu really is after she jumps the ship.

The entire best thing abotu it was probably Beatiful dreamer which is a 10/10 movie.

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you are gonna get fucked.jpg
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So, where is the new Madoka movie?
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It doesnt exist.
Never. Enjoy Madoka getting eternally raped by Homura.

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Post your favorite anime weapon.
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>you will never fire the Dessert Eagle into a crowd of otakus
why live fampai?
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>you will never use Hououin Kyouma's last weapon

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Mana truly is best girl
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>being friends with someone who can read your toughts

Mana don't do it
>Not gonna let you sleep tonight

Was it rape?
You got this up pretty quick, OP.

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It's all over now.
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Hyasaka is best girl
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Maybe not.
Maybe yes.
Are you sure

So what do you think about this show so far, /a/?

Kind of a slow start for me.
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It's actually pretty fun. Pretty excited for the 3rd episode because of Succubus-sensei.
First episode was funny.
Unfortunately the Dullahan episode was slow and boring for my taste. Hikari starred the best moments.
It feels like a "watch this show for one girl" type deal. Like with Gabriel Dropout and Satania.

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Get in here, bros.
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Even sadder episode today, but hopefully it is the last one and soon we'll be back to action and rugby matches. Also Ebumi is such a bro.
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Sad indeed. I'm glad we get to see what's going on with these two, but I wasn't expecting this much darkness
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What does /a/ think about Urabe Mikoto?

Was the show any good?
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Also image dump if possible.
>Was the show any good?
Yes until the last episode when I realized nothing was going to happen then asked on /a/ how the manga went and learned nothing happened in that either.

Boner inducing voice though, shame she doesn't get any roles.
She's a fucking cunt.
Source: The manga.

The first few episodes were good, but when the weird dream sequences stop, the show becomes a drag.

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I'm 10 episodes in and this is one of the stupidest shows I have seen.

Subaru is an inconsistent self insert character. He has all sorts of fetish girls in his harem, he has superhuman strength and while there are 4 types of magic users in their world, he is le super rare and edgy, shadow type. And the fucker flip flops between being a shinji ikari, a good guy Greg and kirito, while being ugly as fuck, absolutely unrelatable and annoying as all hell.
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I love semen so much.
Fuck off, streamfag.

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>Asuka is such a sweetheart she changes the steak place to a noddle shop so the evil R*i can come and Misato don't have to spend too much money
>still everyone hates Asuka
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Both Asuka and Shinji are actually pretty good kids who care about others deep inside (Shinji jumping into volcano, rushing to Rei's plug coming back to fight Zeruel, Asuka visiting him in hospital, this scene) despite their serious inner problems
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Fuck Asuka
People mostly remember the Ramiel fight and the last few episodes, but the "breather" episodes of Eva actually make the characters come out as actual people instead of just sad sacks of mental issues.

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