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dragon dicked.png
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What the fuck is this bullshit? He stays a dragon? Thats fucking retarded, I could't keep a straight faced when reading this chapter. Poor Mine probably has a vagina the size of the grand canyon now.

anime ending > manga ending

Yeah I said it
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that explains it

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Tokyo Ghoul v7-077.jpg
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Why did /a/ lie and tell me this was edgy trash?
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Because the people who said that either had no idea or were talking about the anime, which is indeed edgy trash.
Hope you're reading THS' translations.
I bet you're an evafag
Back to >>>m with you
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Is this a Yuru Yuri timeskip sequel?
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short answer: no
that;s new game friend
Long answer: no

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So why do Asukafags and Reifags pretend Mari doesn't exist? She is best girl.

Let's run it down.

Long dark hair:

Shit, she's even a great pilot PLUS she's not a raging pyscho bitch or emotionless fuck doll. All in all, I think we can all agree Mari best.

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more like mari sue
I think she suffered from the fact that she wasn't in the anime. Rei and Asuka had actual backstory that carried over from the series, but Mari never got that. Also Misato is actually best

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Be honest: would most dubs be better if there was more talent in that industry? I realize that there isn't much of it other than a few select actors, and many of them rely on amateurs. Would they be better if more experienced professionals did it? Especially if they actually had knowledge of show they were doing and liked it so they would know how to perform as a certain character? I also understand that there are some anime that cannot be dubbed because they are so heavily Japanese in terms of themes and honorifics that it would pretty much ruin the show no matter how good the performances are. I also do know that a show taking place in another country can work well with a language different than said country's (which is why there's anime with non Japanese characters)

Also, I have a theory of why dubs are more popular in animation than live action films. If you dub a film with an actor you know on screen like Chris Pratt, it'll be super odd seeing a voice other than his coming out of his mouth, while with animation, it's less jarring as you don't actually see the actor or actress, just the character.
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>he actually believed the meme
No because director choose the VA thinking on the character, so to watch the show the way the director intended to do, you have to watch it on the native language it was made.
It holds true to any other visual media too.
The only reason to actually watch a dub is if you're retarded enough to not be able to pay attention to two things at the same time.
But would they at least be okay if maybe there was more talent/involvement between original involvement?

Are all dubs bad or are there some that are okay but mostly not?

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Did anyone else actually want Rea's mom to find happiness? If I were Chihiro I would've given her the dicking right then and there.
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They did not even fuck, did they.

Poor cake.

She should have pushed more for him to inseminate her, since female fertility is time limited.

>Rea could use a sister dear.
>I bet she would be happy about it.
>turning down a hot desperate milf
>not even any porn of it
It's a fucking travesty that there isn't any porn of her

Anyone else love ghost stories
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the sub is spoopy. dub is retarded american shit
>retarded american shit

No need to repeat yourself.
Joke dubs are fun, I wish we had more

File: Rewrite_characters.jpg (72KB, 670x377px)Image search: [Google]
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Why did no one tell me this is such a fun to watch show?
The characters are cute, the dialogue is funny and it doesn't look too terrible either.
Even got a second season I just realized.

Did no one on /a/ like this?
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cuz the vn is better
lol secondaries
It's pretty bad if you've already read the VN.

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65KB, 476x513px
I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Freddy on the fish page!
I wouldn't say I like it but it makes me feel at home.

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How do you choose what to watch next?
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right now i'm just working through my backlog top to bottom. if i think about it too much it'll never get done.
If I feel like watching something, I watch it.
The show of whatever girl looks cute on /a/

File: hvh.jpg (2MB, 2371x1697px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2371x1697px
Heaven vs hell

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Both are fucking garbage. This archetype is shit and needs to die already.
Umaru a shit
You are just jealous they are living the dream

File: IMG_0327.jpg (117KB, 616x616px)Image search: [Google]
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What the fuck did I just watched
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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
aka the only good to ever air on Toonami
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Is it subtitled? I will watch if it is. fucking hate dubbings.
but the dub is greatest thing about it you autist

name a better manga than this
>protip:just give up
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Kill yourself macfag

While the post is still young, do you mean storywise, art, or all-round?

File: X2.png (707KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw no swordfu

This fish slaps your demon's ass, what do you do?
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Only eat part of it and throw the rest in the trash.

Like a total gangsta
slice it

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