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What does /a/ think about Yu Gi Oh? The new duel links game on mobile made me want to marathon the first series again.
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You could take advantage of that and read the manga instead.

How many chapters is it?

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Gabriel vs Umaru

Who do you prefer?
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Both Gabriel is superior. In show and character.

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What do you think of YKK?
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The greatest story about humanity.
Fuwa fura~
they make good zippers

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Does it bother you that anime gets CPR completely wrong? The only purpose of chest compressions and rescue breaths is to keep the patient alive until the AED arrives. Also the AED (defibrillator) does not revive people. It stops cardiac arrest (irregular pulsing of the heart). Honestly everyone should learn CPR and how to use an AED in school, because knowing this can actually save lives.
Oh, and chest compressions can only be done if the area is unobstructed. And yes, the area is right between the nipples. It seems like wastes hijinks to me.
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No because I'm not a fucking autist.
No because the only purpose of CPR in romance fiction is for lips to touch
>Does it bother you that anime gets CPR completely wrong?
Doesn't most fiction do though?

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>Yandere Gyaru
Welp, I'm sold but

>Childhood friend
She's gonna lose
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my first gyaru
She would lose even if she weren't a childhood friend. Also, she's a fake gyaru.
>those fucking tits

where is the paizuri

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Now I gotta pretend like I'm interested in the Doigaki-Ayatsuji subplot? Gimmie a fucking break...!
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This manga is boring as hell.
only if hell is exciting as hell
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Well...since the dancing midgets got eliminated. Now it is.

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Is it edgy to like Deathscythe?
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the end beam claw.jpg
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Is it edgy to like THE END?
No, but it is /m/ as fuck.

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Does /a/ know who this girl is?
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i don't watch gay shit so no
Never seen her before, must be from some shitty anime

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I AM KAICHOU low res.jpg
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Do you miss best kaichou?
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I miss Mariko Honda.
Long black hair > Brunette tsundere > Kaichou > the other one
>I start dump thread for the sequel manga with actual content to discuss
>no replies
>make thread with stupid low res nostalgic meme image
>instant 2 replies

I hate myself sometimes.

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What is the point anime girls looking like this
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If you can't see the point you're homosexual anon.
sex sells

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bumping (and bouncing)
for best girl
That's not Rena

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This is Rem. Do you like Rem?
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Remember to download moar Rem
I like their song Losing My Religion

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Why is she so uncute?
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Who the fuck even is this

How the fuck am I supposed to get into anime if everyone just assumes I've watched everything. Literally all anime characters look the same
Use reverse image search.
No one expects you to know everything. If you don't know obvious stuff, people will call you a newfag. But everybody gets called a newfag sometimes.

Now stop being a faggot asking for source when a google search function has been built directly into the website here.
another [email protected] circlejerk thread

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Ah, it got scanlated. Oh no.
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Blank Minion.png
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To those of you out there who don't know this novel adaptation, pic related sums up my reaction towards the story. Here's the story in a nutshell.
> Be a kid
> Fall in love with your childhood friend.
> She moves away and years later when you are in highschool, you find a school nearby her school to be close to her.
> Sees her talking with another friend.
> Immediately chickens out
> DOUTEI! (Coward! Virgin!)
> Misunderstandings
> Years later and you die.
> Be reincarnated into another world.
> Get strong, get a harem, get white hair along the middle.
> You are also on a revenge quest.
> Childhood friend and her buddies get summoned.
> Turns out she loved the protagonist and it is a misunderstanding he had. But also, the friend she was with is in love with her and he doesn't like it.
> They meet and misunderstandings! They separate later!
> The asshole that wants her to not get near the mc makes up excuses and she has to stay.
> Misunderstandings!
> mc is still growing his harem while the misundertandings are still there.
But is the plot alright?
If you like biting things in frustration while you read, by all means, read.

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Completely missed all the threads while it was airing.

Who was the best girl and why is it this psycho?
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S2 never
Everything felt so rushed towards the end.
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Not enough material I guess, they aren't even done with their second match yet.

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