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Why is incest so prevalent in Japan? I thought it was a white people thing.
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Incest is very much a global thing.
Everybody does it.
>american education
>in Japan
You mean
>in anime.

It's enjoyed most by those without siblings.

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It's 2022 and we need a new fresh and exciting anime to feed for the upcoming new wave of generation.
What will it be?
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Highschool setting!
Middle school girls in a high school setting.
It will be hilarious.
Is highschool even a thing 5 years later?
Japan should be dead at that point.

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I reckon that Shibuya Rin could knock out around 63% of /a/ in a fight. The rest would lose via submission, mostly through a rear naked choke.
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>rear naked choke
I like the sound of that!

I want to see her titties bounce up and down as she gets fucked by an old fat man
Females have only half the upper body strength of males due to lack of testosterone, and are lighter. A girl would need many, many hours of time gym to equal the strength of a lazy anon who sits around on the couch all day. Her body type suggests she doesn't focus on building muscle, so the only way she could win a fight is by playing dirty, going for kicks to the groin and gouging the eyes. If anon gets a strong hold of her, there is likely nothing she can do but accept the dick.

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Dingle Dangle!

Why are the mysteries in this so dull?
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Because you're dull. It only gives you as much as you're willing to put in.
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because it's a show for kids
The mysteries aren't the focus, believe it or not.

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I don't understand. What's happening.
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I am confused.
Post the whole chapter, mate.
But like it's right there on the internet to read. I don't even have a good quality version.

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What is Gintama about?
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You posted them.
Gin (middle guy) is trying to become the hokage (samurai king).
Shouting why something was funny just now

If your parents never did this to you, you're probably spoiled

and white
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That's cruel. Mine just beat me with whatever whip-like object was laying nearby.
Keep your blogging in >>>/r9k/.
this, alienating is bad

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Madoka Magica is the best anime I've ever seen. I remember enjoying series like Bebop, Eva and even Code Geass and even tons of movies including the disappearance of Haruhi and all the greats but Madoka Magica in on an entirely different level. I didn't believe them until I watched it for myself but it's definitely worth it. I fully believe it's one of the best anime I've ever seen and episode ten sealed the deal if nothing else.
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Does anybody know if they're making another season? I feel like the ending left too much open for interpretation and the end the series.
Damn anon you must have seen like over 100 animes
It's a solid 8/10.

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What happend that made him hate otakus so much?
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You do know what otakus are right?

There's your answer.
For a man who spent most of his life consuming and creating entertainment for obsessive manchildren, it is weird how critical he is of them.

Most people in the industry just keep on truckin
He met Miyazaki

New waifu of the season?
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>New waifu

What the fuck dude?
>I call everything a waifu
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Is the Age of Okaasan finally here, /a/?

>Do You Like Your Mom?, slated for publication on January 20, has won the 29th Fantasia Grand Prize, an annual award given to novels published by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. The novel follows a high school boy who, like many others in his genre, is transported into a video game... but so is his mother, who not only is fiercely devoted to him, but is very helpful in combat.


The PV for the LN just debuted yesterday.

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Japan failed the 'age of oneesan' before. So I wouldn't hold my breath.
Is this gonna save the isekai genre?
1-2 years before anime then,hopefully.

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106. I don't want your kisses, old hag.
2nd hint is also useless.
Aren't you tired of getting no replies in most math threads, algebraic topology-kun? Here's a pity (you).

>Haruka will graduate and become a successful owner of big company
>Chiaki will graduate and become a genius employee
>both of them will be happily married with good husband


What's her endgame?
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To live the rest of her life constantly beginning and closing startup companies.
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I feel like she is the type to fall for MLM scams

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