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Just marathoned the first episode. Did I like it?
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No, you hated it.
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You thought Aqua was really cute
You kept watching because of her

Was it saved by Oshii?
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oshii was saved by lum
It probably still would have done well without Oshii, but it probably would have had far less original content.
Was she a slut?

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I want to fuck her, is that a bad thing?
No because she's been legal since the second game.
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Finally watching this and enjoying it so far. Some of the changes between the game and the anime really baffle me though. How they handled Von Karma and case 1-4 in general really disappointed me.

Flashback episode was 10/10 though.

doujins fucking when
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NTR doujin of a guy fucking her body while her boyfriend is out with her head while her head is being fucked when?
There are a few already out for the series, but they're all for succu-sensei
I know that very well. But I need one of this headless bitch now.

Is she the new pantyhose queen of /a/? Has Utaha been overthrown?
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Where does all that food go?!?
A really smelly butthole.

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So I just finished it.
Was it good?
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you are the one who finished it so ask yourself
but I don't know if I should like it or not because /a/ didn't tell me
Should've read the manga, dumb cunt.

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I just started watching Zestiria, please tell me MC fucks this pretty princess
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But the doujins got u covered bruh.
I've seen every episode so far and I don't even remember this scene.
It's when Sorey shows up at Mikleo's door in the middle of the night to drag him to Grandpa's.

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Happy birthday, Hanayo!
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>Hanayo birthday
>post You
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Fine. Here's your (You)

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ITT: Post the best anime of each decade

Ginga Tetsudou 999
Urusei Yataura
Honey and Clover
Ping Pong
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Ashita no Joe
Ping Pong
Area 88/zeta Gundam/LOGH

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It's funny how the first episodes interaction went from fanservice to an heartfelt attempt to reach the dude who seduced him a year ago from Victor.
Depending whatever they did anal or not.

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ITT: Characters created for bullying
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Would you a frog?
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you'd be pretty gay if not
>try to eat frog legs
>sure I can do it
>in the end they were too gross and I couldn't
would probably be similar
dumb frogfucker

>stops wearing makeup after half an episode
Can't remember the last time I dropped a show this fucking fast.
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She became best girl after she dropped all that garbage.
twins > postwoman > reverse trap > childhood friend = main girl
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Remember /a/non: the most powerful weapon against such a female is yelling CUTE!!!! in her face.

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What the fuck happened to this show? I just finished episode 7, and the whole damn show does a 180 degree turn. Crackhead is a weregorilla. What the fuck? I don't even know how to react, not sure how I feel about it
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Strap yourself in.
You missed an /a/ ride brah.

Just watch LWA now and keep Samumenco as a backlog for watching it later now.
It does several 180s until it spirals out of control, keep watching.

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What's up with this bland looking MCs beating bishounens and shit?
Is this some kind of beta power fantasy of the viewers to get back at Chad who gets pussy all the time?
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>bland looking MCs
Pic unrelated?
Shirou's far from being a beta self-insert. Dude's pretty much the perfect husband.
>What's up with this bland looking MCs beating bishounens and shit?

It's more a stab at the pretty boy trope than anything else.

Usually a series that has pretty male characters as the heroes tends to be a shallow as fuck story, or the characters have shallow as fuck personalities.

Watching a plain looking dude wreck their shit is hilarious.
UBW is certainly the most shonen route of Fate, but Shirou is a more complex protagonist than the usual archetypes.

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