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Tokyo Ghoul

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Why did /a/ lie and tell me this was edgy trash?
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Because the people who said that either had no idea or were talking about the anime, which is indeed edgy trash.
Hope you're reading THS' translations.
I bet you're an evafag
Back to >>>m with you
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Because we're on the sequel now which is edgy trashh
No spoilers but I can explain.

/a/ loved it until the last, admittedly long and complicated, arc in the sequel :re.

Basically, it didn't go the way the crowd here wanted it to. It was expected to be a huge climax of the series, and instead, it was used to transition the elements of the story/world for the next stage of the plot. It wasn't climatic. It was mysterious and added more questions than it answered. It put a lot of different elements in place that most on here didn't care about. Some people lost their favorite character(s) or their character(s) didn't get what they wanted them too.

People wanted a climax - they got a long and complicated transition.

And it's been hated ever since. Don't listen to /a/. Read it and make your own judgement. We have spoiler threads every Friday night, bring clowns.
Of course people wanted a climax, it was hyped up for two years as such.

But instead we got (actual spoilers):
Kaneki regressing as a character
Amon getting killed in a single chapter aftter waiting years for his return
More Quinx bullshittery
One of the strongest Ghouls in the story getting (presumably) inexplicably killed off by the worst antagonist I've seen in a while

And a bunch of other shit that resolved nothing and only served to keep the status quo. Things are exactly where they were before before the Aogiri raid, only Aogiri isn't in the picture anymore.
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>>152335964 already said it.
>Basically, it didn't go the way the crowd here wanted it to.
You're just salty.
>actually thinking Amon is dead
When the manga ends and he still hasnt shown up since his fight with the Qs, I'll remember to laugh for you
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I'm already laughing.
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That's a funny way of saying it was a bad arc
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What are you insinuating?
Should Amon have attempted to kill everyone? Or what is it?
Even if Amon is alive that doesn't it mean it was good writing
I merely supported the other anon's statement that it didn't go the way the readers wanted it to, not that the Rushima arc was written well.
Tsukiyama Family Extermination was the best arc including both series. After the Eto fight it really took a nosedive.
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>Basically, it didn't go the way the crowd here wanted it to.
The crowd wanted a good arc
Developments were nice, execution was shit.
The problem with Rushima arc was that it was so fucking long with so many stupid twists. I dont think any of the Kanekis crew died, and then Ishida brought back Devil Ape and Dog girl from in part 1 from literally no where. So fucking stupid.
Here's an alternative interpretation of the cochlea/rue arc:

Arima was never supposed to be anything more than another stepping stone for Ken. Arima was never a big bad or anything like that. Arima was his next Yamori. Just the torture was a different kind and lasted a lot longer. Arima represented the problems that held Ken back at the end of the first manga, just like how Yamori represented his problems he started the manga with. Arima was about growth, not resolution. It wasn't supposed to climatic because it wasn't a climax of Kens character or story - it was a transition through and through.

The Q's are going to be another test for Ken. He's still unwilling to sacrifice or deal with letting those he cares about get killed and shit. He still can't "choose". Yes, he got the courage to control his powers and to fight (Yamori). Yes, he found a purpose in his life(arima). But he's yet to learn how to sacrifice.

Eto and Tatara getting shit kicked like they did is fine because they have nothing to do with Kens growth at this point. Tatara barely ever did shit with him and Eto was baggage from the manager and his story that he wanted Ken to resolve. Kanekis main enemy is and will always be Kanou. Tatara and Eto HAD to die because they were the coleaders of aogiri and aogiri had to pass for Goat.

Furuta is Kanous bodyguard/dragon. A red herring as a final villain. He's a step in kanekis journey too.

Amon?? Amon is going to come back. We didn't even see any blood when Saiko attacked him. We didn't see any PORTION of his body sticking from under that kagune pillar. Sounds a hell of a lot like Devil Ape, Woof Woof, MMMMM Boy, delicious milf, Marude, and a lot of other characters that have come back. Amon will come back as another part of kanekis journey- as hinted by donato. No, Amon does t need to see donato. cont....
>Arima was never a big bad or anything like that.
Well, I never got that impression from him.
There's no reason. Amons going to show up and well either get a LOOOONG 50 chapter flashback arc or ishida will make a side novel/manga about what he's been up to. Depends on the money probably.

THe kirishima gang was annoying yeah. But now if anything happens to them it'll be ALOT more Kanekis fault then at Cochlea. They are more or less in his hands and the hands of his organization. And I'm willing to bet furuta will be A LOT more sadistic than Arima would've been. Ishida could totally redeem the plot armor if they get totally fucked now.

Let's see what happens.
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Thread images: 8

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