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So I recently found out about this anime and manga. To my surprise there isn't a whole lot of it regarding fanart nor dicussion.

Does /v/ know about this? Thoughts?
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I fucked up. /a/, not /v/
Did you find out by chance due to the old timer thread running at the moment?
One of my first anime shows. Stupid fun.

Forced personality.
Boring interactions.
Boring character.

I would only feel happy if a fat neet raped her.
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You forgot a big one
>Kana Hanazawa
truly the worst anime character ever created.
Gabriel is a fat NEET.

Actually you're right, that would make the show much better.
>forced personality

Nanbaka episode 16
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Are you still watching it?
It became unbearable to me with all the darkness.
The characters aren't nearly deep enough to carry that kind of plot.
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>No best girl as MC
I liked it when it was sparkly silly boys in prison doing SOL stuff.

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This is Jeanne D'Arc

Say something nice about
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This is Sir Francis Drake
Thank her for destroying the Spanish Armada by buying her a drink
Loves riding dragon cocks.

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Why did Gendo deny the 11th Angel even happened? How come it wasn't part of Seele's plan?
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He denied it to keep Seele in the dark and misinform them about how many more angels are to come. He did it in an effort to gain more time before they act.
Seele knew there was an angel attack. But they had to pretend to believe his word so he couldn't know they knew. So they pretended to not know.
And so they sent EVA 03 by air instead by ship, so it could get infected and fuck their shit up. Because hey that makes sense, last time we sent a ship it was attacked midway because it was carrying and EVA. Or was it attacked because it was carrying ADAM phetus? Nah that would be imposible because there is no way Gendo had stole us ADAM, isn't Gendo? You are a loyal guy, you don't want to start Instrumentalization by yourself.
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is english a second language for you?

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Is it just me, or is the OST for Zankyou No Terror better then the actual show? Not saying the show is terrible but eh.
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Also anime OST discussion I guess as well.
The ost is incredinly good.
And the show is indeed terrible and wastes Yoko Kannos talent.
Well yeah, the show is mediocre as hell and the OST is Yoko Kanno does Sigur Ros, of course it's better.

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ITT: girls with big foreheads
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Posting best one
Why do you like big foreheads, OP?

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Erm... doesn't every country use it?
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Only the non-important ones.
File: wtf-am-i-reading.jpg (41KB, 409x425px)Image search: [Google]
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>26 degrees is cold for a pool
For a Snek

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I always thought there could be no greater suffering than that of Guts, but Agni sure takes the crown.
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I'm seeing some suffering for mc soon but knowing how the mangaka surprised me with previous tweest I really hope it would be still the same fire punch so far.
Agni pondering on existence like an angsty teenager is kinda amusing.
This series surprised me with the jump in quality after the return to Behemdorgu or what the fuck it's called and the fights.

Anyone watching 1973 Casshan?
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File: stuff of nightmares.webm (3MB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
stuff of nightmares.webm
3MB, 640x480px
I'll take that as a no.
How is it? It's getting HD translations now, right?
I don't know if that pic makes me want to start or not

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>Only worth picking up this season is ACCA 13 and Youjo Senki.
>The rest is moeshit, SoL and "comfyshit".
>All are basically SoL with different people but in the end it's the same shit, it's just that the shit differs taste from one another.

Man, this season sure is filled with diversity.
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Thanks for sharing your opinion.
funny pic op !!
nice meme

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I'm old, fuck you. But as a result I can tell you that getting your hands on anime over twenty years ago (here in the UK at least) was an underground operation and took a lot of fucking patience.

Some of you crazy kids might think I just mean shitty download speed but oh no. No downloads, barely any internet for public consumption. Very few titles got official releases over here. You wanted shit back in those days, you had to know people, who knew people, who might ultimately know someone with the episode (or if you were very lucky, an entire 6 ep series) you were after. And you needed a shitload of brand new still sealed VHS tapes.

Moved house last year, found a load of old newsletters and lists from back then which I scanned, and if anyone is interested in how things used to be, I'll post more.
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File: IMG_20160612_0003resized.jpg (2MB, 1276x1752px)Image search: [Google]
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Pic related, the list of a guy I used to know personally who got me into it to start with. He was relatively local to me, so I could just phone my requests through, and a week later make the hour long drive to pick them up, giving him blank tapes to replace those he used.

Otherwise, you networked at one of the very few cons held over here, or got 'penpals' from small ads in the one anime magazine available in the UK at the time.
Then you swapped lists.
Then you send a jiffy bag of new and unopened blank VHS tapes through the mail with your requests.
Then you waited for several weeks.
Finally, (if you were lucky, there were some assholes I encountered back then who would list rarities just to show off, refusing requests for them) your 28th generation copies of a few episodes of Tenchi or Ranma would arrive.
Then you would owe them, and have to copy and send whatever you had that they may request, and so on.

Compare that to now, when you can read a show title, and within minutes have found a torrent and acquired 1080p copies of all series, OVAs and movies. It took weeks to get shitty quality copies of all 6 eps of a series, sometime having to get eps from different people. There were some series which I never managed to find all eps for back then.
Cool shit, tape guy >>152363858
still around these days?
File: IMG_20160612_0011.jpg (674KB, 1752x1276px)Image search: [Google]
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Not sure who or what you're asking is still around?

Pic is from the VHS price list of Anime Projects, one of the very few UK distributors of anime back then.

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who's the best dragon ball character
and why is it nappa?
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You see, Cacao can do everything Nappa can, but he's a fucking Cyborg with the only weaponized armor in DBZ, also he's better than Cocoa.
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One line from the german dub I'll probably never forget. When he gave the seeds shit to grow

"Nun gibts Happa Happa, von Papa Nappa"

roughly translates to

"And now Yummi Yummi from Daddy Nappa"
but everything rhimes
How about

"And now yummi yummi from Papi Nappa"

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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Nope, still don't like it. See you tomorrow.

Has anime ever motivated to do something in real life?

Pic related motivated to finally kill myself because this goddess will never be real.

Goodbye forever. Perhaps we'll meet again some day~
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>no link to livestream
Fuck off.
CardCaptor Sakura taught me how to cook pasta correctly.

Various shows made me realize my fetish for shortstacks.
>the next day Girlish Number gets a season 2

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