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This is Alicia Melchiott, the beautiful and righteous scout of squad 7. She dreams of one day being a baker so everyone can try her delicious bread! Say something nice about her anon's.
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She scores some sick no scope headshots. And goes back to home with a smile and no PTSD after mowing down hundreds of non!-krauts.

Keep pulling that trigger Alicia-chan!
Your anime was shit Alicia.
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So what are they going to do now that Selvaria is by far the most popular girl and has become the face of the series?

Will they somehow asspull her back into the game? Or will they keep her dead for a consistent stories, knowing that fans hate it and they will forever hinder their sales?

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"I want to 『BUST A NUT』 inside this 『BUSTY SLUT』" Edition

Any hopes for the next chapter?
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Is it jojo-lie-in or jojolee-in?
Guys, Araki told me Dolomiti killed Yasuho and the Jobin fucked her corpse. It's true my father works in Lucky Land

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What happened to Vidar?
Why call him Vidar instead of Gaelio ?
>People will keep dying until Orga abandons his ambitions and finally kills McGills
RIP everyone

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Episode 2 raws are out

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>Diana episode

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stop lewdposting the witches.

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Rate the filler episodes up until now.
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I want to fuck Cocoa
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>gohan got 1 hitted by a Khan

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10 minutes until new episode
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Manga talk is welcomed too.

Just don't spoil openly
another thread seems to be pure shitposting
The opening from 0:37 to the end is amazing.
Both the music picks up and the visuals are amazing.

We did it in the name of all mankind.
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Calling Yuuhi "poor man's Meiya"!
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>SM kikestarter
>1mil $ stretch goal beato route

would you pledge?
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Iris is my beautiful, sexy wife!

Gook spoilers
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What are your opinions on the ever-growing flood of Isekai titles flooding the market, /a/?
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I only like them when they try something different.
I'm a sucker for them on paper but the vast vast majority are tripe.

Also when is fat cat tats coming back to MT?
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Not soon enough I can tell you that

Tan athletic catgirls are too rare

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>walk into your room
>see this
What do?
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Wonder what she was just doing that would have warranted the need to pull her shorts back up.

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Episode 2 starts in 12 minutes. Who's ready for some qt cat girls?
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My dick is.
Russian Blue is best catgirl.

T minus one hour and 45 minutes until the new Zestiria episode airs.

I completely forgot what happens after they reach Lastonbell in the game besides fighting Sergej and eventually getting the temples after Pendrago and it looks like they're gonna do their own thing already anyway.
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>one hour left
>no one cares
I guess I can just post girls until the episode starts.
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I care. It's still too soon anyways.

Edna will make me care more though.
Is bilibili working? I only get a black screen with two anime girls.

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I used to think that I just happened to be attracted to the girls in romance series always lose, but I realized recently that I like them because I think they're going to lose.

Please post losers in this thread.
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Well now, /a/?
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>marrying sluts in 2017
Only if I can cum on my own sweats and she'll wash them.
Why does /a/ hate this girl so much?

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Post unpopular opinions here
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One Piece stopped being good after Alabasta.
I don't like fanservice.
It takes away from the experience in a lot of cases
You didnt like Skypeia?

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