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Mangafags what can I expect from this
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Discovering that the true evil in the world is MMORPGs.
Already did that after spending $1000 on a mount that does nothing but "look good" on WoW.
>spending $1000 on a mount that does nothing but "look good" on WoW.
Kuso game senpai.

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If Akko doesn't want to be bullied she shouldn't be that much of a dumbass
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Does /a/ hate Diana now?
I am loving this series to death so far but these threads seem way too fast to get any kind of decent discussion in.

Oh well, just wanted to say that I want to have sex with the ED. Do we already know when the full single will be out?
Diana and Akko are going to become best hand holding friends

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Spoilers when? I need to see how this zombie shit works and if best girl finally shows up again or not.
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Which characters do you think are underrated?
>Extremely old and cunning Pillar Man who's lived for thousands of years, and met and eaten thousands of people
>Really weird and unpredictable personality, even weirds Joseph out and ends up turning his own stupid 'your next line is' trick on him
>Fascinating and grotesque ability that takes full advantage of how freakish the Pillar Mens bodies are
>Values honor and dignity to a degree, but ultimately places his companions first as shown by how he possesses Suzie Q and uses himself as a distraction so that the Red Stone can be sent to Wamuu and Kars
>Has a much more casual and amiable demeanor in general, particularly towards Wamuu and even Kars
>Was Kars' only real ally and Wammu and Santana's father-figure, as seen by how pissed and upset Wammu and Kars were at his death
I don't think the Tattoo You! fight gets enough love

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What can you do then Grapes (literally) sticks his balls to you?

Tear off your clothes? Tear off your skin? What if he puts his balls between your hands first?

No matter how you look at it, Mineta is not only the best womanizer but also the guy with the most underrated Quirk.
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why is her skirt so short?

Miniskirts are popular with Japanese schoolgirls.
I would tear my skin off for Mineta.

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stop massacring loli threads!

here, just so you stopped massacring the most innocent beans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5if0GvMFAoo
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whoa! from where did you came! here enjoy this piece aswell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaUmzxZz2ho

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How will Vegeta fair against the other contestants in the upcoming tournament?
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How could such a sinner be beautiful?
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Vegeta is cute, CUTE!!

so is there a point to this shit other than "tease this hapless fuck endlessly until she's ready to mount him?"
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>so is there a point to this shit other than "tease this hapless fuck endlessly until she's ready to mount him?"

Does there need to be?
She wants a well done steak
there's also the ntr

Papika a qt puppy
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Paprika is a spice
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lol she really is

Akko a good girl. Stop the teasing.
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She's retarded.
Now fuck off.
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I think we can all agree that Ursula is best girl
Ignorant akko is actually the worst. She's also too loud. Glad Diana is there to remind akko that being a witch is a culture that needs to be respected and not something for fun.

literally cultural appropriation

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Why is this a success?
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>le randumb xd
>actual comedic timing
>LN spoilers
>show does a different art style than the same one we have had for the past decade
>wow they are LITERALLY being different right now I cant handle this!
Please tell me you're not truly this delusional.

Is Mika a good older sister to Arisu?
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VERY cute doggies.
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If they are really sisters, i would like to see a match between they and Miho and Maho
Seeing as Mika almost single-handedly defeated Kuromorimine Girls High School with her shitty tanks, I would have no doubt that Arisu and Mika would wreck them.

That being said, it would be hilarious to see Arisu at Continuation High School.

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How can anyone hate the nug?

Just look at her!
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No joke. Umaru is the most fun I've had with an anime in years.
Umaru hating is a meme.
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I'm gonna keep bumping this thread for three whole days

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Cake witch the cutest
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Ursula is CUTE!
What kind of magic will Ursula teach Akko?
What if Akko has actually repeated her days at the school hundreds of times over in a time loop, with her abilities accumulating each time, but doesn't remember it because each time loop contains a technically separate Akko?

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It's been a while since I've watched something and said to myself "Kill everyone involved, including the fanbase, for this cringeworthy shit.".

Who here likes this piece of trash, and why haven't you killed yourself yet?
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Can't watch the next episode if I'm dead.
I think its pretty fun, too bad you didn't like it.
It's pretty fucking retarded.

They could of made an interesting WWI style anime, but instead they decided they wanted to fill it with "so Cuhraaazhy" killer loli.

It's trash, and you should feel like trash for watching it.

But I hope you still have an enjoyable evening.

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