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While I do enjoy OPM, I feel like Mob Psycho is the very essence of genuine writing directly from the heart.

But nobody will give a flying fuck because it isnĀ“t OPM.

Pic, is a master craftmanship. ONE will be remembered for OPM only though. Thoughts?
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You mean 90% of /a/ who hates OPM
Who cares? If you like it what else matters?

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Would /a/ even care about LWA if it weren't made by Trigger?
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If it wasn't made by Trigger it would be the hipster choice for the season ahead of Onihei
>no Yoshinari
Yeah, I wouldn't care.
Onihei needed 45 min episodes in my opinion, as it is right now it's too fast and the "cases" are too easy.
Imagine having to cramp an entire Colombo episode into 30 minutes.

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>KyoAnus will never do anything as ambitious as Space Dandy
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What is this.
Kyoani is a shit studio.
Kyoani doesn't know of a world outside their safe space.

Maid Dragon and Violet Evergarden are their first shows that aren't about high schoolers.

Can someone explain 5 Centimeters Per Second to me?

Finally watched this last night but I feel unaccomplished and unsatisfied like I did with The end of Evangelion. The ending felt rushed and like it came out of no where. Maybe I'm too much of a pleb to understand but maybe someone else does?
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They both grew up.
The fuck are you on about. The development was solid and by no means it was rushed.
First part was showing how close MC and her waifu is. Second was portraying how they start to become distant and the last part showed how they have moved one, which is ultimately the theme of the show.
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How people drift apart.

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>Americans will defend this
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Why is this allowed?
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dog shit
dog shit
dog shit

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What the fuck was his problem?
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He wanted to see Ocean, but went in the wrong direction.
He just wanted to see the ocean, dude.
Too many steroids, not enough friends.

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I've got a heavy object, if you know what I mean.
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Your disgusting lard ass doesn't count.
>Drinking ice tea from a wine glass with a straw
I think you got two heavy objects ;)

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This has a ryona tag.jpg
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What is the appeal of ryona exactly /a/?
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Girls are at their cutest when they're battered and sobbing, not sure why exactly. Might have something to do with the vulnerability aspect or the rush you get when she looks at you in fear, there's just something nice about it.
Even so, fuck that fucking doujin and the faggot sack of shit MC. There's a line.
>Even so, fuck that fucking doujin and the faggot sack of shit MC. There's a line.
Why? Not enough of a rush for you?
In general? It emphasizes the vulnerability/victim hood of a character to produce and emotional response in the audience.
In porn? Literally no idea.

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*blocks your path*
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*kisses you*
*removes her shoes*

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>Body will spontaneously combust due to overheating if he exerts himself for over 15 minutes
>Holds his final battle in a giant furnace
IT: Darwin Award winners
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fuck off, I won't recommend you shit
Fire burns up body heat though.
who's this hottie?

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Which girl would you choose anon?
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As Jesus Christ himself, I've sworn to never touch a woman.
Choose for what?
Either of the middle is fine, but I'd be really happy with the top one.

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Kill la Kill happened 3 years ago
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>yesterday was 28 years ago
She found out who killed her dad 2 years ago.
And I already forgot about it.

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Toilet faced toilet-face.

Why is she perfect?

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Name one man who can beat Onii-sama
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The author
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The strongest human bean.jpg
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Who's that faggot and how will he plead for his life?
White Wings Accelerator

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Does it have any real plot? Any happenings? I started watching it out of boredom and I'm at episode 5 at the moment, but it is not really interesting so far.

And why do they refer to Nagisa as "him"?
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If you don't like it just drop it
RIP Sensei ;_;
Nagisa is a male. This joke is communicated much better in the manga but whatever.

To answer your main question, the plot is pretty straightforward: The kids live their school life becoming assassins, learning cool assassin tricks and life lessons along the way all while avoiding the occasional hitman who comes to try and kill Korosensei to get the reward money himself.
The plot is very straightforward and the series should be watched as a SoL more than anything. If you don't enjoy it by now, drop it. The anime does get considerably better in season 2, but if you don't enjoy it by now then don't bother.

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