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>thicchouli thread

Requesting Metabee complaining about cliched watermelon racism jokes.
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Requesting color for Lavinia in this santa costume, please and thank you!
Patchy is a piggy!
I want to make piglets with this pig!

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Who is your favorite loli character in anime or manga?

Personally I love Shinobu
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She has a cunny

She is so perfect and I want to protect her with every fiber of my being.
Thank goodness Nanoha-san is there to do it for me.
>She has a cunny

Explain further

"Here we go again." Edition

When will we get Gappy and Nutman teaming up and becoming the best duo since Johnny and Gyro? Soft & Wet and Nut King Call have a lot of shit they could do together.
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Spoilers when? I need to see how this zombie shit works and if best girl finally shows up again or not.
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Which characters do you think are underrated?
>Extremely old and cunning Pillar Man who's lived for thousands of years, and met and eaten thousands of people
>Really weird and unpredictable personality, even weirds Joseph out and ends up turning his own stupid 'your next line is' trick on him
>Fascinating and grotesque ability that takes full advantage of how freakish the Pillar Mens bodies are
>Values honor and dignity to a degree, but ultimately places his companions first as shown by how he possesses Suzie Q and uses himself as a distraction so that the Red Stone can be sent to Wamuu and Kars
>Has a much more casual and amiable demeanor in general, particularly towards Wamuu and even Kars
>Was Kars' only real ally and Wammu and Santana's father-figure, as seen by how pissed and upset Wammu and Kars were at his death
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Might not happen this arc since Joshuu is going to encounter Karera struggling against zombies and reluctantly help her thus creating a one sided obsession on Karera's side. But they will team up in the HIgashikata Hierarchy Arc.

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moonrunes was deciphered however now for the real challenge.
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>now for the real challenge
You may as well ask someone to solve an open question in physics in this thread.
I think it's latin
We're not autistic enough for the voynich manuscript just get.
Given how fast the threads are degrading I'd say try again in a few more episodes.

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Things can only get worse.
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No it doesn't Melville is a hermit and Miyokata is a foreigner.
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How can things get worse when you're Puk Puck-sama's friend?
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Marika is worst girl! Worse than Keek and Fav and Toko put together!

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It's another Tsugumomo thread!

Today's dump is chapter 94.

Link to our website: http://tsugumo.moe

1. I read up to chapter x. Why are there further chapters released here?
A. Because this is just translation and alpha speed TS.
2. Where can I get more chapters? I only read up to [current Batoto releases].
A. Website.
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Just as I was about to go to sleep. I guess I won't go yet.
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Text(magazine): The enemy tsukumogami is a daruma doll!?
Text: Chapter 94: The Daruma Doll Has Fallen Over

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Here's your speculation fuel, from the autistic moon runes thread I present to you shit thats going to be forshadowed,

green = ep 1

yellow = ep 2

like that nuke near the bottom
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>not posting the Lorem Ipsum in honor of anons deciphering it in half a thread
Trigger is a Japanese Country edition.
Diana is not a closeted chariot fangirl, she's just a former fan now.

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These are your angels and demons for tonight.
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I'm going to lick Raphiel's butthole!
I am (still) going to marry this girl. In our wedding there is going to be black cake and mystery fishcakes from hell.

Also gapu is not invited.
>Angels are the true demons
>Devils are real angels

This show
Just put some angel wings on vigne, I have a fetish for angel wings and angel stuff.

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This is Victor. Say something nice about him.
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Miracle of the universe perfect in every conceivable way.
Good taste in husbandos. Would NTR/10

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This is the face of pure evil
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What's her endgame?
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You have accidentally made a Faustian bargain. If you do nothing, you will be condemned to slavery in Satanichia's domain forever.

How will you get out of the contract, /a/?
what did i receive from the faustian bargain?

Waiting on QC
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Amanda is cute. Cute!
First for Lotte <3

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Voice actors announced:
>Kenny Ackerman - Tetsu Inada
>Sieg - Junichi Suwabe
>Sanes - Norio Wakamoto
>Traute - Sayaka Ohara
>Alma Reiss - Minami Tsuda

There was a really big printing mistake on this page.
>Instead of eating, it's touching. Nevertheless, Historia would have to be mercilessly turned into a mindless titan.
>Reminder that Eren's "conciousness" traveled back in time and told Kruger about Armin and Mikasa.
>Reminder that Eren is Bran Stark
>Reminder that a Scouting legion victory would mean the destruction of the entire world.
>Reminder that Jean will be Hanji's new Moeburrito.
>Reminder that Annie is quite literally forgotten by the rest of the characters.

Season 2 trailer:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8IthrzLP94 [Embed]
Second S2 trailer to drop soon
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Stop this retarded shit, Shartmongwhale.
Nice try.
>Kenny Ackerman - Tetsu Inada
>Sieg - Junichi Suwabe
>Sanes - Norio Wakamoto
>Traute - Sayaka Ohara
>Alma Reiss - Minami Tsuda
All fujo VA. Fake as shit.

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Episode 3 was a blast
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So now that there are 3 episodes, will you keep watching or are you dropping it?
where did she get the canon from?
Based Trigger. I didn't think Sundays could be this good again after Re Zero ended.

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Post best girl. No bullying allowed...maybe
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Opening wide for a huge cock I see.
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>entire class spent the day calling Shiny Chariot a whore and a disgrace to magic society
So it's not for you

Why did the mods delete the last thread?
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Mod banned the shitposter thus his posts where deleted including the OP since he was likely the one who created it
4 hours
And yeah, I wonder why a thread full of shitposting is getting deleted
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UGHH, this fucking wait is killing, what are you guys doing to pass the time? Im sitting here drawing.

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