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>The first OP is always much better than the second

Are there any examples of shows with a better second opening?
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hajime no ippo

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who is bigger SLUT
>Akane or Hanabi
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>leading your best friend on with misleading statements like "You're the only one I need"
>having sex on a regular basis with said friend even though you know she's in love with you and you have no feelings for her

Hard to get worse than that.
Daily reminder for all purityfags - this show is literally Norwegian Wood adaptation - one of the most popular books among japanese women
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Akane the Slut Sensie

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>What Manga are you reading right now?

>What have you planned to read or have in your backlog?

>What have you recently dropped?
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Almost caught up with Railgun.
Going to start Helck and Dorohedoro today after lurking related threads.
Rereading D-frag too.
Last thread: >>152438015

Right now I'm particularly enjoying Maou-jou de Oyasumi, Birdmen and Ane no Onaka o Fukuramaseru wa Boku.

I'm planning to read Tetsugaku Letra next.

I haven't recently dropped anything.
Trying to muscle through vol 16 of Highschool DxD. It's super good, but I can't find the time to really sit down and dump a few hours into it. I definitely see why it's considered with vol 11-12 to be the best part. Planning to pick up goblin slayer novel, the comic adapt is so good, the source must be even better.

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get in here, fellow 3 anons
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Are they still in chapter 4? The pacing is so slow.
Shimada mindraping Rei is one my favorite moments in the series

too bad he ends up being a jobber
Best boy.

Isn't his only loss in the entire series so far against the end boss?

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Do you think the Smithmaster is going on a perilous journey to get that Ingot smelted or did he just defected with it?
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He's a dwarf forgemaster and has been issued a challenge by a baller lich that strode all up in his kingdom making it owe a debt to him. He dislikes this and the lich knows it, so from the dwarfs point of view the lich probably gave him the assignment to mock him and get rid of him from the council.

He will melt the ingot or die trying. Even just to tell Ainz that "hah! I did it boneface".
>he finally melts it
>HA! Take that you sack of bones, I melted it!
>what is this dwarf talking about? I can't even recognize him because of that huge beard
>but better just talk like I know what I'm talking about, I'm good at that
>I see you have. Well done. Everything is as I expected.

Next volume is like august right?
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im more interested in seeing what the other dorfs will be able to make with the runesmithing. Ainz was right to try and monopolize the runes. A move like that alone could have won wars for a kingdom even if they werent as OP as nazarick. his skeleton army is going to be decked out in magic gear that is on a completely different power scale than normal magic items.

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Tell her you're proud, /a/.
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Megumin I'm proud of your ability to scavenge for food.
With compression artifacts like those? No.
Wow, she looks disgusting.

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>mfw MC fucked Buttslut
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Out of love or for satisfaction? If its not love than she's a slut
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I wish I had a buttslut anime girl to fuck.

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Gook scans out. RIP Imouto
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MC finally lost it. Hopefully he stops being so spineless now.
did she really killher father anyway?

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Lady Eboshi did nothing wrong.

I don't think an environmental aesop really works in a medieval setting. It's just a single village trying desperately to survive.
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>Lady Eboshi did nothing wrong.
That fucker did everything wrong.
Exactly, that's why Miyazaki had to include the Forest God or it wouldn't have worked.
>Protect leprose people when no one does.
>Protect women who suffered from the war and/or abuse.
>Make them work for their freedom by manufacturing guns. Giving them both purpose and protection.

She did better than that lazy emperor or that wolf dick hungry girl.
>I don't think an environmental aesop really works in a medieval setting.
It does when "nature" is literally personified in a god and someone kills it. Plus you have all the "new technology" guns and industry.

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That's... lewd.

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is she angry because green guy's interupting her thoughts?
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No, it's because he plays dirty.
>croissant has no croissant hair

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EAr Bromance Status: Endangered.
Historia Plot Relevance: Returned.
SNK's genre: Identity /pol/itics.
New Chapter: Soon.
Dick: Out.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
kissu the annie, KISSU THE ANNIE
What on earth is this OP pic?

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It's time.
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Any news about Yakumo-san volume 3? Volume 2 comes to end, only 2 chapters+extras left.
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Anyone care to do this? it's a new oneshot by the author of Senyuu


it's also fairly shot for a oneshot
*fairy short

What country is she from?
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One that stopped existing after the rest of the population sacrificed their lives to honor her.
Hick Country Alabama

Likely just some vague place in europe, considering how she dresses as well as the fact that in her backstory there were castles and the kingdom itself sounded pretty 'european fairytale"-esque.

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