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After 3 years, I just finished Monogatari season 2. Damn, it absolutely superb, and it reminded me of why I loved Bakemonogatari so much.

Also, why is Kaiki the best girl?
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I don't know man, you have to watch hana
Now you have three specials, another season and two movies left.
It's too much, to be honest.

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This is Tohru. She is a lesbiam dragon maid.

Say something nice about her.
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She could easily destroy the world if she wanted.
Chances are good she looked cute when she was a loli.
She's got huge tail

I love her twintails

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Marshmallow Justice > Renai Circulation
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Get the fuck out of here with that shit
>the worst being better than a top five
It was bait and I fell for it.

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Why is serika best?

Also steins;gate 0 adaptation when?
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>Also steins;gate 0 adaptation when?
not soon enough anon, not soon enough
>best girl
you don't really have a choice when every other girl are grannies
What do you mean?

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I'm an ignorant newfag to anime. If this question has been brought up thousands of times I'll accept any ass blasting I receive for it.

I've been binge watching all the popular anime suggested to me and I've just been wondering two things:
1) Is there a particular anime for each generation that helped shape or define it. From 80's to now (Like all the buff fighting shoenens from Fist Of The North Star - or all the mecha anime around the time Gundam came out- The moe anime after K-ON)

2) This is similar to one but deals with art style. Was their a particular artist around those times that everyone drew inspiration from? ( Like Rumiko Takahashi's art seemed to show through in the other 80's anime I watched)

tl;dr Which anime started the mecha phase, the moe phase, the harem phase, ect.? Who's drawing style did everyone seem to copy from 80's- now?
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To be honest OP your post demonstrates that you know more about anime than most of /a/ already

And to be honest myself, I looked a lot of this up before posting so I didn't seem too stupid...
I think anime only follows to what style would trend in the jap comic industry

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Would Sakie-sensei be a good mother even as a succubus?
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If her abilities don't affect her children, sure.
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No sons though. She'd have to avoid them and then they'd get autism from the lack of affection.
Her abilities don't work on those who haven't awakened to their sexuality (or gays).

Though, this could turn to /SS/ very rapidly and out of nowhere, it would be fine to be a normal mother to her son for a while.

It's Tob/a/cco Tuesday.

Episode airs in just about 6 hours.
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this is gonna be the underrated gem of the season no one will watch
Will he die of cancer?
>Trying to enjoy the show but can't keep up with all the names and positions

Anyone else having this problen?

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ITT: Anime that trigger /a/
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Does anyone even remember this old shit? It aired 9 years ago. Most /a/nons were in preschool back then.
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actually i was 12 soooo i was in middle school

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Is he going to be okay?
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More importantly, when the fuck is Volume 12 coming out?
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Yes. He will get his Yui.
Vol 12 never ever. Watari is a fucking cunt.

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Kyon-kun, denwa
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Why does she sit like that?
Maybe her butt hurts.
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From what?

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>Become the most hated leader in history so the entire world will unite against you and thus bring about true peace

Would this work?
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I think so
It worked in CG
No. There have been plenty of hated dictators and world peace has never been achieved. The moment they die, the cycle repeats itself. World peace will never happen unless the population dwindles to like 1000 total humans.

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can someone decode it for me
The dad is not fooled by the fluff
>hey bitch we're having another child
>eh nani
>I don't get it

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>ywn get titfucked and cum on her tits
Why live?
Also Ranma thread
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That's a man, babe
Is this the Ranma fap thread?

I'd rather have Ranma sit on my face.
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But I already fapped today

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Episode 15 is out.
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I hope this Diva stuff actually goes somewhere. It kinda feels like filler.
Haruna has 23 episodes to get it together.
the Diva stuff was good, we didn't get the finish to Fujiwara vs Mike, that's a shame

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