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>Crow internal monologue: Good, he forgot that I broke his Duel Disk because I thought that even together, we wouldn't have beaten BB, but surely we can beat Zarc! Right? R...right?
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I can't tell if he's begging the people to watch the show or if he's hoping that the show gets better this year.
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Gon gave him his if you had eyes you would've seen that.

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Stuntchica a cute but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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so how did ripple get her other arm back when in this costume?
It was Pythie's arm.
Pythie lent her arm using her teleportation powers.

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Would you a dumpfire?
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I couldn't. She and Asahi makes a very cute and sweet couple.
I'd a shy pervert or a cute spinster tho

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/a/ is secretly scared of her
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fuck off already
Why? She's just some japanese high schooler.
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She's not even the superior Rin.

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This girl comes up and Starlight Breakers your waifu. What do?
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Nothing she's her waifu now
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but sh'e already dead
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I can't imagine getting too angry over it. It's not like it'd be the first time. I've always been fine with my waifu having a waifu. Anything else would feel hypocritical.

Vampire best girl
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>Tfw Hikari will never bully you
why does /a/ like bullies?

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Is this worst Kyoani show?
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No, that would be
You didn't post Nichijou so no, it's clearly not the worst Kyoani show.
Did you like or hated Phantom World?
That's an important question

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What are the special techniques?
Also good episode, why do people say A-1 is bad?
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these kind of techniques
Is this our next shalalala witch?
fire on the dick

Girls und Panzer thread
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Saunders senshado uniform is the best uniform.
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>not tankwendo
How much money do you think Yukari's dumped into tank models and milsurp?

Chapter 95 is up on mega.

From the way this chapter went, i assume we'll start getting into a lot of backstory in the next few chapters.
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Every thread until Rem wakes up.
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Reminder that Ram will chew Subaru out
It's shit.

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>2010 was 7 years ago
So was that actually sung by a vocaloid like thing?
The original, yes. The one that got arguably more popular (since it sounded better) no.

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ITT times when you couldn't decide which girl was best girl
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They're all amazing for different reasons.

Milly is a perfect 10/10 and and Meryl is like 8/10 though.
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Just pick the best boy instead

Daily Update (One)

Daily Months (Murata)

Welcome to One Punch Man thread, where we talk about One Punch man and other thing...

>What should I post?

Art and Greens - Translation are appreciated. There is no line that hasn't yet been crossed!

Previous Bread: >>152177179
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Who is that? The guy on the left and right?
Suiryu > Garou.
>Funk Yu Jing fu
I remember about his super power more than that.

Reminder Pudding baited Sanji in chapter 845.
This page confirmed it.
Reminder her 3rd eye has never cried because she has been fake crying
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Ch.853 will be hype ladies & gentlemen!!

Because of PIC RELATED

If you watch that color spread closely, there's a clock on this color spread.
On that clock, Chopper holds the number 8 next to Sanji.
Robin has faded the number 5 while Brook is pointing the regular 3 o'clock (San-jikan) in the direction of Nami.
Sanji-kun = Called by Nami the most!

If you remember Clockwork Island, then you know that already , Sanji
& Nami were in a wedding outfit. I know, movies aren't canon, but
this one has inspired Oda-san to make them as a "couple"!
And in Ch.845 the same numbers can be found on that clock, signed by black!
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Pudding will get defeated by Nami
>this entire arc

So basically it's just Impel Down 2.0.

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Officially Heat 38
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