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The chapter is out.

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I'm stupid.
The right link
Asspulls as always, but damn you go Wendy!
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This manga is fucking shit now. Hope the next series will be plain ecchi or H instead of battle shounen.

Gabriel DropOut is the best right now.

Also Raphiel best girl
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somebody post best girl
I want to spitroast Satania with Raphiel.

Can we forget about Aqours and remember what µ's did?

>Successfully saved their school from closing down
>Created strong bonds with all it's members and helped some of them with their insecurities
>Won Love Live
>Promoted school idols thanks to the Angelic Angel broadcaast
>Thanks to Sunny day song and Bokutachi wa hitotsu, Love Live will always be made in the dome
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>Can we forget about Aqours
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As far as idol works go Love Live is pretty much bottom of the barrel

The fact that it sells well is just testament to its blandness and unoriginality, "qualities" that plebeian Japanese otaku eat right up

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It's Historia's birthday in Japan. Happy birthday to the queen
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stop wishing happy birthdays to fictional characters you faggots
Shingeki birthdays aren't as fun as they used to be. I'll draw a birthday pic within a few hours for the birthday midget.

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Do you think this'll end up as a long runner in SJ? Or will it fizzle out around chapter 200 or so.
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the author said he have the entire series planned, so I assume it will not be a long runner but who knows

it will continue until Jump find a bigger money maker which doesn't look like it will happen any time soon with all the rookies and amateurs artist they have been pushing lately
so: they defeat the villains go home, end their first year and then the story ends?
I like all characters, except two,
guess which characters I dislike

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Why do people call Yuri on Ice "bait"?

Isn't "bait" when you lure the audience with something and nothing comes of it or the premise gets turned around, like they get girlfriends?
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Only butthurt hetfags do that.
Here's your thread:
>fuck off fujo scum
>fuck off hetfag scum
I don't know, why do people make bait threads?

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Is it just me is is the animation fucking rough this season? Maybe it always was and I never noticed.
We've had like 50 threads complaining about the animation in the last few days, so no, it's not just you.

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>80s 90s ideal
>older slutty businesswomen, teacher, soldiers, university students
>lolis are not sexual

>modern ideal
>virginal schoolgirls
>lolis are sexual

What brought the change?
Was it Evangelion?
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>>older slutty businesswomen, teacher, soldiers, university students
>>lolis are not sexual
I can't say I agree with this.
Otakus (aka people with such a low self-esteem that they feel threatened when fictional girls have a "past") becoming anime's primary market.
Who the fuck was the auduence before?

Mentally healthy successful family men?

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*pats head with dick*
Can we all agree that short hair Kizu Bat is best?

Short hair loli bat > long hair loli > teen > oppai

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> Yoshikazu keeps drawing Kiriha and Kukuri as if nothing ever happened to them
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Because nothing did. Shut up.
>painted nails
Maybe this is a sign of fact, that they are not permanently dead. Well, maybe Kukuri is, but there is like 90% chance, that Kiriha will return

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Would you protect your tsundere Fairy from Canadians?
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But i dont like fairy
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>not liking fairy
Delete yourself.
I hope he gets raped by Canadians.

Dear Doctor, I have read your live,
Which is a good one in its way,
Attracts the eyes, and moves the _hips_,
And drenches handkerchiefs like towels
With tears that, in a flux of euphoria,
Afford hysterical relief
To shatter'd self-doubt and quicken'd beats,
Which your aidoru katsudou metes.
I like your moral and machinery;
Your plot, too, has such scope for scenery!
Your dialogue is looney and _pop;
The play's concoction full of art;
Your hero is AWOL, your heroines deals warnings like lances,
All stab, and everybody dances
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Poems are back! Yeah baby yeah! Woo!
This thread runs a high chance of being deleted because the OP isn't a plain "discuss Aikatsu and Pripara here" sentence but something more creative, which means it's clearly off topic and it doesn't matter if the thread is actually discussion anyway. Learn the rules, OP.
Please add idle to it next time.

Episode 2 was cute!
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And sad.
And surprise lewd.
Best surrogate parents.

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flip flappers
will we get a sequel?
what was your favourite episode?
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i hope we get a sequel
my fav was the desert episode
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>Posters: 1

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Welcome master~
How shall we serve you?
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Go home and wait a few years before I can legally employ you.
I'll have one helping of Aoyama's butt on my face. If not available, a Chiya or Mocha butt would be fine too.
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I'm going to MARRY and MATE with my beautiful Sharo-chan!

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