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Guys, the Milky Holmes movie was shit. What do.
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It was pretty good, just not a masterpiece like the first 2 seasons.
it was fine
please don't lie anon. have some respect for the anons who gave their lives for this.

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None hold a candle to any of the Maidragon girls.
I don't see this qt

Where are their parents /a/?!?
Are they dead?
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Need another season if this shit.
They got convicted for child abuse.
Only S1 is good, the rest is trash with some good moments here and there.

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I tried to watch this anime years ago and I dropped it in episode 3. Why all the characters have the mentality of a three years old retarded child? I'm all for feels but if I can't connect with the characters, what's the point?
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Maybe it just wasn't for you? I tried watching your favorite anime, Boko no Pico, a few years ago but I just couldn't connect with the characters.
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Its a wonderful slapper.jpg
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It gets better.
Maybe because it's based on a bishoujo game?

Dominant girls are cute.
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You're cute, OP.
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Short hair Satsuki best Satsuki
But Satsuki isn't a dom.

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What is the most sophisticated and advanced anime of all time? Pls dont say Eva thats a lie.
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Like unironically?
Dragonball manga. Most critically acclaimed series ever graced the earth.
There is none they're all garbage and can only be enjoyed through autistic guilt
Full metal alchemist brotherhood. You can't literally go wrong with that.

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GoshiUsa move when?
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I will MARRY Sharo-chan!
After the curse that turns the gochiusa fandom into becoming a circlejerk that makes constant general threads or turns other gochiusa threads into generals has run its course.
Never since Rize's VA is dead.

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How come barely anyone is reading this great series even though it's already from a popular mangaka? /a/ needs to stop reading only WSJ new series

Also, chapter 9 discussion
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>March is kill

RIP in peace
Seeing Hayase get uppercut by a giant bear feels pretty good.
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is it forced drama?

Write an Isekai Plot:

Challenge Mode: Write up your character and how they get introduced to the main plot line.

Harder mode: You don't know what the main plot light is
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Okay, here's a character for the main crew
The character has no visible powers, and instead insists he has "meme magic". No visible signs of it happen until later in the story where everything for the bad guys starts to collapse seemingly because of meme magic and things start going well for the same reason.

alive or not, the characer wins at thing point
Person has only the ability to deflect attacks from themselves towards enemies.
If attacks are instant, they deflect instantly. If they have travel time, they deflect over time. If other, then other
I have this idea, that this average Japanese kid that is a huge dragon ball fan knocks his head and enters the fantastic magical world of Dragon Ball, but the twist is, he reincarnates into the life of Yamcha!

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Does /a remember Magical Shopping arcade Abenobashi?

It's an old-timer by now, but loved this show.
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Do I remember it? It's only the best thing Gainax has ever done.
Found it painfully dull to watch.

Couldn't last 3 full episodes.
Proto-Flip Flappers is decent

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Who keeps stealing the nipples from all these guys in anime?
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They shave them off themselves
Bullshit, nips barely have any body hair outside of the obvious places.
They dont shave the hair

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I'm actually very curious as to what specifically it is that drew you all to it.
For me specifically what I find the most fascinating about it was that at face value it seemed to me like some action thriller that I wouldn't have to think much about, but upon getting deeper I was pleasantly surprised at how something that seems like it'd be mindless got so ridiculously deep and philosophical. When friends ask me about the series I tend to feel like I go overboard with my explanations of things because I get really into it, and there's just so many things to touch on. It feels like I could write a fucking dissertation on it.

Beyond that I also found all of the characters pretty likable in some aspect in related to their roles in the story. I feel like the whole heroic spirit idea was actually somewhat ingenious in the fact that it allowed there to be very deep and complex characters in the story that don't need to be delved into because their characterizations are pretty obvious based on their mythologies and stuff. It allowed there to be supporting characters that weren't shallow and each had their own merits.

I think the final nail in the coffin that made the Visual Novel probably my favorite piece of fiction I've ever experienced though was Kotomine Kirei. Motives for antagonists in other fictions are usually kind of hazy. "Oh he's evil or crazy or something". (At least that's the vibe I get. There are obvious exceptions), and although Kirei's motivations are rather similar, they turned it into something far greater by taking his "Oh I find joy in being evil" into a quest to find the answer as to if it's wrong for him to live that way.
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I just read the VN and then stopped.
Glad I did seeing all the crap there is now about it, there was no point in expanding it at all.
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Gilgamesh. Not even joking.
>so ridiculously deep and philosophical.
The worst thing about Fatefags is that they actually believe this

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Do messy girls really always not wear pants or is that just a fantasy perpetuated in anime to appeal to men.
this is the most exquisite spankable ass i've ever seen in my entire life, either i've been blessed by her or my dick is hard, maybe both
would dirt stick to their puss and all?
I think every girl wears it tho

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Have you forgotten the infamous scene that made your blood boil /a/?

Post your reactions to the scene when you first saw it.
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>this scene
>making your blood boil
Never understood why people flipped their shit here. And anyway I always liked Sugawa more even before she mellowed out and got close to MC.
Worst girl, he lucked out with the tsundere bully
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>Post your reactions to the scene when you first saw it.

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What am I in for?
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A great series if you like psychological thrillers and won't complain over pacing being "slow" just because there isn't fast-tracked action going on every second. The characters are some of the most well-written ever, too. Lunge best girl.
Nina best girl u gay
overrated shit
Nah,it's pretty good. A solid 8.5-9/10

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