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ITT: Draw a scene in mspaint as fast as you can and see if other anons can guess it.
I'll start out hyper easy.
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Is that referencing a specific scene or is it just a generic trop to poke fun out how lacking in creativity it is.

>When the character who literally never stops smiling finally stops smiling.
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Yeah good shit.
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>character that always had his eyes closed opens them
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she actually had a good reason to keep them closed

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If he wanted to kill himself so badly why didn't he just jump in the ocean.
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Probably because knowing one piece that would be a extremely boring way to die.
He doesn't want to kill himself, he wants to know if he can be killed.
Because he doesn't have a devil fruit.

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What is the best stand and why is it Killer Queen?
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>what is The World
Don't you want Heaven?
Who's the girl?
Shouldn't most stands be capable of achieving Heaven? I mean, it did work for Pucci.

Did it really save anime?
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Anime is still shit, so no.
No. This anime was mediocre at best. I want /v/ to leave.
Everything trigger churns out is garbage, so no.

Is this any way to treat your girlfriend's little sister?
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Sure beats ejaculating inside
only if you know they are trying to bait you
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Nope, Ame is a servant.

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Why is it so common to see survival manga devolve to shonen battler shit?
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>he hasn't heard of I Am A Hero
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Because you're not reading battle royale
Battle royale was shit

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Are you proud of her, /a/?
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I'd pay her to get slimy and rub herself up against me.
She is a shit waifu.
I really liked how capable she was this episode. Not only did she turn her weakness in CQC into a strength by goading her opponent into a fight she also utilized her slim-covered status to win said fight. Her bluff was great too and putting her staff sideways in the toad was another aspect of quick thinking in a dangerous situation. Based Megumin.

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Chapter is out.

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I think Erza will fuck up her body in the next chapter losing even her arm but Irene will heal her and then will appear Acnologia.
>transform into a dragon
>cast Meteor
Is this an RPG now?
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Would you likely be a slave of Fujikos charm?
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I'd say I wouldn't but...
best season. i wish all anime looked this dirty.
Oozes style

This is a Japanese Man.
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Post his "wife"
Hey, congratulations on discovering anime and manga!
Its usually considered good etiquette on /a/ to lurk at least 2 months before posting.
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>bff end
Oh well, I'm fine with that.

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Hayate no Gotoku 557 early scan

Bait edition
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>thread asking anons about what they contributed to anime gets deleted even though it was anime-related and was getting a lot of participation

Be weary OP, mods are deleting users who provide fresh content. :^)

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Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~

I can't believe there are people here who AREN'T reading this!
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Like, seriously. This manga.
This is a dancing manga.
I'm glad we're getting daily releases now.

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Mary Sue Saves The Rainforest: The Movie
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If you kill your enemies they win: the movie

No but really it just felt like kind of a generic Miyazaki film, there's a bland protagonist who has worryingly firm moral convictions, who then proceeds to progress the story with little character development, and then several new plot elements are introduced, and then some incoherent fantastical nonsense happens, and then there is some sort of sacrifice, and then the movie ends. I genuinely don't understand why shit like this and Princess Mononoke are popular. Naoshika's only characterization was "even if you murdered my grandfather, actively want to kill me and my family, and want to destroy my village, I won't kill you because violence is bad, even if it will certainly prevent more violence." And another thing that pissed me off is that I think it's pretty obvious that making the nuke monsters is the morally righteous thing to do, seeing as humanity is under constant threat from a bunch of freakishly large trilobites 24/7, however the only people who want to get rid of them are stupidly evil because of course people who want to get things done always have to be the bad guys.

Miyazaki should have just stuck to his more surrealist-comedy-adventure type movies like Kiki and Spirited Away, because anything else he writes is mostly trash.

At least the action scenes were really good though.
>he didn't read the manga

Really anon? You can't make this analysis without reading the actual story Miyazaki intended for it.
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What do you think I'm some kinda fucking nerd?

>watch it anon
>its really cool philosophical scifi
>its deep
>its right up your ally

fuck you whoever you are.
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B-but Radiohead...
Hi. Yes. But you got to the parts with Pino right?
the scifi is pretty cool but yeah it's DEEP, not deep.

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