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Thoughts on this new anime?
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It's like the worst anime ever, except worse than that!

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Gabriel needs help with her survey
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Rice with ketchup.
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Continuing dump here.

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No Soma's mom but we get to see Erina
What are the teams?
Maybe Jou, Erina, Gin vs Soma Takumi Megumi

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How do you go from this...
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to this?
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I can't believe that I seriously want a Daru route, but I really do.

Takao's tacos alone are better than the other girls
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Can't beat Roka's moe attacks.
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best girl
Can there be 2 best girls?

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Ruler just wanted to love and protect her subjects Tama and and Swimx2, and was unfairly betrayed.
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A Rulah is fine too. Best mom.
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Post best family.
BBC dying would fuck Deluge's shit up

If BBC were to die, I bet that she'd have a hand in beating Lazuline I before dying from wounds.

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Heil Hitloli.
Rush through War Academy and elite troops training or nay?
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Is this good or shit?
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>Germans who sent Lenin
> to fund his revolution BACK to Russia
Lenin just hijacked temporary government formed as a result of first two revolutions.
In Youjo Senki since there was no WW II Lenin and commies might not have happened and the Union is just a Socialistic Republic with no communism attached.
>Lern 2 history.
You learn fagit, commie Lenin revolution was not the first one.
He just rode the wave of public displeasure and pioneers who plowed him a way with first revolution.

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>Chinese translators are fed up with the extra work of translating the titles -- which are practically stories in and of themselves -- and then trying to fit them on the cover.
>In the wake of the release of the impressively titled "Nuiage! Nugashite? Kise kaeru! ! Kanojo ga kōkō debut ni shippai shite hikikomori to kashita no de, ore ga seishun (fashion) o coordinate suru koto ni.", there has been backlash from Chinese translators and book dealers who are finding the ever increasing title lengths counterproductive in a variety of ways.
>At 68 characters long, the new title is the longest yet for a light novel -- and causing problems both at home and overseas. It's been pointed out that the longer the title is, the more difficult the book becomes to catalog in a database, where space is at a premium. With a 68-character-long title, there may end up not even being room for a description of the book.
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This is a thing? I thought it was just the title of another light novel when I saw it in the catalog yesterday.
Well, it's a gimmick. A retarded one that only manchildren writing Young Adult tier fiction for illiterate Nips would think of, though.
From a marketing point of view, people can't tell their friends if the title is too long or complicated, the press hates such titles by default because it makes them feel stupid saying or writing the same shit over and over, but more importantly, listing that shit or running promotions will probably be a nightmare because most online stores or the software running on a bookshop will probably have a fixed length for the 'title' field.
>68 characters and it's not a book on gene therapy, how to cure cancer, how to do anything
Fucking Nips. Two bombs weren't enough.
This joke died years ago

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low-test fags can't handle personality they just want a boring fuckhole that never says no because they're beta males
>Why are Reifags so threatened by perfection?
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Childhood is arguing about Asuka and Rei, adulthood is realizing Misato makes more sense.

Raphael oneesama~
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>oh damn she's talking to a dog, she's so cool
They're easily impressed
I want Gabriel to shove her 3-week-old pantsu deep down my throat
Can your onee-chan talk to dogs?

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Quality Hug.webm
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>Gohan means lunch
>Lunch means lunch
>Lunch disappears with Tien just before Gohan is born
really makes u think
is Tien a Saiyan?
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Was there ever a screencap for the last thread? If not, someone has to eventually coincide it with that infinite rotation 4 balls thread. The ride truly never ends.

Also discuss the new chapter spoilers.
CH. 61 Spoilers: https://yonkouprod.com/reader/read/jojolion/en/0/61/page/1
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it was all a terrible mistake
No need to ruin a good moment by dragging it on for too long.
It was a roundabout path tbqh

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Welcome to the Succubus Store, anon

What would you like to order?
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The flat chested cutie is mine.
I'll have what he's having.
A night with my waifu.

I don't need anything lewd, just sitting beside her on a couch, maybe watching a a movie while being under a blanket with some popcorn. That's all I need

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Or was it uploaded already?
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Once the OST is out, someone needs to do a fan edit of Yayaka's transformation.

That scene deserved a better musical buildup. Henshin itself was scored alright, but the silence before it did not work. FLFL has a pretty neat "culmination" battle theme that usually went in pair before the one used during transformation (it's used in eps 3 and 8, from what I recall).
Yeah I get what you mean.
It's a bit odd that they'd do it that way.
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>immediately making a new plifplaffer thread
Why do you even, it's like, I mean, ugh. Stop, just... Stop.

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Be honest, /a/. Would you a Pig?
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Yeah probably
Is there anyone in the cast who isn't?

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