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check for holograms, manufacturer/distribuitor stickers...etc

Seems like the Kar98 got pushed to march
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>Want lewd Muramasa figs
>But people actually come over to my place
What do

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Reminder that Mika is a good onee-chan to Alice
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>fan, not-canon stuff
Is that a Ribbon Warrior hread?
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erwin is cute and she is not that fags wife
My Erika is ready for mating!

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Name one thing he did wrong that wasn't an accident.
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I'm on episode 5 of this, and it's boring as shit.
Convince me not to drop.
The mass purges and terrorizing the world as Emperor.

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One page thread
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What is the one character archtype that never gets boring?
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non archetypal characters
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Shounen badass with a sword
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Since there's a new YGO movie releasing next month here in the west, I thought it would be cool to dump the original manga which the movie is based off of. For those of you who only ever watched the anime, I highly recommend reading the manga as it's much darker and better written than the anime was imo. There's also none of the fillers you have to deal with. Since the movie is releasing on Jan 27, 2017, I will dump one volume a day leading up to its release.

Today we continue Battle City in volume 30. The end is near!
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Chapter 260
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Jobin's an absolute madman and is undoubtedly the main villain at this point and we finally see Yashuo for the first time in over a year.

CH. 61 Spoilers: https://yonkouprod.com/reader/read/jojolion/en/0/61/page/1
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This month in "slavs in japan"
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Requesting Metabee complaining about being tied to cliched watermelon racism jokes.
Would anyone be interested in finishing the coloring of this image so that the girl on the right (Kajun Faycott) has the same detail as the girl on the left (Mai Natsume)?

Color reference: https://i.imgur.com/lDjjI0s.png
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Requesting Cosmos from Fairy Tail playing with the Nintendo Switch like this: http://i.imgur.com/GSSRmXj.jpg

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After a hundred and seventy eight episodes of idles, how many of these did you actually remember once the season finally ended?
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I still remember all of them.
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I don't know anything about this show but I can tell that these girls are the best.
I still remember love.

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>Little Witch academia
>Same height as Akko

Little Witches in england are tall huh
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shes american
But Diana isn't, and shes taller than Akko

168 cm is the mean girl height in my country.

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>THAT SONG starts playing
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Stop reminding me you heartless bastard

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>"that" song starts playing

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happy Tomoko Tuesday, /a/nons!
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Nice thread op .
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HOW everyone doing?
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It's /yys/day.
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Precure Thread
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Squirrel is the best waifu in the whole world!
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Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!

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Tell me who are you doing it for /a/
>template included
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>He finds a way

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