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Why haven't you learned to draw yet anons?
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Creating disfigured blobs that stare into your soul isn't a good motivator.
Painting is the problem.

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The new awoo is fucking cute
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Will Nono be safe from Chiya's harem?

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rakugo in less than an hour

show me your rakugo face
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youjo senki cover.jpg
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>In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.
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Maho is for _______
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touching the fluffy hair.
she looks older though
are you sure?
Maho is for /g/

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Since there's a new YGO movie releasing next month here in the west, I thought it would be cool to dump the original manga which the movie is based off of. For those of you who only ever watched the anime, I highly recommend reading the manga as it's much darker and better written than the anime was imo. There's also none of the fillers you have to deal with. Since the movie is releasing on Jan 27, 2017, I will dump one volume a day leading up to its release.

Today we continue Memory World in volume 33.
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Chapter 288
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Do any of y'all that live with family display lewd figures? How do they react? I'm SUPER tempted to get this sonico, and it's not actually very lewd but the rest of my collection is really innocent (yotsuba, POP Akazukin kind of stuff). The price is right and I love the colors, but I'm just nervous about my parents' reactions.
Everyone's parents are different and no ome else knows your parents. Figure out for yourself how they will react and how much you care.
>from now on we will buy American only

Ha ha, you guys got cucked. Maybe you should go cry to /jp/?

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Ok let's try again
>favorite fight
>favorite arc
>favorite character
>original or nisei
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Terryman but mainly because Terry Funk rules.
>favorite fight
Kinnikuman vs warsman
>Favorite arc
Golden mask
>Favorite character
Robin mask
>original or nisei
Also if anyone wants to start reading the series here's a link http://www.mangareader.net/kinnikuman

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I'm hyped for Ochako's Wild Ride finally being animated
I hope all BnHA thread get delete as long as mineta autist is still here.

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[HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 03 [720p].mkv

God wills it
Tanya doesn't
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Heil Tanya.
It's time
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>when f5 delivers

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Who is the sexiest anime man and why is it Viktor Nikiforov?
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lick lick
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7 days until next BD release
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>tfw you have no devices that can play BD

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Chad and Stacy: The Anime.
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Yeah I dropped it five minutes in
>people are nicer to you and are more accepting of the shitty and autistic things you do because you're good looking

This anime is a nightmare.

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Thank you based Steam
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So is it going to be an adult OVA?
Well then.

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Russia arc when?
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Not soon enough, unfortunately. Better question is: Vitya daki when?
Soon, he's pretty much the ideal 2d husbando in nipland atm.

Don't forget to vote everyday. 2ch is catching up.

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Not enough Kaitou Shadow Star Lily in the latest episode.
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What does he mean by this?
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>only 1 cour of this delightful brat left
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