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Discuss the latest manga chapter here.
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Have full HQ scans been released?
Wow we reached the point where we need different threads. Might as well get our own board

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To avoid flame-wars, discuss the DBS ANIME.
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It's pretty good
It's absolute shit.

If you like it, your standards for anime are very low.
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If it wasn't for Toyotaro and Shueisha stepping in, I am afraid to think of what we would've gotten next arc.

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>successfully goading a girl into willingly bathing with you
Is this man a genius?
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Too bad he didn't do anything with it.
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>immediately wonder if you're a pedo for bathing with a girl who's two years younger than you
Nah, he's a retard.
He has no problems with it personally, he's just afraid of being labeled a LoliNEET by other people.

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How does this make you feel?
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>Not a SanjixNami cover
Power Rangers
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>Reiju isn't blonde

Eat shit boyfriendfags and romancefags. LWA will stay just comfy.
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No No No
>will stay just comfy
Wait until Shiny Chariot turns evil
Yes yes yes

Pre-2000s anime and manga thread, discuss what you've watched and what you're watching.

The other thread was mostly LotGH discussion so we might as well split it up.
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Any news of upcoming BD releases?
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I'm watching Hokuto no Ken, it's interesting.
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Cool finisher.

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How would breeding with dragons work? They are reptiles and we are mammals. Our DNA won't create a baby.
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When they transform to human form they alter their bodies to become breedable with humans.
Who is the target audience for this anime? Not furfags I hope.
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Dragons existing in the first place is the bigger question

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Jobin "Gappy Can't Be Happy" Higashikata edition. Put your tinfoil hats on, it's theory time.

So when Jobin says that he wants to be 'happy' and be happier than Gappy, I think it's similar to Johnny's situation to where he wanted to get back to zero. But instead of just staying at zero, Jobin wants to go beyond that. If we use the theory that the Corpse is still in Morioh, it could mean that Jobin may want to pull a Pucci and obtain Heaven.
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>mrw Joubin actually achieves happiness that's much greater than Gappy's
>first for

Fucking cancer.
Its always been like this
it's always been bad

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Queens 5 is out and I still want to MARRY Marika!


TL-Kun will be incommunicado until EST Saturday and he wanted to leave you with a story chapter.
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Well this was unexpected.

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Leaked raws.
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new chapter is out
we just need to wait for world three to translate ;_;
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i need that picture of tomoko holding a can of soda wearing really tight clothes and holding a mobile phone
shes next to a vending machine, looks nervous (of course) and the perspective is kind of looking down on her
when does the new watamote get translated?

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What was she looking at?
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starting off the thread with some spicy OC
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>you will never transfer mana to Kuro
why live?
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haha I don't know what that means but I sure want to fuck Kuro with my penis
Why is Kuro such a slut?
We have Ilya, Miyu, Ilya's friends, Shirou, Bazett, and Ko-Gil that she has lusted after.
Brown lolis are fucking trash.

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>Ayano's birthday
>hfw no Ayano thread
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This bitch sucks.
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Ayano doesn't even know 4chan.
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Which is more important, /a/

Sexy or cute?
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The answer is left.
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Sexy > cute
Sexy, but with a cute personality.

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