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What does she smell like?
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Like a general thread
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Bananas, onions, and a hint of flowers.
What do generals smell like?

He's right though OP.

Episode 3 Preview:

ETA 12 hours.
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Heil Tanya.
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I love the voice Aoi uses for the previews.

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the time has come.
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and so have I
>blurays ripped
>official daki with ring
Is it Christmas?
Why would you spam the board if a general already exists?

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lwa - ep3 preview.webm
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Upcoming episodes speculation thread

What has been confirmed in the upcoming episodes:
3: Don't stop me now
>Broom race. Amanda's group introduction. Akko gets the cursed broom.
>Man in suit possibly introduced
>Storyboard: Masayuki. Animation director: Ikarashi Kai, Kengo Saito

4: NightFall
>Lotte episode about her favorite vampire romance novel. NightFall was featured in the foreshadowing montage. NightFall has been running for over 350 years so the writer is likely a vampire.
>Storyboard: Kazuya Tsurumaki

5: Luna Nova and the White Dragon

6: The Fountain of Polaris
>The Fountain of Polaris appears in both the foreshadowing montage and in Chariot's card game. The card game says that it's hidden in Luna Nova and that it will grant the power of the stars to witches of radiance.

Other information:
Imaishi did storyboard for an episode. Yoshinari said that Imaishi's episode is funny, action packed and has really fast pacing. Yoshinari said in an interview that "it has as much stuff as 3 normal episodes put together *laughs*"
Episode 8 is a Sucy episode (via Twitter animator).

Thanks to the Anon for the translation/pasta.
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Why is Imaishi such a spastic? Can he not write a calm and collected scene for once?
>3: Don't stop me now

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what would be the point

I'm glad Flip Flappers threads are finally dead.

What a fucking mediocre anime and the fanbase is fucking disgusting.

The only good thing was Yayaka
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Thanks for starting another one!
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The only good thing was the ED.

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What's the SCOOOOOOP!!?
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/our guy/ gave Rose Black the coolest flame sparks effect.
Why those ningens are sparking?

Hopefully, the subs will be ready in 4 hrs.
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When he sees your ___
Tsuneki is my slutfu.
Tooru will save Seiren.

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Kaguya time.
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Posting the pages as they're typeset this time, so it'll take a bit. There'll be some special surprises after the chapter, so look forward to those.
Oh boy, here we go again.

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sad beetle.png
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How could Jobin go further at this point outside of his obvious main goals? He wants to intercept the gardener and get to him before Gappy, but will he just kill him off if he manages to do so?

I think Gappy will barely succeed and get to the gardener, but Jobin will stalk their asses and attack right when they get there.
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Funnier Vorelentine 's stand attempts to shoot a gremlin
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Jojolion anime preview.png
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Jobin will watch gappy from afar and wait till the moment is ripe to get the Grafted Rokakaka to grow his own and become "positive".
Yashuo will encounter Dolomiti and his Blue Hawaii and unfortunately dry his Lagoon thus putting an end to the Rock Menance.
Kaato and Norisuke will have a squabble at the House to put the family in disarray and having Hato force to choose sides with her mom or dad. Kyo will sneak away and help gappy fight Jobin.
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What do you guys think about the new episode?

Masamune is fucking based and Aki despite being a massive cunt was lovely at the end.

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>What do you guys think about the new episode

More Akifag pandering. The only thing to look forward to in this anime is that it goes original ending and she actually does get btfo.
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>Hating Aki

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Is Tin tin the new All Might?

New Chapter:
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Well this thread will go full shitposting.
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What is she thinking?

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Draw things and get (you)s.
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Iowa and Yamato poledancing
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Requesting Rakko walking around in her black, one-piece, form-fitting jumpsuit while a police officer wonders if he should arrest her for public indecency.

Of MILF'd Rakko in that jumpsuit claiming it can act as a makeshift condom
Is this 34?

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Why is Love Live so popular?
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because it's 2.5D
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Is he the greatest big bad evil guy in all manga history?
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Yes he is.
Any other manga like Dorohedoro?
Or is it still unique?
also Soil
thanks I'l check it out

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It's another Tsugumomo thread!

Today's dump is chapter 95.

Link to our website: http://tsugumo.moe

1. I read up to chapter x. Why are there further chapters released here?
A. Because this is just translation and alpha speed TS.
2. Where can I get more chapters? I only read up to [current Batoto releases].
A. Website.
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This thread is akin to my ulmost interest.
I thought last chapter was 93?
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I love you anon

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