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ITT: We post autistic losers that no one likes but have to hang out with because they have no friends and they feel sad for them

Ill start
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Why are the best girls always on the wrong side of morality?
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Satanist propaganda
>both demons girls are cinnamon buns
Vigne seems to be a responsible and caring girl to me, how is she on the wrong side of morality?

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If your country was a cute little girl
What would she look like?
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A slut.
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Like this, except bossy and proud to the extreme.

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Hey anon
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If you're waifu became wheelchair bound in a tragic accident, would you give up on her, or love her even harder than before?

We're talking complete loss of sensation below the waist. She will not recover on her own, but may recover through medical science at some point in the future.
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She would "accidentally" get wheeled out into traffic in another "tragic" "accident".
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Of course, is this even a question?
>love her even harder than before?
It's my fetish so yes.

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What exactly is Tanaka?
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They haven't given an exact answer to what she is in the manga yet, so all people have are theories. If you want to try to guess, just read the manga. I assume they've already done the "arrow of fire" thing in the anime.
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How did her arm become a flaming sword?
We don't really know, even in this point of the anime we haven't got any clue but there are plenty of theories which I don't really remember.
I think the most popular was her being a CG send to stop the ainsworths

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nagito has good taste
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What the actual fuck
Was it any good? I'm a fanboy but I'm starting to forget what I actually liked about this franchise.

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Isekai and harem MC's aside, is Akko the worst protagonist in the last decade?

>enormously and frustratingly retarded
>massive sperglord
>has to make every conversation about her or Chariot
>became a witch without actually knowing anything about witches
>hates Diana when she hasn't done anything to spite her
>gets everything handed to her on a plate

It's the only thing holding back LWA from being great
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I dont think you like LWA.
How can one person be so anti-fun?
It's almost like she's a girl

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A guy told me to watch this old anime. Is it any good?
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Yes. Go watch it right now.
>Is it any good?

How will you know for sure unless you watch it?
Great anime

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What should I expect from this.
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Best anime comedy of 2016

If Nintendo were to make a show of this, would you watch it?
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I'm fairly certain they have already made a show out of that.

Only if KyoAni or Silver Link make it.
Get Gintama's/Osomatsu's director and it could be a pretty great comedy with some action episodes.

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Does anyone here actually use a software to read manga or do you just open pages with an image viewer?

I have been using Quivi for the past 2 years. Its pretty comfy.
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Perfect viewer on my tablet and yacreader on my laptop

Been using it for as long as I can remember, its simple and has no clutter.

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What did she mean by this?
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You will be the rightful owner of the snack she holds in her hand, but you must first simulate the actions of a dog and lick her sweaty, unwashed foot.
But would you do it?
Oh, the things I would do for a klondike bar.

Just kidding. I would lick her foot regardless.

Azusa looks like a Asian. Did anyone else notice
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No more so than Mio or anything.
>black hair so asian lol
it's pretty asian

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How much of it is indicative or even reflective of current Japanese mating practices?

Pic might not be related.
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anime is made for gay NEET faggots and otakus. I'm sure they still do a decent amount of fucking, of course not on the level of slutty sorority-americans
This anime was a mess and I loved every second of it.
this is my thread and you cant post your bullshit here mr freud

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