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AOTY: Handshakers
AOTS: Youji Senki

God tier:
Detective Conan
Nyanko Days

Jin-Roh tier: ACCA

Great tier:
Kuzu no Honkai
Maid Dragon
One Room > Seiren
Gabriel Dropout
Akiba's Trip The Animation

Good tier:
Masamune-kun no Revenge

Meh tier:
Piace - Watashi no Italian

Abominable tier:

Urara Meirochou
Idol Jihen
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Come on man, have some standards.
All evaluations are relative to other shows this season. Its pointless to compare to past or future ones, since what matters is enjoyment of the shows NOW.
How can something be AOTY but not AOTS?

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And you don't seem to understand,
A shame you seemed an honest man.
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ザ プーレズウ あフ ビーング カムデ 陰サイド
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and all the fears you hold so dear
will turn to whisper in your ear
Let's all love Lain.

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Unless this impact thing is going to let me enter the realm of 2D it sounds like too much work.
When everyone is tang, we'll all be 2d
Actually since we'll be a liquid object in a 3D world, we'll still be 3D.

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her voice is pure sex
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Those roles are exceptions. She's usually typecasted as the shy himecut girl.
Yukako was delicious.
I really love her voice. Sadly not as relevant in anime as she used to be some years ago. Also doesn't help that Hayamin started rising and clashed for roles of calm characters or at least that's what it felt like as seasons went by.

Also she voices my wife so more reason to love her.

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>give a character a melee weapon
>he or she is actually a ranged fighter
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The Heroic Spirit: Emiya
Inuyasha's dad was some giant dog demon.
How did he impregnate Inuyasha's human mother?
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Doggy style

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You first.
Kimi no Nawa
Not even close, both the manga and anime won several awards and are top 30 on MAL and most anime rating sites.

It could have been.

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Why was this show so controversial?
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Because you just posted best girl.
A few reasons. The main one being that it got insanely popular. More people means more discussion which leads to controversy.

Another reason is the "I love Emilia" moment which caused shipping wars close to what Eva caused.

Another reason is because it's an isekai. Isekai have been having a bit of a strange reputation around the anime community. To many people the genre itself is a reminder to the travesty that was SAO. There's also the fact that since SAO, many isekai anime were introduced and almost all of them gain SOME decent level of popularity, so Re:Zero basically jumped into the big leagues from the get-go.
delet this

Hey. Scanned some Garo for those that are interested. I haven't made posts for the individual chapters yet, but I'll link the table of contents for each one.


Pic related is Garo wo Kizuita Hito-bito - Manga 30-nen Watashi-shi, by Gondou Susumu. Books of essays on some Garo artists.

Author: 権藤晋

1 白土三平 SHIRATO Sanpei
2 水木しげる MIZUKI Shigeru
寡黙 * 寡作、天才肌の純マンガ作家
3 つげ義春 TSUGE Yoshiharu
4 滝田ゆう TAKITA Yuu
5 つげ忠男 TSUGE Tadao
白土三平さんの 「革命的宣言 」 に応える劇画正統派作家
6 池上遼一 IKEGAMI Ryoichi
7 佐々木マキ SASAKI Maki
8 林静ー HAYASHI Seiichi
9 鈴木翁二と三橋乙揶 SUZUKI Oji MITSUHASHI Otoya
10 『ガロ』 のぅちそと
11 石井隆 ISHII Takashi
12 菅野修 KANNO Osamu
13 伊藤重夫 Itou Shigeo
14 羽鳥ヨシュア
15 湊谷夢吉 Minatoya Yumekichi
「ぁとがき」 にかえて

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Has a few illustration reprints, so I'll post those before listing the issues I scanned.

Tsuge Yoshiharu
Sasaki Maki
Hayashi Seiichi

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What would he think of anime and Miyazaki if he were alive today?
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Roy E. Disney was on the same wavelength as Roy O. and Walt, so you can use his views as a proxy for what Walt would have thought.

In general, I think Roy E. would have approved of Miyazaki, as the Disneys and Miyazaki both thought that you imitate real-life as a starting point for animation. This is opposite to most anime which just imitates anime of the past.

None of the Disneys cared for adult-oriented cartoons, but they didn't spend their time criticizing how debase they were unlike Miyazaki. Walt Disney Corp arose amidst competition with a lot of other studios, some willing to go adult to carve a niche. The only time Walt ever really ventured into adult territory was with the WW2 propaganda films.
>tfw dreamworks 2d animation was killed off too early
He would call him a fucking jap that's for sure

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There was a couple years/seasons where there was a golden age of those kind of shows.

What happened?
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Onii-Ai was also one of those shows
If you have a scat fetish.

Society says that this handsome son of a bitch can't deflower a high school girl because it's "an inherently exploitative relationship" and "a gross abuse of his position."
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At least they're not saying that the agegap is wrong, it's only a matter of his position, or hers, both of which are easily changed.

It needs to happen because Kotori is in the 'for loving sex and marriage' tier.
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He can deflower his daughter.
Good old japanese beta mentality.

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Is Hibiki's anime good?
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no, it's sexist trash
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Entry level idol and mecha shit.

Mediocre yuri overtones.

Lots of unfinished plot from every season except 2.


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Another Imouto catch up thread. SYD tomorrow
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Ok, looks like he's not coming today. I'll do some chapters then
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Which anime girl do you want to cuddle up and sleep with?
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>she will never be real
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she's my favorite anime girl
The one and only.

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