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Covers thread. Go!
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Jojo part 7 (2).jpg
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Jojo part 7 (3).jpg
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do they have to be jojo?

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Dumping new chapter.
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Go away, Uncle Sam.
I am not joining the army.
to do what?

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Are you ready for the new Rakudai and Asterisk next season?
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>based on manga
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Clockwork Planet.jpg
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I'm more interested in hot robot action.
Left is good and right is actually decent. They're not garbage like Rakudai and Asterisk.

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What's the appeal behind girl-like virgins with dicks?
It's like becoming a cute girl but actually possible
thanks OP. I cum on cat it hiss at penis

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Is there actual proof all the supernatural shit happening is real or is everyone just a massive chunin?

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>Is there actual proof
Other than science? No.

I dunno man, if I saw some girl with no clearly visible muscles rip off some guy's arm. I'd be willing to believe some supernatural antics were happening.
Besides the superhuman strength, shapeshifting, surviving a 10 storey fall, time travel, etc? Nope. Although you could say the same about any work of fantasy. How do we know The Lord of the Rings wasn't just a bunch of kids on a neighborhood adventure using their imagination?

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It's out here:
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And last page.
RIP nerd donkeys
So Zebra bath in sand. I see.

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>oh yeah, I wasn't done strangling her
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She does have a lovely neck, don't you think?
What did she mean by this?
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Every aspect of her is lovely. But she made her neck extra alluring because she secretly wanted boys to wrap their hands around it. She even wears a choker in her first appearance.

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Lucifer or Asmodeus?
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Which one of them can dominate me and fuck my shit up?
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Who are those dykes?

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Don't call me a monkey, anon.
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Depigmented negroid
I'm not calling you a monkey, I'm calling that monkey in your picture a monkey.
Slicing Simian?

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Reading Tsugumomo makes me remember 90s anime like Tenchi Muyo and Yu Yu Hakusho, do anyone else feel like this?
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Tsugumomo is like 12 years old. That's why its from early 00s, that's pretty close to late 90s
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Yeah tenchi muyo was the first thing to come to my mind, but i like tsugumomo aesthetic better, also is more shonen oriented.
I had more fun reading tsugumomo, but it's maybe because i was a kid when i watched tenchi.

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This is your artist tonight.
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I want to fuck that rabbit.

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This was by no means a good series, but it's something of a guilty pleasure of mine. It's a shame this was cut short at 5 volumes - Not that far after where the web novel cuts off - but at least they managed to give it a half-decent (literally half) conclusion before they had to wrap up everything.

Did anyone else read this? I can't help but feel that the setting had an immense amount of promise, but the incredibly nihilistic ending was very much in keeping with the 'spirit' of things.
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This was cancelled? What happens in the end?

Well, Tolza is fatally poisoned by spores from the Demon King. It turns out the old Time Mage and the little girl survives, and the little girl shoots him and kills him for killing her brother. He doesn't resist.

The love interest works with another Subjugator, and he gathers a massive army to fight the Demon Lord. The entire army is wiped out, but he absorbs all their lives to be able to defeat them at a tremendous cost.

A couple of years later, the cycle starts again. Oh, the Bandage Subjugator died off-screen, when he realized he would never be able to find another way.

What happened in all the other subplots?

It's time. Are you ready for more hand holding?
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When will the other loli get her turn? I'm waiting for her.
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Dropped after the first episode.
I didn't realize Touma would be in this. Eating in the background.

/a/ food thread
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