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Ok guys. What in the actual fuck am I reading? I need to start getting high before I read manga.
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What even?
O well, at least he's gunna get some cunny in the onsen.
It's near the end, you remind me to check if it actually done.
Nice memes dude. Fresh from reddit?

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You didn't forget about her, did you?
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What's with all the dumb Hestia threads?
At least think up a topic. And no, "what's her problem" is not a topic.
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I did.

Hephaestus is the best girl.

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So I picked this up literally after seeing an ad for it during one of this season's livestreams.

Who else is reading this? What do you think?

I find it cute, but I feel apprehensive about how long the author can carry on without introducing new characters.
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>Who else is reading this?
This is an American website, you faggot.
Why the hell are the translations so far behind? Is the tl group who's doing it incompetent as fuck or what
See >>152625878

And probably. They say they're waiting on tankobons.

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Describe this cute girl without using mean words that implies she's not breathing.
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Made for cuddles and sex.
Made for sex and cuddles.
Creature made for breeding and head pats.

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This is Shinji. Say something nice about him.
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Good taste in husbandos
I want to make him the little girl
he did his best

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Am I the only one hoping that these two won't end up as lovers, but will stay as super close supportive friends? It would really set this manga apart from every other lol helping a girl get a guy I know and she helps me get a girl she knows, oh lol we ended up falling in love instead lololololo mangas
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Sorry anon. The second part of this series is the two dating in college.
I'm reading the manga, it's good so far.

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describe anime.png
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Gabriel Dropout: Baka devil Satannia best waifu.
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Umaru: Shitposting mascot.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Adventures of Space Griffith
Evangelion: Teen angst, robots, and 2deep4you.

Why is this never talked about? Underrated as fuck. Those last episodes were amazing.
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I just want to say she can be a NEET detective because she doesn't accept money
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Same reason /a/ doesnt discuss Tsuritama, Denpa Teki, and other shit.

Its just nothing to discuss really.
>tfw no ame or her friends
>tfw none of girls from kure-nai

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Does anyone give a fuck?
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I'm probably not gonna watch it until half of it is released or something along those lines.
One episode a month is really killing my enthusiasm. Too little happens per episode and any hints for the mystery are going to be long forgotten by the next one. The occasional trips to over-ambitious, under-budgeted CG land aren't helping either.
Is this as good as Katanagatari or at least Monogatari?I head that's the best Nisin work.

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Why do people say that Owari no Seraph is a yaoi show when these two are obviously the OTP?
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Why didn't the helicopters shoot back?
Those are plot tipped arrows.
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>Yu and Mika aren't chasing after their respective best girls, but instead want each other

What went wrong?
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Yaya lacking yayas
Bad pacing and The mc is retarded and the show had a shit plot. if you removed the girls and put them in their own anime it would have sold.
Uninteresting mc and plot, all the fun you can have in the show comes from comedy/cute moments where the girls are the focus.

Here's my prediction on how the Gods of Destruction will rank in terms of power:

1. Pennywise
2. Cobra man
3. Ganesha
4. Beerus
5. Champa
6. Cleopatra
7. Tigger
8. Tails the fox
9. Dwarf ginger beard
10. Average size ginger beard
11. Robo bitch
12. That short hairy fucker

Does this seem about right? Something you'd change?
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why do all of them look like bootleg tier shit
reminds me of palcomix
Because half of them are fake.
Use the catalog retard >>152616397

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Hikaru no Go v1-000.jpg
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I just recently read this series. Disappointed by the blunt ending. What do you think /a/?
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Probably was axed. When you think about it, at the inevitable ending of the story, regardless of axing, there's really no way to resolve the whole "Sai must find the divine move in order to finally be at rest" subplot. It would be unrealistic for Hikaru to suddenly have a deus ex machina and know the divine move.
It had to end that way because of how Igo matery truly involves. You only get to 9 dan by sacrificing your whole life to its study, and the main character was never in the position to reach it. Hikaru has basically reached the peak of what he is capable of if he wanted to stay a functional human being.

Although we can probably have a decent sequel now that AlphaGo is kicking everybody's ass. Focusing on how Go as a game is no longer mystical, and that humans can improve by simply practising against a machine.
I looked at the ToC from 2000-2003. Hikaru no Go had an unexpectedly large number of breaks despite doing well in the rankings and having good tank sales. Pretty sure the author fell ill and had to stop. I do agree that the series abruptly stopped instead of having a natural ending.

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The FUCK was this guy's problem?
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the 'tism, he got it all and bossun got none

also it's a shame to see sket dance threads be ignored
Are Discipline Commissions still a thing in Japan?
Poor artistic sense

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Lottery is still ongoing for Aqours 1st Live.

General Period Round 1 ends tonight at 6pm JST.
2nd period will be from Feb 3 to 6.
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I'm too lazy, I've made 3 accounts only. People are making hundreds of accounts.
We need bots NOW!
What is this? Is this for SiF?

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