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Nakano is cute.
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>grabbing those melon tits
I'm jelly now.

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As a guy who only loved the the grittiness and actual shinobi stuff of the original Naruto (Zabuza arc, Chunin exams) should I watch Boruto or skip it? Havent read the manga but if it is just magic eyes and powercreep shit like Shippudden please warn me now
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Use punctuation, you lazy fuck.
I gave up Naruto for a reason it sucked dogshit and boruto won't be any better by the way this thread sux

what's the best panties you have ever seen?
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Because if the shading, I thought these were the legs and ass of a nice brown girl. I am disappointing anon, take responsibility.
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The timeless classic can't be beaten.
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Hanekawa-san pantsu

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right is right
I do love bananas.

I could sure go for some cookies

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Is Violet Evergarden the strongest Kyioani girl?
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Please post more Violet Evergarden?

Pretty please?

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Okay what i am supposed to do now
Help me /a/
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Don´t worry, I felt the same. Wait until you saw End of Evangelion, you´ll either want to suck Anno´s dick, flay him alive or both at the same time.

Hamsters are harbinger of doom.
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Needs more Ponoka.
This new season sucks. It's not random enough.
Yeah it's too slow and continuous. Needs more rapid fire jokes.

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So I am reading the GITS manga for the 1st time.
Is the Major suppose to be a cruel unlikable bitch?
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>starting post with so
All of his protagonists are assholes.
Or getting fucked in the asshole.
Or both.
>spurring people on so that they may reach power and freedom
>unlikable bitch
This is how I know you think Trump is ebul

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So we can all agree that this is the OP of the season, right?
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Blocks your path
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>that's better than ACCA's OP

What's wrong with you?

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Why've you ever forgotten me?
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How can I ever forget my cute wife Machi?
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what's the status of the scanlations?

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Burger thread
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She doesn't seem to appreciate the burgers very much.
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I'm planning on killing a 15 year old faggot with golden hair, a guy obsessed with zippers, an idiot who dislikes the number 4, a trap, and a guy who's stand is basically a VCR, any suggestions on how to dispose of them?
(Pic semi-related, its my 「stand」)
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Come on, I need suggestions.
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Not now, my sweet Doppio, call back later.

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3x3 thread.
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I think the colour scheme is obnoxious and you have titles in two of your images. Bad taste to boot; all bad save Mushishi and Tatami Galaxy. It would be for the best if you'd just kill yourself.
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am i the only one that didn't like watamote? the main character is basically just a fag hag who has no likeable characteristics and suddenly gains a harem of hot boys. if the roles were reversed this would be every other generic harem ever
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>am i the only one that didn't like watamote?
No you are not special in any way so don't try to
>if the roles were reversed this would be every other generic harem ever
Thankfully, it's not, so we can enjoy fem/a/ basking in her harem of hot guys and their thick, hard, smelly dicks.

Just thinking about it makes me horny.
Is this your first otome OP?

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What happened to our beloved series? There were times where several threads would get 500 replies in a day. Now you can be happy if it hits 100.

Where did everything go so horribly wrong?

(Also new chapter in english out!)
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same as >>152631389 i just dropped it because the contest arc bored me. I will pick it back up once that shit is over and quickly read through it.
Namek happened.
Author dropped the ball so hard you might even think he was trying to kill off his own series.

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