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"Damn his wife is ugly...or was"
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
Remember that Android 18 is beautiful
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It always bothered me that Kallen always took the time to change her hairstyle whenever she changed from her casual outfit to her rebel outfit.
C2 always struck me as more of a motherlike figure to Lelouch.
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Then she should lover Lelouch like a mother.

>Yamcha Reincarnation Manga was just a Dokkan Battle advertisement the whole time

Fuck this shit I'm out
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wait really?


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When are you expecting Haifuri second season?
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>9k sales
>13k OVA sales
>great merch sales

It's getting S2 the question is when.
The hamster plot took out all the writers collective brain power, so never.Not that I didnt enjoy it.

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ITT: Animes wihich story doesn't make any fucking sense
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Kill yourself.

Unless you're referring specifically to the anime-only stuff like DOMA, in which case I understand.
You watched the dub, you have no excuse

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Reminder that we failed to protect her smile.
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Should've been a bit more proactive then, little whore.
Her God of Destruction was a retard, so I feel nothing.
You forgot to say Zamasu was right
Dumbo kind of deserved it, but Gowasu did nothing wrong

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I remember catching a few episodes of this on TV like a decade ago, is it any good?

What about the manga?
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The manga is great, but the anime is by Toei, so it's really fucking cheap looking. If you watch it dubbed, it's pretty damn hilarious because a lot of the cast were also in the english dub of Ghost Stories and you can tell they're having fun with it.
the ost is nice
Agreed, the music is good.

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DVD version will get a batch at the end of Poseidon
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So, Tôma is totally the brother of Marine, isn't he?
english translations of Next Dimension are behind quite a bit, but that certainly seems likely.
So, anyone else read Next dimenssion from the Panini comics? Any reason they don't publish the clothes scheme in their publication?

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Why isn't Shampoo as popular now as she was in 1988?
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Because nerds realized that in order to waifu her they needed to beat the shit out of her. And none of these neckbeards have the balls or the skill to do so.
Rather cum on her legs or boobs?
Tough decision.
Because she's in her forties and twice divorced.

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ITT: Overrated Shit
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Its not overrated. There are plenty of people who hate/think it is stupid. It is just really great at making memes.
Jojo part 2
Jojo part 4*

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The information's over a month old. But you ARE going to watch her anime, yes?
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I'm going to cum on her forehead and slap that smug grin off her face with my dick.
I wanna lick her forehead.
Yeah she looks like a smug cutie so I'm kind of interested in it, I'm too lazy to pick up the manga.

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Would /a/ describe Guts as "attractive?"
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Too tall, too many muscles, crippled

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Alright, I know I'm way late to the party on this one, but it was recommended to me by a friend after we both watched eromanga sensei.

What the fuck is this ending? MC had 3 perfectly good waifus and he chooses this piece of trash?
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Fuck you, brother-sister incest is the purest form of love.
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Glad to see someone else realizes the truth
I liked eromanga sensei which is the same writer as oreimo. But fucking come on, dude even knows the relationship won't last anyway, so he fucks up his best 3 long-term options for a short term fling with his sister.

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ugly whore

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>actually letting an AI make a waifu for you
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Who's route would you take?
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There future is now.

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