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mom someone's at the door

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I love You!
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whats wrong with her feet
please put feets on face

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Episode 6 is airing
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Daddy is late
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Horriblesubs is late you mean.
Sorry, Dorothy. Okouchi got to him first.
>Special CM was just Dorothy advertising the BD

Surprise surprise, where's that anon so I can laugh at him

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How did you create a thread without an image?
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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>160974408

Here's to a good week ahead!
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Requesting a beach girl Mage, under a parasol on a beach chair holding a large drink in her hands please!
If you want, you can give her a slight tan with or without tanlines too, as well as sunglasses or whatever other beach-things you could want.
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Requesting anything with Miku
>Dead on arrival
Requesting anything that you'd wish to draw, but draw it in a style that you're not used to.

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>not generating your waifu with Super AI
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i think my waifu's broken
Because your taste is shit and ai didn't want to fit your shitty taste
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fuck you op
Surely not the best
>worst Love Hina girl
>anyone but Naru

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No retarded question this time.
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So /a/, have you done a heroic deed today?!
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I didn't murder any villains today!

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whats this about there not being anymore major book releases? Is that official, sauce?
i have not even started owS2 is it already all aired and out cause i heard they were releasing a bunch at once 12-13th

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What's Koichi thinking about?!
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Part 6 is shit
Roleplaying big sister incest sex with his girlfriend.

Part 6 is shit

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Six sisters are competing to win the affection of boy for most of their school life. The boy is pure hearted and blissfully unaware of why his six friends are so pushy and touchy with him. All the sisters are some kind of -dere archetype. One day, a new girl arrives who does not conform to any dere archetype. She is a genuinely nice person, and the MC develops a crush on her and asks his six friends for help in pursuing her. Because they can't say no to anything the boy asks, the six sisters agree to help like morons.
With time to highschool graduation ticking down day by day, the six sisters realize they must set aside their differences and that they must make a pact if they don't want to lose the boy. They must keep the boy and the new girl away from each other at all costs, and then agree to share him at the end. Or at least that's what they have on paper...
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What exactly is so good about Getter Robo?

All of them seem to be infantile in storytelling and delivery and the characters are onedimensional.
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Watch the anime instead of wasting your time with the manga. It's a story about teamwork and friendship and combining robots.
Armageddon was boring shit and the characters kept making meme faces like it was supposed to be funny
fuck off xpearse

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The dawn of a new thread has begun anons
Join me in the glorious newfound light.
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*gulp gulp gulp gulp*

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Is this an anime about girls getting wasted?
New Game
>drunken cakes
This will be anime of the year for me

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