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Does the baby ever stop being annoying?
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the baby is one of the best part of the series
I heard Pierrot did a stellar job fucking the original up as usual. That didn't stop me from watching it twice. And I still haven't bothered with the manga
Beel's "sister" should've been Hilde's and Oga's baby.

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I miss Miyu Matsuki
It's hard to not miss her wonderful voice.

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Where would you take them on a date?
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If timeskip Sumire doesn't have her hair in a single braided ponytail like this I'm dropping Boruto.
Can Sumirefags get the fuck out please? Summer is almost over.
so many thots this gen

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Is Araragi a pedophile?
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not really, since Hachikuji is 20 something
The proper term is nympholept
And bat is, like, 500.

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Will it live to see it's 10th anniversary in Jump?
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i hope not, i wish hori tell the story he want to tell without streching it
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Ochako being the traitor is the only thing that can make her interesting and relevant again.

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Is she trying to gain acceptance by doing lewd things?
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I love them both.
What is best girl planning?

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Why is it so goddamn cute when she says Yuuta's name
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Because of the power of the jaoushingan
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There are three other threads, you fucking faggot.
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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Chi Chi didn't deserve Goku. learn to nag less, bitch, do you even have a personality?

Gohan is one of the strongest warriors in the galaxy, and you want him indoors studying all the time why? Goku could literally punch you "to the moon" nagging harpy.

Goku and Gohan deserved better. divorce that bitch.
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>anon doesn't understand what it's like to be a mother
Goku is a genuine retard. Gohan has already said that he doesn't like to fight.
exactly, so why does she think gohan is going to be some academic genius with a dad like goku?
>Gohan has already said he DOESN'T like to fight
learn to fucking read
Also Gohan is already doing really well being a scholar in Super so ???

Childhood is lusting after lolis, adulthood is realizing that milfs make more sense.
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This show was retarded and boring.
Expect i never lusted after lolis.
Reversed. Childhood you lust after big milky milf titties. Adulthood you realise flat is justice.

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What went wrong?
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Weird, slow, and frustrating part 2.
The Shoko stuff was completely wasted. Saki did nothing. Everyone just willingly spending their memories on combat was dumb.
Haruto thinks wiping out dozens of soldiers is ok, why not keep some of them around and suck the runes out of them?
The strong visuals and good performances from the cast couldn't make part 2 memorable.
I don't think it's as bad as some people do, but most of the risks that the show took in season 1 just stopped happening.
Nothing, it was perfect.
this. fuck how sophisticated patricians with superior taste think

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what would you do if your oneechan snuck you a sleeping drug and dressed you up as a girl(male) against your will, /a/?
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I'd puke all over the plce by how ugly I would look, then I punch my sister on the cunt for doing something so horrible
Pop a boner

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ITT: We create a tier list of main villains in shounen. Can propose multiple main villains in a series, so long as at one point they were considered the main villain. Example being Frieza and Cell, etc. OP will add in characters to the list as they are suggested.
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HxH villains F tier
One Piece villains E tier
Noragami villains D tier
Naruto villains C tier
Bleach villains A tier
Dragonball Z and up villains SSS+++++ tier

There you go.
griffisu s tier
everyone else f tier
Alright alright. Let's try that except in reverse order.

Non /a/ material you'd like to see get an anime adaptation.

Hard mode: Describe season 1
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I honestly dont care
Any bones season.
Kizuna Ai. It'll be like Miss Monochrome, only with more personality.

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You gotta take the responsability Gohan
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Reminder GT had better animation than this.
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