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No question this time.
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Almost 2 seconds without a thread
Why did you took so long ?
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Here's some Best Girl(tm) to make up for your boredom.
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>Same pose
>Opposite views
>Opposite body builds

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Why the fuck is this so good compared to the newer ones?
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>Why the fuck is this so good
It's not
>that 80's vibe
Opposite day today?

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When will we see this badass in action?
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Wojak Bojack.jpg
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reminder that DRAGON BAL1 SOUPA OP is asking himself right now if a bot finds Son Goku beautiful
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Reminder that best boy GODhan trained day in and day out and truly worked to achieve his Mystic power with no help from anyone whatsoever, and that he singlehandedly took down Buu.

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Here, delicious School Swimsuit.
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This was a good episode. The entire episode remind me of a VN.
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Loli haet tea.jpg
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What type of job will Chinatsu get when she grows up?
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She won't grow up, she will be executed for her many crimes.
rim job

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Stupid sexy spider

Her leg markings are supposed to be stockings with ZR

Zoa Ere when? Raws should be out yes?
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>Her leg markings are supposed to be stockings with ZR
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I don't care if I'm a pervert, it's accurate
Potimas a shit.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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morning koume <3

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why does this even exist?
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Because this song is the fucking tits.

(You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (..)
super song

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whats up with all the shit that this was the end of Monogatari, we know that Shaft said they would animate it all as long as it brings them money and the Monogatari Series clearly still does.
Also Nisio is nowhere near an end so we should have anime adaptations atleast till 2022
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ragi is a good man
Shaft is not an animation studio, they make elaborate Powerpoint presentations and outsource all the actual animation
The main story is over, the rest are basically side stories

Time to die

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How deeply has she fallen into the Moko hole?
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Who hasn't
Pretty deep
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pretty deep anon

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How do the masterminds behind Neon Genesis Evangelion go from this....
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to this?
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light hearted anime.webm
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>yfw when this for the first time
>how old were you

>tfw 15
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It hurt a lot.
Why would you be shocked by somehting like this at the age of 15?
And why do you keep making threads about it?

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I finished every Love Live! (+Sunshine!!) episode available, /a/. What do I do with my life now? ;-;

Do I just drown myself in merchandise or what
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Kill yourself for watching garbage anime.
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Buy merchandise, jerk off to doujins, play the game, etc. until Sunshine S2 comes in October.

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ITT characters who did nothing wrong
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Was he asking for it?
It's not rape if it's consensual.

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