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god fucking why
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avert your gaze my sweet summer child
>draw a cute girl
>call it a boy
welcome to anime
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I need more Astolfos for my collection.

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Still..... Waiting......
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Anons who have it have to travel back to burgerland. Just be patient.
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Flying witch game.jpg
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LWA side-scrolling shooter game when?
>Anons are still buying other stuff they wanted, be patient
>Is 3:00 am in Japan, anons are sleeping, be patient
>Anons have to come back, be patient

I'm starting to feel we are just deluding ourselves

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Eventually you will die.
I will still not like this nor will I like Sakura even if you were to somehow post this for eternity.
I'm going to like this everyday until you stop posting it.
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The Fishe died for our sins.

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When will JCs take over?
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Me on the left.
me in the blue
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They'll have to get through the lolis first.

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why does CC like pizza so much?
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Because it's fucking delicious.
>Eating so much pizza her fat ass rips her clothes
Absolutely arousing.
because life is like a pizza, you gotta take it a slice at a time.

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Imagine the tricks this semon demon could do with your seed.
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she could make it float, but yeah

that's all...
>Tries to spice things up with midair sex
>Ends up puking all over you dick
I like how all the girls aren't fucking sticks.

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I'm sure you delvers know that Jiruo is taking his wife down the abyss to retrieve Riko right?
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Why is Ozen so interested in the poor leader?
He's presumably competent/has potential.
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It seems tsukushi had a lot of fun in Taiwan, next chapter when?


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This is such a shit arc that threads always die before bump limit
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Endgame right here, brothers.
Armin is the best of the main 3
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Who is the qtest mom?

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What series are you watching lately /a/?
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Boku no Pico
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One Piece
Yowamushi Pedal (new generation)
Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
Owarimonogatari (just finished)

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Deconstruction of the Isekai genre
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I thought that was Konosuba, but yeah, kinda agree.
How so?
Subaru is weak and is easily abused by thugs in the city.
He doesn’t have any amazing fighting abilities

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Can somebody fucking explain to me what the fuck is going on with DBS?
It's like it's being written by a retard or a fanboy? what the fuck?
Explain this shit to me someone please.

Why the fuck is SSJB so weak that almost everyone seems to be able to go toe to toe with it? SSJ3 back in DBZ looked stronger
>mfw SSJ4 could easily win over SSJB

Why does it seem like whoever is writing the episode is someone buttmad about ScrewAttack's Goku vs Superman results?
>Superman has no limits? suddenly Goku has a ''''''''''''Limit Breaker'''''''''''' form

Why the fuck is the plot so retarded?
>oh no there is a tournament and if we loose we all dissappear
>should I tell people about it so they can help me fight?
>nah better lie and offer them money that will surely motivate them more than not dying

>oh we must invite Frieza to fight with us
>better not tell the kids who he is despite the fact that before I used to just knock them out and get them out of the way

>trunks can become a fake SSJ God or some shit without going through the training or ritual
>universe six saiyans can go super with just a ''tingly feeling'' on their back
>female broly

And why the fuck is the animation so shit?

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY DRAGON BALL??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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>What is going on with DBS?
A shitshow

>Is it being written by a retard or a fanboy?

>Why is SSJB so weak
Because they've used it for so long now, it will soon be obsolete because they are probably planning a new form, they have to make it look useless in order for the new form to seem strong

>Why does it seem like whoever is writing is buttmad about goku vs superman?
Because they probably are

>Why is the plot so retarded?
Bad writers. It's also coming out before the manga this time

>Why is the animation so shit?
I don't know, DB makes more money than most animes, it should have higher animation than like 99% of animes

>What happened to dragon ball?
It's not like DB has ever had good animation or writing, Super is just taking it to a new low, so low that people are begging for the old animation back. (20+ years ago.)

First DBZ episode was 1989 (the series wasn't even 10% as popular yet, DB built up some hype but not as much in the west, and not nearly as much overall, as DBZ did) and it looked better than the most recent super episode 2017.
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Stop watching trash. Your time is more valuable

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Post 'em.
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File: Minami-ke_S2_E12_04m_02s.png (315KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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File: baithread.png (9KB, 599x485px)Image search: [Google]
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Episode 7 - [UTW] subs are out
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I don't know if I find the bride servant cute or not. Especially that dog like growl.
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I like Richard.

Do you think that he can technically pull Arthur out of his second NP, but is just not aware of the fact that Arthur is actually there or something?
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Okay, what was this guy's fucking problem?

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What went wrong?
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All things BRAYH.
nothing really, it's alright
4 years

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1427181754197 (1).jpg
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Which elemental fairy, /a/?
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>One's a retard
>One's a basic bitch social media addict
>One's a fujoshit

Muse is the only correct choice.
The best shitposter, duh.

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