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Her snatch
you flubbed it
I would snatch Snail.

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Why haven't you started creating your own manga ?
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I would if i knew how to draw, ONE's original webcomic's art is better than what my shitty ass can do.
Still learning to draw. Also, I'm focusing on storyboards, not manga,
>can draw manga
>has no idea what to draw

What happened to the fighting anime genre?

Ikkitousen, Tenjou Tenge, Air Master, and Baki the Grappler were all around the same time. Are there newer or other titles I just missed?
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lol why do you put Baki with those series?
I couldn't think of any other than these offhand. I dropped Baki, but I still watched a fair number of episodes.
A new Baki season has already been confirmed.

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Minna tomodachi!
Minna aidoru!
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Rate my wife.
Have they gotten off the boat?
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Kyoukai no Rinne wasn't popular to begin with and that's fine but Anime Network's license with yellow subs killed Rinne completely.

Such is afterlife.
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sensei is cute
But she's OLD
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I'm annoyed this season seems to have no cameos. I liked searching for them.

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This is the most beautiful man
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thats a girl
Is it?

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How do her buns work?
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hahaha hilarious my dude I am loling out loud right now
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what am i looking at

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What do you think of the person who made this loli angel cry?
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What will be Garou's reason for going to the Monster Association?
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not getting killed by bang/bomb
To get a monster cell so he can finally match up to Kingu
sick af

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Number of scanned LWA doujins : 0
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bait fuel spirit!!.png
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we're gonna be waiting a week aren't we
Reposting for folks. Scans of my LWA dougas and the Trigger Bux so people can make their own.


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Watched the debut of part1 at otakon just now. Was pretty much what everyone feared. Just a recap, and not even a good or comprehensive one.

The first 15-20 minutes are new and pretty awesome. It's a flashback to 10 years prior and the Summer of Love incident, when Adroc created a crazy, rave party, doomsday device to destroy the scub command cluster, before realizing that would fuck the world. But they wouldnt cancel the op, so he and Eureka murdered the shit out of everyone and tried to stop it. The machine malfunctions anyway, which just adds to the acperience/7th swell that is literally annihilating the world End of Eva style.

Adroc sacrifices himself while Holland is entrusted with Eureka and goes on to start Gekko due to what he learns, and Dewey is caught up in the end of Eva doomsday and goes on to be the psycho we know because of it.

The rest of the movie is just a summary of the first two or three episodes of the Charles and Ray arc with nothing new.

And tons of subtitles/labels on everything. Filling the screen. Every 3 seconds. Describing everything. Really weird choice. And they even repeat certain scenes multiple times.

The preview is magical girl idol team Anemone performing with a huge ass shot.
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Why does Bones keep trying to ruin this series with bad sequels/remakes/retellings. They keep wasting everyone's time.
>Alternate universe
It's literally canonized fan fiction.
>The rest of the movie is just a summary of the first two or three episodes of the Charles and Ray arc with nothing new.
I'm kind of confused now on what this is supposed to be. Is this supposed to be a standalone thing that somebody who never watched E7 could watch? I can't say I'm surprised if it turns out that these three movies aren't very good, but it's still disappointing.

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Boku no Hero is a fun manga and anime. What is your most hype moment so far?
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It's in the spinoff.
dude there already was a thread
And it was glorious!

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Can you survive a round against Hajime?
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>Tomboy in boxing gloves

I didn't know I wanted this
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yun vs hajime.jpg
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Thirst for Yun

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I'll start


litteraly looks like a communist box
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This explains SO MUCH about their work, holy shit.
Have you every seen a commieblock up close? Theyre a lot worse than this. This looks like luxury compared.
No, it doesn't.

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