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Complete DVD release when ? The french edition have only 16 episode and Germany have 100 episodes.
Doremi English video game

more like complete revision subs when? I know actually, in like 5 years but oh it hurts

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Guys, I think Karen is actually a real angel. How do I hug her?
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Ask her nicely.
Don't forget to pay the ultimate price.
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I'll give her a thank you and a baby.

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I just watched Kizumono and I don't understand what the fuck Oshino was thinking. For the whole story he seems to be pursuing the goal of 'balance between the two sides.' At the beginning he had already ripped out Kiss-Shot's heart, but after 3 other body parts were stolen from her, he thinks it's gone too far? And then he fucking leaves when Kiss-Shot is restored to full power, from BEFORE he took her heart out. It's the same situation that he was dissatisfied in the first place. Am I supposed to believe he knew exactly what Koyomi would do afterwards and that was his convoluted plan all along? He couldn't bear to just let Kiss-Shot die because she was such a magnificent creature, so he decides to just take away all of her power? That's quite a roundabout way to do it. What the fuck, Oshino
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He wanted Kiss-Shot dead, I guess. He took her heart out for specialists to kill her, but then Ragi saved her just like that. He understood Kiss-Shot's plan from the beginning and knew she's going to sacrifice herself for Koyomi, so he was okay with it.
I don't get it either, its not clear to me if he was aware of what the vamipre hunters would pull before he took her heart.
It's implied he worked with them when he remarks on Cat getting kidnapped, kiss-shot being gone would have balanced the situation in oshino's eye, only if she hadn't made a thrall.

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>girl cuts her hair
>they instantly get worse
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Chiaki a best. A BEST.
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>girl grows her hair
>instantly (?) better

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Don't you fucken fail us Blitz
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Good day.
is that Gordon Freeman?

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Do you buy anime?

What DVD should I watch? This is what I have.
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Watch Macross Plus
The Guyver
Cyber City Oedo
Project A-ko
Space Battleship Yamato
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Galaxy Express 999

I personally do not advise:
Detonator Orgun
Apple Seed
A Wind Named Amnesia

Bubblegum Crisis Hurricane Live is enjoyable enough, but you might want to watch the OVAs first. Bubblegum Crash is okay, but again, I would watch the Bubblegum Crisis OVAs first.

Let's try this again, shall we?

Second chapter this month.
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Yorokobe, anon. Shirou has proclaimed once again that he is the one and only true MC of Fate.
If you've been watching the anime you should know what's up anon. It's the story of the AU universe where Miyu originally came from, and how Shirou ended up bringing her to Illya's universe.

In fact, it's wiser to make Shirou's flashback arc separate to the show, rather than taking, what half a season.
isn´t this movie about miyu past?

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New episode just aired.
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Why is he so best girl?
So when hes is getting plowed by prince and retired king?
2 replies. It's a dead series.

Sohei's and Yuki's interactions were the only interesting parts in the entire movie.
Also, outside of the farmers, why is everyone such an asshole? Even Ame is an ungrateful prick.
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Also the character designs were trash.
Don't let this distract you from the fact that she fucked a wolf, probably in wolf form and gladly took his wolf semen inside of her.
Why are women so obsessed with getting fucked by dogs

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Would you let her in /a/?
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Of course
Is she a fairy?
Only if she let's me in.

How do you know when a girl is your waifu?
If your waifu is in a canonical relationship with another character, is it NTR for you?
What if I have nothing to offer to my waifu other than good looks and money but I have 0 personality? Could she still be attracted to me?

Please respond, thank you!
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Waifu is, has been, and will always be a shorthand word meaning "anime girl I like"
Only a small but vocal group of autists think it means literally wife. Just ask yourself, what kind of retard thinks they could marry a cartoon?
Maybe it's just a coping mechanism because they can't get a a proper gf in real life? Real women are nasty.
Even Partick Bateman in American Psycho had fantasies even though he was good looking and rich.
>If your waifu is in a canonical relationship with another character, is it NTR for you?
It is NTR, but I doubt autists would care.

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Imagine Dorothy still waiting for her daddy in case 20 or even case 50
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I want Dorothy to be my mother.
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Two queens and their adopted daughter.
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I want to make Dorothy a single mother

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do you think anime will ever go mainstream to the point that it's not frowned upon to enjoy or be an anime fan ?
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Considering how mainstream it is in Japan and how frowned upon it is over there, no. If anything, the more people understand it, the worse the stigma will get.
It's already mainstream enough

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Let's talk about Air Gear
What went right?
What went wrong?

Was it too edgy?
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>What went wrong?
OhGreat! And making roads literal powers instead of philosophies.

Moon children and sKate bit beasts.

>Was it too edgy?
At the start with the rape and sodomy. Toned down immediately but ramped up when shark showed up.

>What went right?
It came out when skate culture was still relevant in the US. Combine this with good art and decent choreography and it was bound to be some measure of good.
Good art and mechanical design
Story is okay-ish but oh great cant draw coherent scenes making people confused. Same problem with tenjo tenge
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It felt like it was a series literally designed around every moderately edgy thing off urban skate and rap culture and deviantart.
You had manic pixie dream girls, aggressive inline skating, scantily clad women, gang style, fucking gothic lolitas in your pic.
IT felt like someone trying to make a story out of graffiti murals

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