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Do you bother to watch the anime of a manga you've already read? I used to watch every adaptation of something I was already familiar with, but lately I can't muster the motivation to watch a show when I already know what's going to happen. What do most anons do?
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It bothers me if I see an anime without having read its original manga version beforehand.
No. I will sometimes watch one or two episodes, but I rarely watch the entire thing. Most of the time I ignore it.
Most adaptations of source material are trash. This is a universal rule that applies to more than just anime. Naturally I'll watch it for shits and giggles to see how much of a trainwreck it will be.

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Here's Saotome-senshu, Hitakakusu
I'm just reposting these to see if someone might pick up a manga about a /fit/ tomboy
The translations might be shitty, don't know since they're not mine and where posted in January
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>I like you.
>I've felt this way about you
>for a long time now.
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>let's go out.
>Saotome-senshu hides it earnestly
>Saotome-senshu Confesses

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Who is the best girl of part 8?
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Fuck you beat me. Might as well paste my original OP plan.

>TSKR Chinese Raws released
>JJL Chapter 68 in 5 days
>spoileranon in 3-4 days if we're lucky
>No VA anime announcement from JoJofes

Patience is key.
http://imgur.com/a/B9vSr is the TSKR chapter.
I really hate Giorno fuck him
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A reminder that this kid has more balls than you.

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What interesting things from anime about idols could there be? They all follow a similar narrative. Idols, or would-be idols, group together. Then they have some variations of training that involves idol work which branches off into little segments of personal documentaries of the girls. Usually by the end, they will have all accomplished a goal, or resolved the plot conflict. Many enthusiasts buy into these shows portraying idols despite sharing a formula. What can anyone possibly like in a character focused anime with idols in them?
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You son of a bitch.
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Put me on the screenshot.
Nice Script faggot.

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Why do people like showa anime It's not as if though I hate Showa anime, there's just legitimately nothing interesting that it can offer me.
I just can't sit down and watch 50 episodes of extremely formulaic and objectively bad acting and writing with little to no hook besides "hey im watching old thing this is neat i am so patrician". I'm not enough of a masochist to subject myself to that and I don't care enough about the opinions of others online to try and gain their approval by pretending that I think Showa anime is in any way actually better than any Heisei anime.
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You know, Showa isn't a genre, anon. If you're going to say you hate old anime just say it.
What is Showa anime? Do you mean shonen? Showa is a period of time in Japanese history not a genre or style.
not all of it is bad, just most of it.

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Onii-sama thread?
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Onii-sama and his imouto are meant to rule the world.
V23 spoilers
Tatsuya beats Juumonji with Baryon Lance, he takes Juumonji's left arm and then aims for the heart.
Tatsuya's decomposition is a hell of a lot faster than even overclocked Phalanx, but it cannot beat the defensive Phalanx because the defensive Phalanx instantly remakes shields when they're broken and Tatsuya cannot target something that does not exist yet. Juumonji uses the defensive Phalanx and tackles Tatsuya causing serious damage that he heals.
Mayumi and Mari are not enemies per say, they're just very confused about the whole thing and were trying to stop Tatsuya from killing Katsuto.
Katsuto admits defeat and leaves after hearing Tatsuya's reasons. Tatsuya restores his arm. Tatsuya's bros are bros, even Katsuto says they're good friends.
The seal is completely removed, from here on out Tatsuya is at 100% all the time.
At the end of the volume Raymong Clark reveals Tatsuya as Silver Taurus on national TV.
>Onii-sama thread
No. Onii-sama isn't an attention whore, nor is he for attention whores. He doesn't need statues or worship, or even threads. Just keep him close in your heart, and that's the best. Just the best.

How did Lupin 3rd manage to be so groundbreaking for the time, and emerge from a sea of general untamed mediocrity? Honest question.
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It was fun
The f word isn't allowed here.
It was genuine

Is it just me or does Alucard have 2 beady eyes like a nip stereotype from the 40's?
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cross eyed and stupid!
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Why is this board so fucking weird all the time?

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sales numbers are justice.jpg
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>Not flopping tier
***,112 (**1,004 pt) Fate Apocrypha
***,129 (***,641 pt) Princess Principal
***,270 (***,897 pt) Saiyuki Reload
***,369 (**2,224 pt) Symphogear AXZ
***,450 (***,586 pt) Knights & Magic

>Alright tier
***,749 (**1,259 pt) New Game!!

>Everything else tiers
>Possibly flopping tier
**1,008 (***,466 pt) Made in Abyss
**1,024 (**1,018 pt) Jigoku Shoujo
**1,152 (***,581 pt) Teekyu
**1,334 (***,425 pt) Hitorijime
**1,515 (***,318 pt) Isekai Shokudou May'n ;_;

>Flopping tier
**2,181 (***,352 pt) Tenshi no 3P
**2,328 (***,210 pt) Kegurui
**2,344 (***,381 pt) Hajimete no Gal
**2,580 (***,*73 pt) Bachikan

>Flopping hard tier
**3,483 (***,*21 pt) Altair
**3,594 (***,177 pt) Battle Girl High School
**4,183 (***,190 pt) Guruguru
**4,842 (***,172 pt) Gamers

>Big flop tier
**5,337 (***,153 pt) Classroom of the Elite
**6,372 (***,*73 pt) NTR
**7,749 (***,193 pt) Action Heroine
**8,132 (***,*96 pt) Nana Maru
**9,819 (***,253 pt) Isekai Smartphone
**9,957 (***,*15 pt) Dive!!

>Saving anime tier
*10,904 (***,*41 pt) Centaur
*12,234 (***,*64 pt) Love & Lies
*18,634 (***,120 pt) Ballroom
*26,316 (***,153 pt) Hina Logic
*34,662 (***,*61 pt) Chronos Ruler Nagi Yanagi ;_;
*35,684 (***,*93 pt) Aoyama-kun
*42,330 (***,*27 pt) Clione no Akari

>Anime is saved tier
*58,730 (***,*15 pt) Konbeni
*107,379 (***,*27 pt) 18if

Where were you when even great singers couldn't save shows from flopping? And where were you when only six shows aren't flopping?
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>only six shows arent flopping

Isnt it usually only 2 or 3 that actually succeed each season?
>***,129 (***,641 pt) Princess Principal
Ganbare, 3hz and Actas.
Where's Aho Girl?

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fat urara.jpg
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I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.
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I'll have one 16's, one 110's an 90's and a 10's
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Stop eating so much you fat murrican fucks.
Is this the Nono thread?

Best girls.
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His personal maid. The maid is always the answer.
>Manga TL dead since last august
>Comes back and posts 1 chapter
>Dies again
Raised my hopes, then dashed them heartily.
>Aika, the literal joke character won
What's the point anymore

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Any ideas for how she can improve her quirk?
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by touching my cock
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Float better
Gravity well generator to keep everyone on the ground

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mariydi tongue.jpg
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Why are blonde lolis so amazing?
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They are fun to bully.
That's not Raildex you retarded ape!
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Kamachiverse goes in one thread

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Anyone here ever felt that this series was smarter than people give it credit for? It's almost like a parody, or subversion of shonen martial arts manga - I've never seen a series in which personality traits/motivations/plot elements are introduced to so consistently either lead nowhere or simply do not matter in the end (Jojo might be the one real contender on that regard). This could very easily be due to time constraints, lack of planning ahead and poor writing, but it happens so often I eventually started to question if I wasn't getting willingly bamboozle'd

Example of shonen tropes that the author makes a point to contradict:

The crux of all "muh japanese spirit" fighting manga is thrown squarely out of the window: the importance of training. Yujiro was born a Hanma and therefore destined to be the strongest or among the strongest, and he, Baki, and anyone that's anyone on the real, hidden top level of fighting are essentially genetic freaks. Pickle is a caveman. Musashi has a mutant spine and ribcage. You do have strong purportedly "regular human" characters (Doppo, Oliva, etc.), but the strongest "training-based" character (Kaku Kaioh) couldn't do much against Yujiro in the end - Not even with 120 years of intense training. Not to mention many of the so-called normal humans have powers that are pretty much supernatural - Gaia's slew of powers, Doppo and his kid's imagination joints, supersonic punches, etc.

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yujiro bush.jpg
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The protagonist's motivation to beat his father, the most important plot point in the entire series, has flip-flopped despite years and years of setup. Baki's desire to be stronger than his father has remained a constant, but the author had to give a good reason for it. Harsh training given to a young Baki is too weak a reason - So he had Yujiro kill his mother. Even though this is brought back 2 series later and Baki seems like he wants an answer, Baki begins to, way before that, change into a tamer version of his father due to the fighting autism. He still seems to want to beat his father, but apparently doesn't seem to give much of a fuck that he killed his mother. It's almost like he secretly loves all the fighting and his original excuse is sounding faker and faker everyday. Yujiro's rape of Diane Neil (Jack Hanma's mother) has also, hilariously, never been mentioned again - Again, either the author wanted to do something with it (i.e. Yujiro is such a demon, he is evil) or it was always his intention to subvert it. Early in the series, Baki also mentions to his girlfriend how his dad is a psycho with no qualms about murdering, and that he wants to be stronger than him, but never to be like him. This purported "deep desire" of Baki is also dashed, as the series progresses he becomes willing to kill and to actually fight for the fight's sake.

Speaking of his girlfriend, do I even need to go there? Their relationship's importance decays FAST. When it's first introduced it's got, in that generic shonen way, a massive importance regarding why Baki fights. After the Chinese tournament, this starts to slowly fade away. Nowadays she's at best an extra, resigned to Baki's fighting autism ways and you get the distinct impression Baki would dump her for fighting it push came to shove.

Then you get things like the whole Mohammed Ali Jr. arc, in which all his development and motivation result in...

2/3 (misjudged length, oops)
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A whole deal of nothing. It's like the whole point of hundreds of drawn pages was "sometimes things don't work out". Even his father goes back into training to beat up his faggot son, and his quick defeat to Baki convinces him to quit fighting. After months and months of serialization.

Am I nuts or is he doing all of this on purpose? Things work out a bit too well for me to accept incompetence as an excuse


I lost all respect for the series over the memetobe fiasco.

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Are the Rebuilds worth it?
From what I heard they are not.
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>From what I heard they are not
Ok then don't watch em then
It's not like your time is worth anything.
Time is everything

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