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post anime reacts pls i crave
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Would you enjoy a Dragon Ball sequel series following Adult Goten filling the role of Goku?

Who else would you want to be part of the new generation of Z Fighters?

Continuing from last night.
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Fuck off.
Dude... Epic cynicism man.

If only more people had the balls to enter threads they don't like and post in them anyway.
Yea. I never saw the hate towards Goten. He's just another young Goku

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Reading an article about Type Moon present in Comicket 92 on ANN makes me want to ask this question: How can a company set up a mega-successful franchise?

If you look at the west, especially the cinematic scene, you would see that having a single good film/novel/game/etc is not enough anymore. And the usually totted approach of the MCU has been shown not to be always successful to other works (the most recent example is the Mummy film.) I think it is about time we ask this question, not just to anime and game, but to the entire narrative-centered entertainment industry.
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I want to start with pointing out a problem horror franchises (and some anime like Slayers) usually make: over-reliance on established characters. Sure, interested characters is what make or break individual horror flicks, not just the whole franchise. But if you look at iconic characters such as Freddy Krueger, Mike Myers, and Jason Voorhees, you can see that they have been used to death without any new things about them after the first movie. All the while the new characters in the movies are reduced to target practices. Sooner or later people would have been tired of the same old character and not bringing in memorable new blood.

(Jason and Friday the 13th is a particular sour note to me. The idea of a copycat killer in A New Beginning is kind of cool, but no, they had to resurrect Jason.)
You can see plenty of attempts at this kind of thing with anime that fail terribly. This stuff happens by chance.
There are many layers to this and if you examine popular series, you'll see plenty of similarities between them.

>one of the keys of success for the of MCU and Fate is the backlog of recognizable characters. This is usually the starting point, if people recognize a symbol or any kind of visual you as a producer would want to capitalize on that by featuring it to a wider audience
>medium of origin is much more adaptive to risks, so they can try all sorts of ideas and see the reaction, the cost to produce a comic book, LN or VN isn't the same as the cost to produce a TV show or movie. So by testing in a medium with less risk, producers can determine if it's scalable or not from the feedback they get.
>An important part of the survival of a franchise is that it doesn't depend on one author, by having a mix of creators working on it, it attracts different demographics as well.
>Fan involvement, this is the hardest to predict and artificially manufacture but it's essential. Derivative content of any form is an indicator of success.
>MCU, Fate, SW and others are basically modern retelling of myth stories. It remains the most popular type of story today, because every culture has their own myths and how similar they tend to be, it can appeal to a wide demo. Not only that, but myth stories are multi-genre stories, they can have adventure, romance, action,ect. lending to their strong appeal.

The mummy dark universe or whatever it's called failed mainly because of appeal. They failed to make the characters appealing to modern audiences, they failed at creating a simple, consistent narrative that showcases their characters(brands).

The characters are antiquated, modern audiences doesn't care for them, which translates to "How people view character X is not interesting". Meaning, they would need to update the portrayal of those characters so it would surprise audiences, an example is what twilight did to vampires, it changed how people look at them.

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Who's ready for some heartwarming one-shot about a butcher and his loli?
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Make a story for this dude
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So, it's an ordinary SOL, romcom, harem but hes actually a female
He (actually a reverse trap) gets hit by a truck and Isekai'd to fantasy Europe in the middle of the Napoleonic Wars.
His phone is kimi no wa but it's actually shit

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Do the films have parts of the remembrance arc included or should I rewatch Trust and Betrayal before watching them?
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>should I rewatch Trust and Betrayal
Yes. Once every couple of months at the very least.
I just reread the Manga remembrance arc last night. I like Kenshin but that arc really seems too good for the rest of the series.
dubbed and subbed. The VHS, DVD, and Bray version.

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Nothing but shitposting
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Descriptions which have been used officially for Erwin and Levi:

Confidant (Right hand man)/ ?? (SnK Ch. 61)
Something Important/ ????? (SnK Ch. 90)
Personal Feelings/ ?? (Snk Ch. 84, 85 & 90)
Comrades/ ?? (2017 TV Magazine)
Lord and Servant/ ?? (2016 Fans Book - Answer)
(To follow Erwin is Levi’s) Instinct and Character/ ????? (2016 Fans Book - Answer)
Boss and Body Guard/ ?????? (2016 Fans Book - Answer)
Mutual and Equal Relationship/ ????? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
Irreplaceable Existence/ ????????? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
Absolute Trust and Lord like existence/ ?????????????? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
Friends/ ? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
(Levi is Erwin’s) Flesh and Blood/ ????????????????????????????? (2015 SnK Movie Booklet/ by Voice Action of Erwin: Ono Daisuke)
Deep Trust & Tight Bond/ ???????? (2015 Relationship Diagram from Monthly SnK Vol. Levi & Vol. Erwin)

Reminder that ErwL is canon.
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They deserve to be happy
So warhammer is just a titan with one hardened arm? Maybe a hand formed into some sort of club.
That's pretty disappointing.

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find a better isekai.
protip: you can't
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The Divine Comedy, but Dante is a cute girl doing cute things.
Dante's Inferno but every time he goes down a layer he gets a new girl in his harem that personifies that circle. Limbo girl has amnesia.

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>Everybody said it's bad. Only one /a/non praised the backgrounds.

That's not true, if you actually read the thread several people liked the first episode in the first week.

Namakemono Friends.

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>he likes shonenshit
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>he likes anime at all
>SHE likes shonenshit
that's when you know you have a feminist on your hands

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Was she really wrong?
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She wanted to suck MC dick but he get it from deaf girl who is more cute

Ueno should just go with some Chad and make fun of them
I'm not talking about her treatment of Shouko in trying to get Shouya's attention specifically, but her attitude in general. Even once Shouya was out of the picture, you can see how she looks down on many others like Sahara when she sees her design.
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>I like this guy
>shit let me bully the deaf girl so he notices me

>Mistakenly sent a love letter for Ishida to turd hair-kun
>Angrily shamed and disrespected turd hair-kun

>Likes to be alone in the hospital room with Ishida
>Didn't let anyone in except for herself
>Wishes that Ishida is better off dying if he won't be with her.

Yes overall she is the epitome of shit.

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What's you favorite "MC is OP" anime?
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is my guilty pleasure, I know how stupid it is but it's always oddly satisfying watching people get btfo
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Omae wa mo shindeiru was a fun anime
OPM and Fist of the North Star. I'm a simple guy.
Do you prefer your OP with or without every girl instantly falling for him

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Here we go /a/ just another isekai adapted to a manga. Just what can the menace now?
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and another one
>dark elf

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Reminder that you can be smug, but you will never be Ougi-tier smug
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>gets wrecked by an underage avian
Say I want to get into the Monogatari franchise; what am I in for?
When did this series get so boring?

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What anime are you watching right now, /A/? I've been watching this recently. Tatsuya is a breath of fresh air with how he balances being an asshole and being fun to watch.
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I-it was a typo, anon.

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