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ITT: Characters that trigger autists
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idk, kamille didn t have any trouble with them. he still warned them all. though he was a veggie.
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Pick any character, it'll do the job

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Just about to start watching this for the first time. Pretty new to the Ghibli genre of Film, as I have only watched Spirited Away; that's my entire experience with the Films.

Was "Kiki's" among your favorite of the Ghibli variety of Films?
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>the Ghibli genre
If you want to watch ignorant propaganda with anime eyes you should just watch Disney.
Watch Mononoke Hime or Totoro, the "drama" in Kiki is too long and boring.

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I remember this show for having a convincing reverse trap.
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Like I could forget such an excellent reverse trap.

Why is it so difficult for Japanese people to write an "evil" character? This is too cringey to watch.
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Why does she try so hard?
I almost feel sorry for her.
I don't think you quite get her.

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High quality subtitles.
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raws > subs > dubs
Is it that hard for subbers to keep their opinions to themselves? I expect this shit from funimation but not fansubs.

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>OP by nano.RIPE
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I unironically like ear.RAPE
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>OP by Duran Duran

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Newest chapter of Botan manga is out, but Botan doesn't appear this chapter.

Could Botan possibly lose after all?
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Botan already lost >>161013490
That's bullshit.
that's fucking epic, how do you even manage that

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>no Ballroom
>no Konbini

What the fuck gives, horriblesubs?
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One of their translators quit, after Daiz fucked his waifu. Now they're lacking the manpower to do as many shows as before.
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Fucking stupid ass internal conflicts preventing me from watching my anime.
Also fuck Herkz

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Say we live in an alternate universe where Dio never tested the mask on those people, and just used it on Jonathan not knowing anything. What happens next?
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read manga about that
I've read it, just finished rereading part one. I'm curious to see what people think though
There's a doujinshi about that exactly

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>mistakes Itami for her Dad because PTSD
>fixes it by killing the dragon
>still calls him Dad afterwards
So this is blatant fetish bait, right?
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You do realize you are watching a harem show?
Why would you be surprised to find fetish bait? Are you stupid?
It's just creepy. Daughterfus should not be older than 14; after that, it seems less like a cute name, and more like she could never completely get over her mental trauma
How old is she btw. She is older than the mc iir

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This is the best Ghibli film.
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This is not Whisper of the Heart or Kiki.
I think it's the best Miyazaki film, for sure. I dunno about Ghibli as a whole.
It was kinda pointless.

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>We will never have a corpse party true to the source material
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>that's some nice stuff anon
I was thinking about getting the game on the 3ds but it looks out dated as fuck and it's not cheap.
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I hereby claim this thread in the name of uiharu-sama.
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What about Kuroko?
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do it for uiharu 2.png
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This thread is dedicated to her more effective partner.
Okay.. but what about Kuroko?

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On one hand its hard to watch this show because it accentuates the overwhelming emptiness I feel over my lack of high school romance

On the other hand its kind of fun and cute
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What's Kumiko doing in there?
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>if she says no, then she really means yes

Wow, I can't believe a children's show would condone rape this blatantly. Why is Japan so fucked?
I kinda get what they're going for. She's a tsundere and he literally admits he likes to bully her cuz it's cute.
But his advances definitely come off more rapey than romantic.

I think my favorite couple are the two best friends, andthe nice guy/clueless girl

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Chinese raws for the new TSKR chapter have been released. JoJofes is currently in its second day and should be doing its main event of the day as this thread is made. The new chapter of Part 8 comes next week.

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Bizarre Summer has started.

I will be covering this event the best I can.
we have elections tomorrow in my country but I'll stay woke for this event, I want that mf vento aureo teaser.

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