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The other two threads are shitposting.
Thread theme: https://youtu.be/eLPs_w-FepA
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Reminder not to bully dolls
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Ougi is spooky
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>extracts adrenochrome

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Manga or Anime only you have read.
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Just finished reading this a few weeks ago. The art was amazing, and the story was good. Only seven volumes, no excess fat.
>Raiders Manga Download
What did this mean?
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Great art by Ryoichi Ikegami. The plot is nonsensical and bizarre. Kazuo Koike at his "worst," still very entertaining.

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ITT: We post insert songs

Not starting with the best, but something everyone knows:
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oh perfect op, I just needed to watch something that was five minutes long.
My favorite.

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The what?
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The curse of the abyss.
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It'd a double edged metaphor, on one side a reference to the fact that they are cartoon characters and cursed to stay the same age forever, and there's another, in-universe explanation that should be fucking obvious that makes me question OP's intention behind asking such an obvious question. Is he really a fool, or just pretending?

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Eren will have a family with Hisu, but he will not make the mistakes of his father.
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Source? Link of the story?

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Goodnight, sweet prince.

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We should have daily Miyazaki/Toei appreciation threads. It could become /a/'s tradition
>Ghibli reopens again
Who could have possibly imagined Miyazaki would come out of retirement?

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Didn't see a thread about this. Thoughts?

I kinda think it sends mixed signals to people. You hear people who are most well known for their parody dubs to do a serious dub. So people interested in comedic rework don't get that and people who want a serious dub would be turned off had they not seen this powerpoint slide.
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Wasn't that anime considered terrible?
I mean, they do a decent job dubbing when they're serious. The guy who did Nappa has done a number of pro va jobs
>didnt see a thread about this
For good fucking reason, you stupid dubfag.

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This series is dead, isn't it.
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This series was already dead the moment they decided that this beta male faggot needs to be a leader of squads.
It's just the one squad.

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Stream next week....
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>Feral child with no parents
>Failed to find the seven words and unlock the Grand Triskellion
>Best friend turned evil and became her mortal enemy
>Lost worldwide admiration as Shiny Chariot
>Destroyed the Moon
>Went into hiding as a teacher in a school that doesn't respect her
>Kept her real identity secret from the one person who loved her above all else
>Once the reveal did happen, said student disowned her

Why didn't Chariot kill herself anons?
She was too much of a pussy to do it.
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>ywn be Barbara's buttslave

It's not fair.

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Is there anything she can't do?
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Get her own anime.
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>animated Mags

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I liked this Version more than the Anime Zorro, who transformed and was blonde...
Là sulla duna, quando brilla la luna
spunta il nostro eroe Zorro
che lascia il suo segno,
una Z, a chi è indegno
la Z che vuol dire Zorro.

Zorro, Zorro... lui ha la vita segreta
Zorro, Zorro... il segno suo è la Z.

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro....

Gay af

Are middle schoolers allowed to be this sexy?
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Machi is cute!
Kuma Miko sucks.
The anime does.

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Does anyone else decide what to watch simply by picking shows with traps in them?
I've done this at least a few times and I've never been disappointed.
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If there's ever a character who's meant to be a girl who is revealed to be a trap I drop the show immediately.

I try drop every show that's like this. Sad to say that I still haven't dropped Apocrypha only because of the Fate brand. It fucking sucks.

Fuck you Nasu
Only retards do this.

What's your opinion on Orihime's body of work?
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Another shonen womanlet, at least she's taller than Yoruichi, still I'll pass.
She's not my favorite but Orihime is pretty nice.

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Are light novel adaptions meant to be watched by non-readers? Most ones I've watched are either super complicated to understand by themselves or are actually lacking content from the source.
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