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Daily reminder that this is the pinnacle of anime. You can disagree, but you'd be objectively wrong.
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I actually agree, and I feel genuinely sad when I see people calling nge shit or that it makes little sense, it pains me to see that so many people are so dumb and lack the emotional intelligence to appreciate the work of art that is Evangelion.
Im not even being ironic here, brainlets can fuck off.
But why can only 14 year olds pilot evas?
Casual Filter

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Reminder to secure your children before operating a motorized vehicle!
What's wrong with being good friends?
It's forbidden this kind of friend.

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First Gundam Remake Decision
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What did he mean by this?
0083, change the script but leave the visuals untouched. Remove Nina and her shitty feelings and change a plot on a couple fronts and it might go from being the best Gundam entry in history to a top contender for best anime ever made. Visuals certainly are top of the game already.
>best Gundam entry in history

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Is Kabuto Borg VxV the chaddest anime in history?
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Reminder to do your part to make /a/ a better board, as the quality of posts is important here.
My meme academia sucks, deal with it nerd

CHADhan discussion thread.

Oh... and Dragon Ball Super too, I guess.
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Reminder that Son Gohan did nothing wrong.
Gohan is pissed off at the situation. He'd be more pissed at different stages of the tournament.


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ITT: Oh yeah. That happened
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That was a solid show. If it were any worse we'd have discussion threads all the time, but it told its story well enough to not leave any real gaping questions.

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Is there anything you can think of that you want to do with Yuuko?
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Salt and burn her remains so that she can pass on
Have sex with her voice.

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Not suave enough senpai
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Misuzu a best.
you'll never guess what's happening

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What girl deserves her own episode in season 2? What do you expect to happen when Aqours performs in Kobe later this week?
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Hanamaru deserves the entire second season to be about her.
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An entire episode of her in a karaoke booth singing anime OPs and EDs?
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I say Kanan still needs an episode to her herself. The third years drama just caused a shift where she became very popular in Japan but became unpopular in the Western audience due to their perspective on who was "right" in that. It developed Mari a ton, but Kanan is still mysterious as far as the anime canon is concerned. I want to see more than happy-go-lucky Kanan and brooding Kanan.

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read the guide, buyfag.moe
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Was Mandarake closed last week?
I placed an order a week ago and haven't heard a thing
Stop buying with your dick.
Could be because of Obon for today/the next few days, but before that maybe the store was busy checking over its inventory; if money hasn't left your account it's probably still getting processed.

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Okaeri, meshi ga oishii
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Shigarakis is mega cute
That is all
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He looks like Tokita Ohma
Fuching seaweedhair all look alike

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Whatever race that kid belongs to, they have good taste in women.
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What did Sanae's butt feel like?

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Who would win in a fight?

Who has the better harem?

Who's more fuckable?
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Those questions suck; how 'bout this one:
How long would it take them to stir up some trouble because reasons? You know Kazuma would be a bad influence on Subaru.
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The two die
>who's more fuckable
subaru since he is a convincing crossdresser

Selfcest is wrong.
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Not so, OP. Pic related is my counterargument.
So this was the end of the series right? Nothing important will happen from now on?
Fuck, I'm the wrongest person on earth then.

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